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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Forgot to mention Fertility Clinic update

When I went to the clinic I saw Dr W instead of my normal Dr S (I have not seen much of her this time around) Dr W said all looks great and they are going to release me then he went on to say that the risk for me to miscarry past this stage is very low. I just looked at him and wondered have you read my big fat file that you are holding? So I said to him, well I have had a 19w loss so the odds are against me and Dr O (another Dr at the clinic, who has his own clinic for highrisk out side of the fertility Clinic plus he follow me with Orion's pg) said he wants to follow my pg again. Dr W said oh do you have a referral for him? I said, No, Dr O told me so himself at my last appointment here that he wants to follow my pg agian. Dr W then said, Dr O told you this? Yes Dr O did, I am on the IVIG program and my son was a preemie. Oh says Dr W, I will get his office to call you for an appointment.

I have waited the week so I am going to call Dr O's office to see if they have my file yet for an appointment. Because I am NOT going to have happen what happen when I was pg with William. It took forever for the Dr B's office to make an appointment (almost 2months!) and when they did finally call my appt was for Dec 30 (almost 3months since last) but I ended up going in to preterm labouron Dec 21st with William and we know what happened after that (heaven is where he is) . Monday I am calling Dr O.

Monday, October 23, 2006

There is a baby in there....


Update on the Nuchal Translucency ultrasound.

The babe was pretty active, it took 3hrs to finally get the fluid measurement that they needed.....(so I am thinking

Baby is measuring 4 days behind which they are not concerned about and at my 1st u/s babe was measuring 4days behind. Heart rate was 153 bpm. Everything appears normal.

The risk of Trisomy 21 is 1 in 2,059
and the risk for Trisomy 13+18 is 1 in 10,548
so we are looking good.

I still can not beleive we were there for almost 3 hours, the baby would not cooperate kept flipping and turning and bouncing around it was quiet fun to watch because Orion never moved around like that, this one must have more room or we are in trouble.
Orion was so good thru out the whole time Grandma and grandpa were there watching him so that did make it easier.

Here is the newest member of our family: Babe

I am in awe still, it has really started to hit home more now I actually do have a baby in there, yet More u/s photos in Baby #2 gallery (to the right)

They are saying due date for May 5 2007 but I know we will not make it to May.

Nuchal Translucency U/S today


So if any can send some good U/S vibes our way that would be great.
Nuchal Translucency u/s is at 1:30pm then I also see the Dr a the fertility clinic at 3:30 aswell for my last appointment with them since I am past 12w I will then be moved onto Dr O. whom I had with Orion, he said he wants to follow me again with the pg.

Orion will be with us so lets hope he is a good boy since the appointment is at his nap time. Should be interesting..

I listened to the babes hb last night and counted it to be at least 150bpm. (I counted the hert beat for 10sec then times that by 6 to get the BPM.)

Oh and the werid thing is that my last AF was July 25th and when I had my last u/s the Babe measured 4days behind so the nurse wrote down on my requesition form for the Nuchal u/s that my last af was July 29th, so when I called her and asked about it she said that they make it from the u/s not af....what?? So basically they are telling my that I had af on the 20th when she was really here in "real" life on the 25th...interesting. So when I go to the scan today they will as when I had last AF and I will tell them July 25th.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

What a mixture

Hormones & dreams with that combination my dreams are strange.

DH had to wake me a couple of nights ago due to me breathing heavy. When he woke me I said thank you then started to laugh as I thought of my dream.. I was dreaming I was on a pirate ship and these alein type things that glowed came flying out of the water chasing the boat so I saw a rock on the floor and picked it up and then leaned over the edge of the boat and was waiting for this thing to get closer and closer and I was getting scared because I had to wait for it to be really close (hince the breathing heavy) .... When dh woke me I was almost ready to toss the rock at it and praying that I hit it....

the next night:

I was dreaming of spiders that they were in my room beside my bed in a sink and I was blowing them away, that is when I woke up to me blowing then I stopped and thought wait a minute there is no sink beside my bed, So I was dreaming again..... back to slep I went.

Thump a thump a thump

(11w 5d)

is what I finally heard ..... what a sweet sweet sound.

I bought a doppler off of Ebay, it works like a charm. Having a doppler sure can ease the mind just that much more.

I feel a little guilty about this pg because it is not on my mind as often as when I was pg with Orion, I guess he keeps me distracted which in a sense can be good right? But yet I feel like this baby is being "neglected" in a way even though it is not.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

How you doing.....

eh eh eh (in other words)

I went grocery shopping with Orion and when I went into the produce area this other mom went by with her baby "girl" (about the same age as Orion). *1st picture this Orion is sitting in the cart with one leg threw the hole the other resting straight out on the seat, his back is leaning on the side of is and his arms are resting with one on the back of the seat the other on the front handle. So he can look at me and see what is in front of him,* anyways back to the baby girl...... Orion see her and starts to grunt and yell Eh eh eh at her then reaching at her with his right arm and he kept doing this till the mom and the baby girl look at him and then Orion puts his hand up like a wave and says Ayeeeee and laughs. The mom with the baby girl has her dd wave at Orion and then they (the babies) giggle.... and off we went our separate ways...

He is smooth already, watch out girls Orion is on the prowl........

Thursday, October 05, 2006

My baby or shall I say my little boy's 1yr check up..

He is getting so big.

As we were waiting you could hear the screams of the other babies and toddlers getting there needles. Everytime there was a scream Orion would look at me and smile, I was just waiting for him to scream back like the Wall-mart baby call the other day but he did

Orion did well he let the nurse weigh him then measure his length and they are:

Weight ~ 20 lbs (9.07kg)
Height ~ 29.3 inches (74.5cm)

he is almost at the 50%.
Now for the needle....

The nurse takes us into room 4 sits us down and explains what Orion will be getting (live viruses) and that it could take up to 40 days for any reaction. Orion was watching her as she was getting the needles ready then she asks me to hold onto his wrist. Then she comes around and says this 1st one does not sting and pokes Orion in the arm, little man did not jump but when she took the needle out he started to cry a little. I then held his other wrist and the nurse said this one sting (the measle one) and up it must of because Orion let us The nursee
opened the door to her room and as I walked out Orion went quiet, like he was relieved to be out of there. Other then that 2minuts of crying my little guy was once again a trooper, that is my boy.

Now daddy has to go get the shot for chickenpocks because he does not think hes has had them and the nurse said it is very dangerous for an adult to get it. Orion can break out in "wannabe" chickenpocks and it he does and if dh happens to touch those little white welts (that will have the virus) she said dh will get it, so off to the needle for him. I have had the chickenpocks when I was a kid so I am good to go.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The baby call....

I went to Walmart this afternoon (yes I shop there). There was this other baby somewhere in the store and he/she would squeal, Orion would laugh then he'd squeal then you'd hear the other squeal and so on and so on it went on the whole time we were there even in the line up. That boy of mine has quiet the squeal on him in fact he squeals like a

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Photos with my new camera

Once again it is a Canon XTi 400D This was taken at a park not to far from where I live:

A duck in the park:

And my favorite subject:

thanks for looking