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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Crochet Cozy Cover for Klean Kanteen..

I switched my son from plastic cups to the Klean Kanteen (stainless steel). I found that when I put a cold drink (water, juice) into it that it was pretty cold to hold in my hands let alone my sons so I came up with a crochet pattern and his hands are happy now.

Kanteen Cozy Cover (for 12oz kanteen)

12 oz Klean Kanteen Cover

Materials needed:
G/4.00mm hook
Bernat cotton yarn 4ply 50g
Elastic hair band.

Work in rounds.

RND 1 Ch5 join with slst to form a ring, ch3, 13 dc in ring join with slst to ch3 (13dc) ch3 turn

RND 2 dc in same st as ch3, 2 dc in each dc sp join with slst on top of ch3. ch2 turn (27dc)

RND 3 hdc in same st as ch2, hdc in each dc join with slst, ch2 turn (28 hdc)

RND 4 hdc in same st as ch2, hdc in each hdc join with slst ch2 turn (29 hdc)

RND 5 dc in next hdc sp skip next hdc sp *2dc in next hdc skip next hdc* repeat from * join with slst ch2 turn.
(NOTE: from here on you need to have 29dc/hdc/sc for each rnd to end, ch2 does not count as dc)

RND 6 dc in 1st dc *2dc in the middle of the 2dc skip next space* repeat join with slst ch 2 turn (29dc)

RND 7 dc in each space join with slst ch 2 turn (29dc)

RND 8-10 repeat RND 5, 6, 7 at end of rnd 7 ch2 turn (still should have 29dc)

RND 11 hdc in each dc join with slst ch2 turn (29hdc)

RND 12 With elastic hair band you are going to sc it into the pattern join with slst, cut and weave yarn in leave enough yarn to weave into pattern.

Should fit snugly on your 12oz Kanteen.

Pattern by Yvette
This is my pattern, please use for personal use only. Do not post to any website! You may make the item. But do not sell the pattern for any reason.

if you find a problem pls let me know. (This is the 1st pattern I have made myself). Would love to see finished products..


happy crocheting....

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Yum Yum

I made a yummy dessert, I got it off the Oprah Blueberry Oatmeal Bars
it has Spinach in it and you do not taste it at all. I had my family all try it then I told them what was in it, My sister H is the most pickiest of all she looks at it and say oh blueberry is not my favorite and we had to beg her to try just a bit well my sis J did, She took a bite and the J told her there is also spinach in it. Everyone else LOVED it.

Blueberry Oatmeal Bar

Blueberry Oatmeal Bar

once again yum yum

Monday, December 17, 2007

Another crocheted outfit made....

I made this set for a friends cousin she is having a girl. I finished the sleeves hat and booties yesterday.

Not sure if I like the yarn for this in the way the color was spread thru out.

I also made this finger/hand towel
Finger Hand Towel

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The signs for when something is bound to happen......

Well I knew someone was gonna get hurt today, I just knew it.

The beginning:

We went out for the morning because I had to get the rest of my cards and go to the post office finally sent out my cards and WOE/WCE. The line was loooong we were there for 40min the boys and I, they were great no complaints. Go to M&M's.
Arrive home and this is when it starts, Lil O became a monkey....he just had all this energy and kept falling and missing his head on things, almost into the Xmas Tree, then out of his toy bin, wipes out on the floor while running around the Island just missing the counter corner at one point I was feed Ri and Lil O somehow flew off the love seat and landed on toys then fell backwards my foot shot out just in time to save his head from a good whack to the floor (this was "sign" #4). I go to give the boys a bath and while I am doing that Ri threw up all over the change pad then Lil O slips in tub (was not standing up #5) Back downstairs to give Lil O his milk but just before that Ri threw up again. We watch Big Comfy Couch, Lil O then climbs onto my lap and starts to bounce I told him not to do so, he stops only for a moment sits on the edge of the couch chair and what happened next I do not know.... he twisted so fast and flew off the chair head 1st onto the carpet/lino divider (metal) and a car toy I grab him fast since he was freaking out and grabbing at his head. I do the check over and sure enough he cut his head, oh the tears on my boy were falling then Ri started to cry too. I put a cold compress to his head and hugged him for a bit.

I just knew his head was going to get the brunt of it that day.........

Of course I took a photo:

O OWIE Dec1307

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The boys Holiday photos

It went not to bad, I was able to get a couple of good shots in:

boys santa hats


Bottles bottle oh bottles

I just bought online some Glass baby bottles since plastic is bad read about it here
Smart Plastic Guide

They want to charge an arm and a leg here in the city for these.

I got The Evenflo Sensitive Response Clear Glass Bottle 6 of 8oz and 6 of 4oz for $30.00 and then I bought 2 12oz Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel sippy bottles for 16.95 each plus shipping. (I got these on E-bay) Now I need to find some sort of baby bottle protector so I don't break it or I will crochet one see if that will work....hmmmm

Monday, December 10, 2007

Hello Santa....

Well no screaming this year either, am I surprised YES.

