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Saturday, November 10, 2007

I feel like I am doing something wrong

(yes I know all kids are different) We had friends over last night and they have a dd C who is 8months younger the O and she talks pretty good says many words that O does no, he signs a lot but to speak not happening very often. Watching C last night I almost felt like a bad mom like I should be doing more with my boy/s to get them going... for instance O's speaking & Ri still does not sit very well he is still very wobbly, not yet to getting on all fours he does roll over lots and says DaDAAdadaDAA (not sure if he realizes what he is saying)

I let my boys go at there own pace I do show them how to do things and say things but am I doing enough?? I feel like when I go out to kiddy place that I find people are always comparing there kids to one another I really don't like that (yet here I am) I will never say to my boys "oh look so and so is doing it, why can't you" or "Why can you not be like So in so, they are being good".....

I just have to wonder am I doing enough, dh says he is not worried. Then when I mention to him the I feel a bit guilty because O just clings to me so much when others are around (why I feel guilty I don't know) his response was I was a "cling on" to my mom and now look at me (with a big ole smile on his face) my response Now I am really


O is sick today, not sure what is wrong I just know that he has thrown up on me twice (what a lovely feeling) I get no warning till it shoots out of him. He christened the floor 3times as well.. it is amaze how much can come out of his little body. I just have to hope and pray that Ri does not get it. Have to do a dh brag...when O threw up dh said he'd clean it up because he knows I'd to the gag and dry heave thing....I know there was a reason as to why I love this
You know I have to wonder how did my mum did this with me because from the age of 2yrs old not a month went by that I did not have a throw up fit which only lasted for 24hrs. I am proud to say that I am now down to at least once a year....

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Lynanne said...

You're right...all kids are different. I've learned this from my 4. You'd think that children from the same family would have similar genetics and environment but in reality they are radically different. #3 sat steadily at an early age but #4 still topples over. Yet, he is crawling - the earliest of the bunch. #1 and #2 didn't crawl until 9-10+ months. #4 didn't hold his head up on his stomach for many months and suddenly he was lifting his chest off the floor. The next week he was pushing up on his knees. There doesn't seem to be any predictable patterns from one of my children to the next.

If your concerned, you could always ask your ped/GP for advices/reassurance. My guess is he might remind you that preemies can take several years to catch up. Also, girls seem to hit certain milestones more quickly than boys (especially speaking). As long as Orion is attempting to communicate (signing is wonderful!) he's probably right on track.

As far as not doing enough - I often worry about this, especially when I'm so busy with two kids close in age. From what I've read, the advice seems to be to relax. You can't force skills. Let the child be a child. Easier said than done, I know.

It doesn't help that there are a zillion toys/videos/programs out there to make your child smarter. The end result is the toys (etc) end up being just a fad leaving a huge amount of guilt for parents in their wake.