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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Can not connect

Apparently some people (including me) can not connect to either Yahoo or Flickr. Hopefully things get fixed soon and all will be back to normal.


Today I went to the dentist and as I was sitting in the chair I had this thought run through my head of I wonder if the hygienist/dentist have ever had anyone spit/cough on them while the mouth was full (should of took that as a warning). Well a little more then half way thru guess what happens...yup...I did what I embarrassing....I starting to choke and then cough and yes my mought was full and it went everywhere some on me and some on here. I was like OMG so so sorry that has never happened and her response never happend to me And to help matters I started to gag on the fluoride treatment, geesh what was wrong with me today. She will remember me from now on.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Yum Yum Mama

Yummy in the tummy......mmm mmm pancakes good mama...yum

That is what my son says when I make his favorite breakfast.

Where's Ballerina

Went to Costco the other day with my friend C and as we were walking around Lil O kept asking "where's Ballerina?" I was like Ballerina who? I do not see any Ballerina's, then I starting to think how does he know about Ballerina's? hmmm. Then it clicked as my friend C walked away again and Lil O asked once again "Where is Ballerina going?" Ah C is Ballerina (Ballerina rhymes with C's name) When C came back I mentioned to her that she is now Ballerina...we had a good chuckle from it.

(lil O 3yrs old)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Click take a pic

Well I finally got around to Lil O's b-day party stuff (B-day was in Sept). Here he is with the camera we bought him for he day, he is almost as attached to it as mommy is to

And this is the only time I will let him shoot his brother...

Blowing out his candles

More in his photo gallery ------>

Friday, November 14, 2008

Hello Moon

I thought I posted this shot of the moon....guess not.

My boys have a ritual and say bye to daddy at the front door(they wavy wildly while he drives away) every morning when he leaves for work. Well one morning the morning moon was so nice that I had to shoot it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ok try again......

We went grocery shopping today and as usual Lil O said hi to EVERYONE and then you'd hear a little echo of Ri saying hi too. When people said hi back that is when Lil O would announce that he had a race car then hold it up to show them. Well at on point I stopped in the Isle to look for something and a lady was reading one of the items (she had it in her hands)a few feet away. Lil O said Hi then waited a moment when he did not get a response back he said "Hi" again only a bit louder, he repeated this a couple of more times then he stopped...then I heard him say "Ok lets try this again, HI" I started to laugh and that is when the lady turned and looked at me and then at Lil O and said Hi back.

98% of the time people do say hi back. He also saw some kids and said to them "Hi boy, HI" At one point a lady stopped to say hi and she said that she had a couple of twin granddaughters his age, she looked at O and said would you like a

Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm a Big boy & I'm STRONG

Well lil O finally made the transition to a big boy bed. I have had a toddler bed in the basement for a few months now and every time I wanted to set it up dh would be like "why, he is not complaining about it, he does not try to get out. Just because other kids are in one does not mean he needs to be....and so on...... I do not think daddy was
Me I was all excited to show him the big boy bed. I held off as long as I could but I feel it is/was the time for a few reasons:

#1 he is 3yrs old
#2 he goes to bed without any issues(so I had a feeling he would not be a problem)
#3 can not hold him back.

So I set up his toddler bed before his nap time. Lil O was helping and then asked why I was taking it down (because I put it together wrong for the bed rails) when done he crawled right into his new bed laid down and pulled the covers up then looked up at me and said "this is my bed". I asked if he wanted to take his nap in his new big boy bed he nodded his head. When I went to close the door he asked for me to leave his light on (why I do not know, so I did. turned it off when he fell asleep)
When it was time for bedtime I asked Lil O what bed he was going to sleep in and he pointed to the crib saying his name and that he'd sleep in there, then he pointed to the toddler bed and said it that for baby.. I said no that is a big boy bed for a big boy and then pointed to the crib and said that was for a baby boy. I asked him if he was a big boy he said yes then I asked why does a big boy want to sleep in a baby's bed. He thought for a moment then said no I am a big boy, I sleep in big boy bed. That was it he crawled in and cuddled with he's froggy, baby, bear and Mr Monkey. I turned the lights out and he stayed in bed as fell asleep he woke calling for me at 7:30am.... I am so proud he did not fall In the morning I asked if he had a good sleep he said "yup" I then asked if he liked his big boy bed "yup, I am a big boy and I am strong" (flexing his muscles as he said this) My response Yes you are little man yes you are.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Well after almost 3months

AF found me yet again. A little cramping but not much. I think I am a little distracted because I am the new owner of a canon 50D, I was not expecting this till the new year sometime...I just drooled at it on the computer A LOT...he must of saw... and was tired of

Since I am looking into taking more sport shots of soccer, football and wrestling this camera will be great...I LOVE my I feel guilty for my XTi (you won't be forgotten)

Saturday, November 08, 2008

RIP Unlce Jack

My aunt the one I mentioned below lost her life partner, husband, friend today. They only been married 3days. I am so sorry Auntie Marg

He passed at 6am this morning. Rest in Peace Jack Rest in Peace.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Today my mum called and told me that my Auntie M is getting married today (which is great). My aunt has been with J for about 20yrs, life was good for them... A little over a month ago J was taken to the hospital and they discovered his cancer was back and in the stomach. J was/is not doing to great so on one visit he announced to my mum he was going to marry her sister.

J was sent home and he lasted a week at home before ending up back in the hospital and has been there since. It almost seemed like the marriage was not going to take place because M was with J most of the time so others set things in motion for them to get married (one of J's sons and a neighbor friend) J was moved to a hospice the other day and today is the day they decided to say "I Do"

This is why it is bittersweet, they love each other, and for J he wants to make sure my Aunt M is taken care of after he is gone.

this photo I took of them back in 2003

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

What no smiles here

apparently it is hard to smile with these two. Well they were not so thrilled with the fake web stuff the neighbor put out..

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Trick or Treat.........We survived Halloween...

Took the boys to the Mall's Marvelous Maskoween Party today, 1st time Halloweeners and they did really well. Lil O was not scared he kept yelling out Oh mamma look at the monsters {pause} Hi monsters HI as he is waving like

We then watched a magic show (which I think went on a bit to long for the kids about 45mins) the kids all had a blast. The guy was good but by the time he was done they were all ready to take off.

Then we went and made a mask (mommy tried not to help to much) he did well.

He would not wear the mask at 1st then I tried it out and M took a photo (photo will come later) and then Ri tried it (that too will come later) and then Lil O wanted to give it a shot:
Could not get him to take it off after

Here he is leaving with dad to go Trick or Treating for the very 1st time

When they came back Dh said that he did say the Trick or Treat part and when he got the treats he'd look a dh and say "Ok lets go to the next house" He also wanted to go into the neighbors house next door she did let him in and when he said TorT to her she said of for the here you go and dumped a hand full into his bag. Geesh he is all ready working


It was a really nice day for Halloween today since we had a blizzard this time last year. Thought we would of had more kids at the door but again maybe 20 or 30 came....maybe the just do not like to come into the Cul-de-sac.