We get there I sit Ri on Santa's lap 1st to have his 1st Santa photo, picked O up and backed myself to the photographer and Ri was looking around so I called his name and the photographer look at me funny and asked what is his name so I told him and he laughed and said wow that is my name in all my life I never met another. I smiled and said your the 1st one we met Photo taken so I place O on Santa's lap with Ri and waited for the scream but no O was looking at Santa tapping his head for hat and pointing at Santa's hat then looking up at the lights back at Santa then at Ri then back up finally he kind of looked at the cameras way but his eyes are looking off to the left at what I am not

Ri is getting his two front teeth for Christmas...

I see some little purls peaking thru up top...

He got both his bottom at the same time last month and now the two top are coming in together. But he is not cranky either he is just chewing on his fingers or his soother.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Christmas Tree is up

This is the earliest I have ever put it up. When the boys were napping I brought the stuff up from the basement got the tree up and the lights on and then O woke, when I brought him down he saw the lights and said Ooooooh wow and then giggled. He stood and stared for a bit then he got scared as I left the room so I took him up to the tree to "pet" it to show it is ok and a nice tree. Once it was all decorated he has not touched it, I thought he'd be all over it instead I have to watch out for the cat Stuck he goes under it to lay down or rub him self on it did I mention he is about 15lbs...

here is the tree and a couple of the new ornaments I bought this year.

Tree 2007




Wordless Wednesday

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Stupid Factory??

Stupid Factory??

One of DH clients gave him some goodies and she told him she put them in this bag for your wife(me) she thought I'd get a kick out of it. Well when dh showed me this bag and told me what the client said I look at the bag and read it then paused and said to dh "
Is she saying I am stupid" Dh took a moment then laughed and said oh yeah your the have to tell S

It was a good laugh, and dh did mention this to his client and she was beside herself saying that is not what she meant for it to, Dh just laughed at her, told her we

O's 1st time coloring

O's 1st time coloring
Originally uploaded by Yvette's Photos
I decided or finally remember to let Lil O try to draw. He was all smiles as I was getting the crayons and paper ready. I then showed him what to do, not sure if you can see my attempt at a truck, car cat and a I use to be able to draw well but that was awhile ago and I mean a long while ago sine I picked up a pencil and paper to draw...anyways....Lil O had fun and when done I taped his art to the pantry door for all to see and the big smile ha e gave my boy was proud as is mommy.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

One IVIG down 2 more to go

unless I become pregnant then it will be 7 to 10 more to go.

I woke up late 9am, well Ri woke to eat a 5:30 am (I think he is going thru a growth spurt) and we went back to bed thinking I'd be up with the boys at 8am, no everyone decided to sleep in.
I woke looked at the clock and it was 9am I jumped out of bed got dressed real quick then Ri started to wake so I woke DH to care for him. Went down stairs to call the Blood Clinic (I need to call ahead for then to get my gamma ready before I get there) time 9:15am I am out the door at 9:30am. Went thru Tim Horton's drive thur got a butter Carmel smoothie (yum yum) and a chocolate chip muffin a treat day for me. Arrive at the hospital at 10am went up to the day medicine area and Shirley the clerk said Awe your back nice to see ya. Gave me my chart and I sat and waited for the nurses. Got to my spot pick out my seat and the nurse gave me my IV hooked to the saline, my gamma has not arrived yet and so I waited and waited. 1hr later the nurse phoned down again and well surprise surprise they mispalced my "order" 20min later it was upstairs and I was hooked up time 11:30am. I had to try to be out of there at 1pm so they and the drip set at the fastest for my weight (when it goes fast it sometimes makes my arm ache) my are was cold because it was going fast. Had to call dh to let him know that I was going to be later then we hoped but it all worked out because he had no clients booked yet so I did not have to rush as much. As I was waiting this guy walks into the room I looked at him and well I knew him so I said Hi F he looked at me a nit stunned and said my two worlds are not suppose to He is our/my dh accountant and he is also part of the management for that area of the nurses..small world.

An elderly lady came in and she to had to wait a long time for her "order". Must of been a bad day for the blood Then an older gent came in sat next to the lady and she pulled out this book "The Diva and the Rancher" the nurse commented on it and the guy said what book it is and then said oh yes that was a very good friend of mine. What is the odds of that

Anyways I got home at 3pm the boys were good for daddy.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Back to being poked poked and POKED....

As you know I went to the Fertility clinic the other day and she gave me a requisition form for an u/s and blood test, the nurse later phones me on my cell and asks if I can go get a different blood test done so they can give me the proper dose for the IVIG. Lil O watched as mommy got poked he even said ah ohhhhhhh mama. So that is done but I still have to go for the other (day 3 blood test) when AF arrives.

The clinic nursed called the next day and asked me what my weight was so I had to sneak into my master bathroom (Ri was asleep in the room) and weigh myself I am 120lbs (Did I just tell you she said she'd call me right back with the time for my IVIG. Did not take long and my 1st appointment is for Monday at 10am, now I need to find a good book to read since I am going to be sitting there for at least 2.5hours.

Once again I want to say thanks to those who donate blood because if it were not for you IVIG would not be an option for us and that would mean no babies for us... So a BIG thanks and a pat on the back.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

8 Months

yup 8 months I said.... What is Ri up to:

- He is a babbler big time
- Starting to sit up better (still falls over but not as fast)
- Rolling over lots
- Has cut the two bottom teeth at the same time.
- sleeps 10hrs a night (10pm till 8am)
- Oh and the smiles and giggles we all get from him

Wordless Wednesday

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Their Creations

yup that what the Dr's at the clinic said about my boys with bug smiles on their faces.
1st Dr S the one the helped us get pg and when she left the room she must of mentioned us to Dr O because he came knocking on the door peaked in (he was dressed in his scrubs)and said I just wanted to see "my" Creations with a big ole grin and rubbing his hands together. Then he said here for a girl now are I said yup we can try right...and try we will.

So I got my prescription for clomid 100mg and they will call me tomorrow to let me know when I start IVIG. She is also sending me for a u/s and a day 3 blood test. She said she really thought I'd go further with Ri's pg but was not to surprised that I had him at 33w she said that is all part in having a Unicornuate Uterus.

The boys were really good other then O trying to take a toy car hummer from the clinic I had to pretend we were taking and just placed and the chair before we left out the office door. Since we have been home he has been signing and asking for the car.

My home studio


This is it, this is where I take most of my photos. We have a "bonus" room above are garage and it makes the perfect spot. Mind you the two black units in the back will be gone once the basement is done. I also have a black, white and copper backgrounds the one you see is my chromaKey background.

Now to take the family photos and photos of the boys.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Some tasks completed...YEAH

I have a home do my photography in. It was set up somewhat before but it was a tab cramped for my likening so today I had DH help me move the couch(sectional) down to the basement but I left a love seat up. We got the big couch down to the main floor and we realized that the way the door is to the basement it was not going to make it that way. So out the front door down the side off the house we go to the basement door and squeezed it in that way and there it will sit along with it's little partner and another set till we make it to the dump.

The other day I went thru a bunch of stuff that I plan to sell on line either on e-bay on www.used(city name).com. I have taken some photos of some of the stuff already just need to post it. I am looking forward to getting rid of it, need to get it out so I will be selling it fairly cheap. I have western clothes for women, womens ropers, dresses some that would be nice for the holidays (should post those 1st..hmmm) dress pants for men and women some baby stuff, a Bebe sounds baby "Doppler" some books.... oh I could go on and on. If your interested let me know.


I have my appointment with Dr S. at the fertility clinic tomorrow in the afternoon. She will probably put me back on the clomid (oh I can feel the hot flashes now), 81mg of asprin (that I started already) and start the # 3 here we come...can we say GIRL....we can hope right.

Friday, November 16, 2007

My Ri guy is upset

he is teething. His 2 bottom front teeth are busting thru and he is not to happy about it, he keeps rubbing his face and chomping on his fingers. I tried Oragel but that only last so long.

I am a bit hurt (kind of)

I try not to take it to heart but when I use to be a link on "others" blogs and then all of a sudden your not. I was actually taken off as a link a "friend", Kind of makes you wonder why? I don't interest them anymore? Did I do something? Am I boring? Oh the list could go on but who am I kidding....ah me...


Ok I am a tad hurt that they are not interested anymore....


They are still a link on mine, I am still interested if they are not....

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The things we find when you clean the spare room...

The other day I was cleaning up my spare room and discover I still have mountains of yarn that I need to use up and I also found some unfinished work too, A baby bunting that I was making when I was pg with William but it never got finished here is a photo of it (I am able to finish it now)
Baby Bunting

I also found so other unfinished projects that I will fix and give to my friend W little girl K for her dolls.. I will post a photo of those later.

A little some thing for baby Nora

I finally got back to crocheting and I finished a gift for Jules baby girl Nora
For baby Nora

I sent it out last week but did not want to post about it yet since Jules reads my blog too and I did not want to ruin the gift but she got it the other day even got it on a Saturday (Canada Post does not delivery on weekend but I guess USP does.)

The sickness is leaving the house LOCK your doors...

1st Orion had it then he thought he's share with me what a fun 24hrs that was (my head spent in the bucket) Orion is better after r 3days and now Rilon has the runs hopefully that is all he ends up with...dh has been spared thank G*D b/c you know what men are like when

Oh and just a little vent: WHY is it dads can take days off when sick and lay in bed but when moms are sick we have no choice but to still do the mommy job. IT'S NO FAIR!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I feel like I am doing something wrong

(yes I know all kids are different) We had friends over last night and they have a dd C who is 8months younger the O and she talks pretty good says many words that O does no, he signs a lot but to speak not happening very often. Watching C last night I almost felt like a bad mom like I should be doing more with my boy/s to get them going... for instance O's speaking & Ri still does not sit very well he is still very wobbly, not yet to getting on all fours he does roll over lots and says DaDAAdadaDAA (not sure if he realizes what he is saying)

I let my boys go at there own pace I do show them how to do things and say things but am I doing enough?? I feel like when I go out to kiddy place that I find people are always comparing there kids to one another I really don't like that (yet here I am) I will never say to my boys "oh look so and so is doing it, why can't you" or "Why can you not be like So in so, they are being good".....

I just have to wonder am I doing enough, dh says he is not worried. Then when I mention to him the I feel a bit guilty because O just clings to me so much when others are around (why I feel guilty I don't know) his response was I was a "cling on" to my mom and now look at me (with a big ole smile on his face) my response Now I am really


O is sick today, not sure what is wrong I just know that he has thrown up on me twice (what a lovely feeling) I get no warning till it shoots out of him. He christened the floor 3times as well.. it is amaze how much can come out of his little body. I just have to hope and pray that Ri does not get it. Have to do a dh brag...when O threw up dh said he'd clean it up because he knows I'd to the gag and dry heave thing....I know there was a reason as to why I love this
You know I have to wonder how did my mum did this with me because from the age of 2yrs old not a month went by that I did not have a throw up fit which only lasted for 24hrs. I am proud to say that I am now down to at least once a year....

Friday, November 09, 2007

A swimming we will go

I met my friend S and her DD C at the indoor pool yesterday, I like this pool because the water is nice and warm and they have separate pool areas for babies and O enjoys it. It was Ri's 1st time in the pool and let me tell ya the boy loved it he was kicking and splashing and floating on his back while O sat beside me staring at all the people around him. Once again it took O about 40mins to feel comfortable enough play, by the time was started to play his little friend C was ready to go so they left we stayed behind a bit longer. Both boys passed out in the van on the way home.... they had a good night sleep. The nice surprise of the day was it only cost me $3.50 for the swim they have a new parent tot time that I did not now about and we got there just in time before the charged full price for public swim which would of been about $15.00

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thump.....whaaaaaa.....OOOh Oh...

that is what I heard...the Ooooh Oh from Lil O.

Here is how the story goes.....

I finished changing baby bums and I put Ri in O's chair(here is a pic of it)
got up to put the diaper in the garbage put the other stuff away then I heard the THUMP then silence then WHaaaaaa and Lil O saying Ooooh oh..... I turned to see what happened and here is O holding his chair straight up and Ri face first on the carpet, guess someone had his first face plant with the help of his big brother.

Ri was ok just got scared so I held and gave him hugs and O wanted to give hugs too and he even signed and said sorry to Ri.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Ri's Journey Video

I finally got it done.

Hope you enjoy it.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ri is 7months

He is so fun now, he laughs up a storm, LOVES to watch his big brother you can just see him trying to move to follow but his little body won't quiet work with him yet.

Put him in the jolly jumper last week and well has not quiet figured what to do yet, laughs when mommy holds his hand to show him how to jump then along come Lil O with a good push and yank to show him how.... have to keep my eye on that

Lil O sure does watch what I am doing because the other day I put Ri on the floor for a bum change and I got up to get the vaseline and turned to see O trying to put the diaper under


Went to O's cousins 5th b-day party at Chuck E Cheese and well when we got there we had to stand in line for almost 20min but both my boys were good about it. When we finally got in I had to walk around to find the party and as we were walking O was getting excited seeing all the games and rides.
I took O for a walk around and see saw a 4x4 ride and wanted to sit in it. I put him in let him get the feel of it then I put the token in and when the engine rived he jumped up did his growl and then the 4x4 started going side to side and when the side tilted to me he jumped right out and held tight on to my neck when we turned to look at the 4x4 it tilted back so far that I was glad he was in my arms because he for sure would of really freaked at that moment.
Back at the table we were sitting down when I spotted Chuck E Cheese coming towards us, (I thought for sure that O was going to scream) I said to O to look who is is Chuck E cheese he looked then held out his hand and waved at Chuck E and when Chuck E came closer he held out his hand to O and he took it...(what this is my boy) and when Chuck E passed by us O jumped off my lap and chased after Chuck E all over the place till Chuck waved bye bye..

It was a good day..

Friday, October 19, 2007

I am a lucky girl....

Look at the men in my life,

DH and Boys

I am blessed, I really am............

Ri almost 7m and O 2yrs and daddy well take a guess.....

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Back on the TTC wagon

officially on Nov 19 2007. I have an appointment on that day to see my great Dr S as we ttc our last baby hopefully no heartbreaks along the way...


Ri tried Carrots and peas the other day and well the peas did not go over well the carrots are a hit, he gobbles it down.

O has peed in the potty yet again but this time he did not seem shocked because he did not jump up as he started to pee, in the past it seemed to startle him and he's say "o...o....Oooo" and stand to see what was going on down

Wordless Wednesday

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A reminder that Winter is coming (this photo was taken a while back)

I am so

NOT liking this computer, I am ready to THROW it out the window (the window is next to it so it is an easy throw...) Why he bought a low memory computer beats me I have NOTHING but problems with it the memory gets full way to fast and my photoshop CS2 take up lots of room. I can not edit one FLIPPING photo at the moment because the Scratch disks are full, I can not finds scratch disks on the computers to empty it......Grrrrrrr. A 30min job is taking me DAYS to do!
Man if I was the type of person to swear lots of words (not that I consider them words) would be leaving my mouth........

Monday, October 15, 2007

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day is a day of remembrance for
all pregnancies which end in miscarriage, stillbirth, or the death of
a newborn. It is recognized on October 15th of each year.

Everyone is invited to light a candle on October 15th at 7pm in All
time zones, all over the world. If everyone lights a candle at 7pm and
keeps it burning for at least one hour, there will be a continuous
wave of light over the entire world on October 15th.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Back from the Head Shape clinic for Ri

He does not need a helmet at this time. He scored a 5 out of 15 and the Dr said that she only issues a helmet when the score is 7 and over. The Dr did stress to keep Ri off his head all is wake time and to not to use slanted chairs, to always have him propped that he has to hold his head up not to lean back and relax on the flat side.

He has already showed improvement on his head it is not as noticeable as it was a month ago.

Oh we bought a VAN yesterday we get it today... It is a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan fully loaded and they gave us the wrong price when they showed it to us (they did not realize it was load I mean with leather interior) so they gave it to us for the price they said which is a STEAL.. lets just say they thought it was a basic model with a few options in it.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Had Thanksgiving dinner last night

over at my friends house.

Lil O played well once he warmed up to everyone there. Dinner was good and when it came time for desert she had everyone say what they were thank full for. When it came my turn I said well you know I am very thank full for my boys and I held Ri up she then said yes and what little miracles they are and it hit my and I said to her you going to make me cry ( did get teary eyed) then I said to her that I was thank full for friends like her.

then it was dh turn and that is when I said Oh I am thank full for you too, we laughed.

Guess I am still emotional over my journey for my boys.

As we were leaving I was grabbed Lil O's shoes to put on him but he walked away and my friend and dh were talking and with out thinking I tried to put Lil O's shoes on my feet, it fits my So I laughed and her dh saw what I did and was laughing too and told them what I did. A good laugh on my part..

Ri rolled over from his back to tummy

at 10:30pm last was quiet the sight

Dh & I were LOL

Ri kept attempting to roll then he got it rolled over and his right hand still under his chest his chin on the floor and his butt and legs in the air, he was a wiggling about....if I only had my camera attached to

Thursday, October 04, 2007

I did it...

I made myself go out yesterday, other then going to Walmart.

I did go to WalMart 1st then driving home I found myself trying to make excuses to just go home but I bit the bullet made myself take Lil O to a kids play area. There were lots of kids and moms at the C&S play spot and it took Lil O about 30min to warm up and start to play on his own and I sat off to the side with Ri and we watched big bro play. Lil O kept checking to see if I was still around. A few kids were a bit pushy but the moms were on top of them most of the time, it was a good play time.

I am tired of being a hermit, I am too comfy at home and I need to get out so Lil O now how to get on in the real world....


I forgot Wordless Wednesday yesterday...oops.

Saturday, September 29, 2007


Gotta love the guy and I do.

His visual memory is not so good, I lol at it now but it use to drive me crazy.

Dh put the dishes away the other day and that evening he went into the cupboard and he lol. I was at the computer so I turned to see him and asked what was funny. With his hand on the cupboard door he said oh nothing with a smirk. I knew then something was I just stared at him and he then said ok I messed up the cups places, the way he looked at me was priceless. I then said to him I am use to it now it does not bother me, your brain just does not go there to remember where things go, I just go behind you and fix

I went to go see but he would not move his hand from the door, so we struggled with one another, me trying to open the door him trying to keep it shut well my arms are just not long enough so I hand to resort to tickling

Dh said that while putting them away he new something just was not right but he did not know what...

We had a good laugh, he then went to work and I changed things back to "normal"

That is my dh the non visual man..........

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

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SB oops web

Ri 6 month update

Yup 6 months already......where did it go!

At his appointment he was fine up till she poked him with the 1st needle, he was not pleased then he saw her come with another then another. He settled when she was done then he saw her (the nurse) go for his legs again to put the band aid on he started to cry out, guess he thought she was giving him another needle, stopped when she moved away from him.

For his measurements:
25% range

Weight ~ 14lbs 2oz ( 6.4 kilogram)
Height ~ 64cm (25.2inch)
Head ~ 42.2cm (16.61 inch)

He and Lil O weight is the same at 6m but he is 1 inch smaller then Lil O was a 6m.

Lil O stayed home with daddy and I guess he cried the whole time I was gone with Ri (1hr) When I came in the door this is what I saw........

He cried so hard that he fell asleep there. Dh was doing dishes and thought that Lil O was just still sulking because he could hear him doing that weird breathing they do when they have

Lil O is feeling better today.

Monday, September 24, 2007

so sad ...

My mummy's doggy passed away today this is so sad. Angie has been my mum's companion for 17yrs. She was a good girl up till the end. My mum is so sad right now that she can not even talk to anyone. I am even crying here......

Rest in peace Angie

this was the email :

It is with a sad & heavy heart, I must inform you, we lost our dog Angie today. She was part of our family, and was Ollie's friend and companion long before I met them both. She fought hard to get well, but just slowly got worse, and I believe she just gave up at the end.. Already, the absence of her is felt, even thought she spent most of the day in bed at the last.. On the last visit to the Vet, he could see, her time had come, and nothing more could be done for her... She had a very good long life, and could not have had any one better for a owner, that my Ollie,... BUT, for a while, there will be an ache in our hearts, and if you see us "tear-up" some time, its because we have Sooooo many great memories of her, and I have to go now..... I'm getting tears on my key board..

Lil O is under the weather....

It all started when he had that crappy sleep on the night of Sept 21. He 1st woke at 2am babbling away then he feel back to sleep at 3am woke again crying at 3:3o am so I went in to comfort him, woke again whimpering at 4:10am so I went back in and I noticed he was feeling hot. From then on he was waking every 20min or so crying. Finally around 6am I just had to let him cry it out so I could get some sleep, he fell asleep and we all woke at 9am.

Today he is still feeling crappy.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Miracles and Dreams

that is what this is all about Jules had her long awaited baby today.

Congratulations my friend you now have an earth angel to hold.

Welcome baby girl to the world.

I am so incredibly happy for you.

Another Miracle and another Dream came true......

Friday, September 14, 2007

My new resident

this thing is living outside my spare bedroom window which is above my back deck... Gross yuck yuck yuck! It even ate a dragon fly the other day. I did not get a pic of that because I did not think to take a photo through that window till today and here I was trying to zoom in real close to it from my deck for like a week...duh. It is about and inch big it just grosses me out! (the glare is from the window, if you think I am going to open the window you are WRONG!

This spider looks nothing like the ones in Sunny Patch (Miss Spider, the cartoon)
nope he/she don't.

Monday, September 10, 2007

I would die for that....

This is a song I found on youtube by Kellie Coffey about wanting a baby....infertility
I cried listening to it so many feeling came back.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Going for 3

third baby that is.... Dh and I spoke a little about this the other night, I need to start the IVIG. Not sure if I am ready yet but since the treatment is still "free" we need to go for it..kwim ....... I am ready but not.. Not sure but I feel a little scared too. Dh and I were saying with all my pg's one thing is always different.
Did the IVIG with O and went to 33w

Did IVIG with RI had Subchorionic Hematoma went to 33w but was then shipped off to another province

This next one will most likely be early as well but how early?? and still have the risk of being shipped off to another province or even the states again, will be on IVIG. Could have a c-section. Gotta try for that

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

I almost forgot..

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He is in mid-air
(jumping out the door is a new found "fun" thing to do)

Potty night it was

(1yr 11months 2weeks 3days old)

Orion went pee pee in the potty!

Every time we go up to his bathroom to brush his teeth he wants to sit on the potty. SO last night we brushed his teeth then he pointed to the potty yanked on his pants, I thought hmmm so I took his diaper off sat him on it. We sat there reading a couple of books then he kept standing up, Id reach for him he say Nooooo and sit back down so after about 10min I stood to leave thinking he'd follow me out well he did stand up looked like he was going to follow then he said seeeeee and sat down then I heard his little trickle of pee. I turned to look at him and he was sitting with his left leg in the air saying oh o. He was angeled a bit to the left so some went in the potty and some went down his
He was mighty proud of himself as I was for him too. My little boy is growing up!

Now we will see if we get this lucky again today.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ok photos updated....

just for you aunt L and my cousin

Mum said you mentioned I have not done pics in a while, thanks for getting my butt in I just keep putting it off and then well it just builds up..

I promise to be a better photo that I am caught up.

click on the photo links on the side ---->

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ri update (Torticollis, Flathead)

We went for his 4month needle today even tho he is 5months as of yesterday.

Weight ~ 13.2 pound = 5.9 Kilogram
Length ~ 69 centimeter = 27.1 inch
Head ~ 43 centimeter = 16.9 inch

He took his needles well all three of them, cried while getting the shots but stopped shortly afterwards. The nurse also noticed that his head leans to the right and the more she looked him over she said that it looks like he may have Torticollis (wry neck). She took my Dr name done and said she'd sent her a fax letting my Dr know. The nurse gave me a number for physiotherapy I am to call for the Torticollis.

Dr N office called to let me know that the head specialist called them back about the refferal for Ri's
Plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome) and that they like to see him between 6 and 7months of age, I guess that means his appointment will be in about 2months.

What is Ri up to these days:

- He handles tummy time well able to hold his head up high and for a good length of time.
- He babels none
- Laughs and smile tons especially at his big bro.
- Sleeps 8hrs a night (been doing this for a little over 2months now)
- Rolls from tummy to back
- grasp things when held in front of him

Monday, August 20, 2007

Went shopping at

Wally world (Wall-mart)

They boys in the cart, Ri over the basket part in the carseat and Lil O in the front seat. I strolling along and I see this little girl a bit older the Lil O,well she saw the boys and said baby and pointed to Ri and then she started to try to climb my cart to get to him. I told her No but she kept trying so I moved the cart to the side away from her she came at the cart again grabing a hold of it this time I said No NO louder, then I saw her dad peak around the corner lead her away and gave ME the dirty look... UM hello your kid was trying to climb my cart!

A few minutes later I hear this screaming child and when I look behind me it was that little girl yelling at the top of her lungs at her parents.... Just glad mine were not screaming that day.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Oh why does it have to HURT (m)

I am on my 3rd O(ovulation) since having Ri and they still are very painful! OWIE...

I have only had 2 af so far and they have been nice to me (knock on wood).

The difference between O and AF is:
O - hurts on the side I O on and goes up into my ribs down to my thigh around my lower back traveling to my front. It is more painful when I O on the right side then when I O on the left, they say that is because my egg is released from the right side it has no place to go so this egg travels around in my body no tube to go to bumping into my insides(the left tube can pick up the egg sometimes not very often..ha ha, this is how I got pg with my boys, maybe happens more often then they think)

AF - it only hurts in the lower front and back.

They are both usually painful for me... I am one of the lucky ones.
As my dh would say, all part of being a woman. my response yeah I am the lucky on that get to feel everything.

Still debating on when to try for #3 baby #eight pg, now that Ri is much much better I find myself thinking of #3 more often. Maybe start at the end of the yr or around March. I can not wait to long because who knows how long IVIG stays a trail here.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Have you notice that Gambling can make your mood go south...

My 2 sis H, J and I took our mum out to the casino for her 65th birthday and would you not believe it not 10min goes by before my mum won over $300.00 I don even think she spent $20.00 yet they actually come to you to pay it to you . I was playing one game and was trying to put 5 more dollars in but the thing would not take my money so I tried a different $5 still would not take it so I took that as a sign and I stepped away from the game and watched mum play. Then this lady came sat at the game I was at it took her money and she won $90.00 was I not happy...*%#$*%!
we went to have a bite to eat before we all went off to gambling more. H 1st sat at a Wheel of Fortune game and right away she was doing great, the rest of us went to another game and well lost.. One game yet again did not want me to play, it took my money and jammed the machine wait for the guy to come a fix it and I was off to another.... I lost $20.00.
Mum called me over to play Wheel of Fortune, I sit and I play H & J were playing to and mum's friend J. H was doing good she kept getting the bonus game and then mums friend was too, my sis J was not doing so good so she moved onto another one and well as for me not notta thing but I kept playing. Mum came and sat at the game my sis J was on and on her 1st spin won. (good thin J was not then once again those around me are getting the bonus rounds bells and I have nothing.... well all was not lost buy the end of the night just before we left I decided to play one more game and won my money back, $90.00 worht. Man gambeling can be draing and very depressing.

My mum had fun. Happy 65th mum.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Photo Hunters ~ something in a Row

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Man feels like I have not do Photo hunters for a long time, well he is something in a row I took this for something else but works for here too. thanks

For you all asking what this is it is a pillow my mum made for my son, this pattern is on the side of it.

thanks for the comments

Dr update on Ri

Dr N look at his head and said yes it is a bit off, his right ear is forward a bit and his flat spot is noticeable. Said she'd put in a referral for the head specialist but it could take a few months before we get in. She also said that she has seen many babies with flat heads and most of them resolved on there own but just in case the referral will be in.

Lil O was freaked when I opened the Dr office door to enter he did not want to go in at all. He look at the nurse R she tried to greet him but he turned his head into my leg and cried, she rushed us into the other room to wait for Dr N. Lil O was quiet till Dr N walked in, he wanted nothing to do with her either. Every time she look his way he'd turn his head away from her saying noooooo.

Anybody else's Dr Kiss there kids head? I noticed she did this to Ri. I know she is so happy my boys are here she calls them little miracles her self, babies are so kissable I have probably kissed mine a million times +++. but a Dr kissing your kid??

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Ding dong goes the door bell

I open then door with Lil O in tow, What do I see 1st is a little girl holding a orange container with 4 wilting daisy heads. I then look up and see four more kids standing at the door (age ranging between (6-8yrs) one asks would you buy a flower for two dollars... I look back down at the almost soon to be dead flower heads and politely say no sorry not today. As they turn and walk away I hear one say we are tring to raise money for us...... hmmm for what I wonder.

What ever happened to the good Ole lemonade stand?

Wednesday Ri has a Dr appointment

for his head. He has developed a flat head, he favors the right side so now it is somewhat flat and it has pushed his right ear forward a bit. He does do tummy time in his bassinet or on the floor when big bro is not close by otherwise he tries to jump over Ri...can not have that. I have started to put Ri in his exercise saucer and this is when I noticed he even leans to the right all the time. I stuff little blankets around him so he does not lean over so much and yet he still does. I called the Dr made the appointment because I would like to try to correct this sooner then later. I will post a photo in a bit.

When we go to the Dr I am going to have her check Lol O out too because the other day while changing his bottom I notice a lump/raise part of skin on his right hip area, it is on the skin because when I move the skin the lump moves too... hopefully that is nothing.

You want this? Or how about this..

What about his one....

This is the scene I saw when I went to see what lil O was up to (he was a little to quiet)
I guess Lil O was giving Ri some "things" in his bassinet the other day. I caught him just in time before he threw in one of daddy's shoes (which was aiming right for Ri's head.) but O did not miss his head he had black marks from the shoes on his forehead. When I took the shoes away he started to point at Ri saying see see, I don't think Ri wants to see daddy's shoes at this moment baby Ri is sleeping.

Monday, July 30, 2007

My heart just jump

right out of my chest or very close to it . Orion got hurt at the store today and I feel like the worst mother ever. Why is it that you try to be very careful with your kids and other don't pay much attention to there own and MINE gets hurt.
This is one of those infamous cart incidents, Orion leaned over trying to reach another cart which I had pushed a way from him moments before because he could fall over trying to reach it. Well no matter how far I pushed it away he was intent on trying to reach it and out he went. It happened so fast yet so slow, I tried to reach him to stop falling but since kids are top heavy over he went feet up in the air ( a cartwheel motion) and his head hit the bottom of the cart then the ground. I dropped what I was holding and took the one step to get to him. I picked him up check over his head and saw that he already had a bump and bruise on his forehead and on the side, then I just held him close to me as I let him cry as we sat in the middle of the isle of Wal-mart with me whispering I am sorry it is ok let it out I am so so sorry, kissing him over and over and over. As we are sitting on the floor I started to think it could of been worst he could of took Ri with him, could of kick the carseat over of even the whole cart could of tipped over...I don't want to think of that...Oh G*D.
When he settled some I gave him some juice then I moved Ri to the cart and sat Orion in the seat part (these carts are not big enough). On they way to the baby section of the store what do I see a kid the same age as Orion in the cart (basket part) standing all by himself I looked around for the parent and I could seen none no one and that made me mad I because I was standing right there and MY son fell out and yet here is this kid all by himself and nothing, are they waiting for something to happen..... while I always try to prevent it.

I can not get that vision out of my head, I feel so bad and guilty and so mad that they don't make the carts like they have a Cosco.

Orion seems ok he was back to his ole self in a matter of minutes, we are home and he is napping I am checking on him ever 20min also I have his monitoer up high so I hear him breathing.

A bad mommy day for me today.....

Let this be a lesson for you all out there DO NOT LET your CHILD STAND IN THE CART BASKET part if they have to be in it and PLEASE NEVER LEAVE THEM ALONE IN THE CART. I was even careful and it still happened.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Some photos

Here is Lil O at 22m, I took this at my sister J house:

Here is Ri at 3 months:

My new do, cut a lot off (I'd like to no where all this hair comes from because my mum and Sisters do not have as much as I, I think it is from my grandma on my mums side).

I have also updated the boys photo galleries ------>

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Behind or what...

That is me, I have fallen behind on my blog and other things.

I have be fighting with the computer again it was moving oh so very slow. So dh and I cleared some things off it and in doing so I messed up my photo shop CS2 which took me a couple of days to try and fix it, I was getting a bit I need to play with my photos. It is up and running good now.

Went a bought a new car seat for Ri the other day. I got the same kind I have for Lil O it is just a different color. As we were in the store (Mum and B) the sales lady came up and spoke with mum (I was looking at the seat) and I heard mum say we are here for a car seat for the wee guy and the sales lady said Oh he does not have a car seat? I said he has one but it is the bucket seat and he does not like it much. Then she looked at the one I was looking at and took the number down and walked away, I though ok she is going to check something on it?? She came back asked for my # then said I could pick it up at the docking area. I looked at her and said well I am not sure I want it yet I need to try my son in it 1st to make sure he sits in it fine. Ri fit fine it it he was smiling away while he sat in Mum and B had gift cards they put towards it which took $50.00 off it (every little bit helps) Before we picked it up at the docks we went down the mall to Wally world and as I was in line up there this women asked if she could have my cart, she was behind me as I looked at B and asked if he still needed it and when I turn towards the lady we both looked at each other and was shocked to see each other we said each others names at the same time and laughed. We grew up on the same street when I was a kid and my parents were still together, he little sis and I were best buds. I have not seen her in about 20 She does not look so tall anymore which means I have grown over the years.

When we got back to mums I put the new seat in the car had a cup of tea and we were on our way to a friends house for a visit. Orion played well there even when the little girl sprayed him with the hose he did not flinch (it was hot out so it probably felt good to It was another late night for the boys but they did good again.

Oh and I got my hair cut yesterday, it was below my bra strap and now it sits at my shoulders and she straightened my hair. I like the cut but still debating on the length of it (good thing my hair grows like a weed) I think I may like it a bit longer. She also kept commenting on how much hair I have, guess I have a lot of it and

For the last week Ri has been sleeping for 6 to 7hrs a night (that is when I go to bed at midnight) he actually falls asleep at 9pm and I wake him to feed at midnight when I go to bed and he sleeps thru his feed (dream feeds they call it) then we sleep till then he wakes up at 7a-7:30am

Lil O sure likes to copy what you say now, so we have to be careful in what we say good thing we do not swear in this house it is the other people we have to worry about.

that is my update for the moment... I will be updating photos real soon... Oh I did get some scrapbooking done I will take pics of them too.

Wordless Wednesday

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Gosh where have the days gone.....

This is my son holding my hand

Wednesday, July 11, 2007