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Saturday, May 31, 2008

My new toy

has arrived, way sooner then I expected it to. It sucks tho because the memory card I ordered is not here yet and this camcorder only has a built in 32mb memory...not very big. So I have not been able to really play with it.

It is nice and small easily fits into a pocket or my camera bag..YEAH.

1 2MP Max. Interpolation
2.5 " LIPS LCD
8x Digital Zoom
Portable Game Player
TV-Out & MPEG4 up to D1 720 x 480 @30fps

DSC, DV, WebCam, Video Stabilizer, Voice recorder,

TV-out, USB drive, Monitor video, game,
Digital zoom, DPOF, Direct Print, Slide show, Voice memo, Picture frame.


A school where 2 of my nephew's go to were in lockdown TWICE in a matter of 6 months. I can not remember why for the 1st one but this second one was just on Thursday because of a lunatic of a husband threaten his wife with a gun in the house across the street.

My nephew said that the principle came on the speak announcing that they are in lock down code White. the teacher then locked all doors told the kids to get away from the windows and sit on the floor. My sisters did not now what was happening till my one nephew texted her.

They were released way past school time and only if the parent was there to get them with ID.

Later that night the guy gave himself up, wife was unharmed.


A few days before that a husband murdered his wife and 2 dd and the tenant then himself he did not touch the 1yr old dd. The police were really shook up about it.

This city is getting worse, what is going on! also last weekend another lunatic went on the rampage of hijacking cars at gun point and one of his hijackings was close to my home. He did this 4 or 5times that day till the police caught him at a Junior high school...

What is with all these people.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Watch this momma

Just testing this video loading thing out.

This is some of the things that Lil O wants me to watch, finally got it on tape

this video is taken with my old Olympus camera, the one I got for Mothers Day last year is great but I do not like how I have to down laod videos from it and well it takes to long so I have resorted back to the Olympus point and shoot camera till the one that I bid on E-bay arrives, hopefully it is a good one lots seem to like it online so we will see. The new one is also the size of a plam/black berry so it will be easier to carry around with me too and when I have my camera with me too.


Well it takes awhile for a video to load to blogger it has been 3min so far.....


Not bad took almost 11minutes to load this video.


that means 5 day past ovulation.... I am now in the 2ww(week wait), lovely. DH keeps saying are you pg? When will you know?.....truthfully I do not think so and I will no in say 7 or 10 days.


Lil O, ri gramma and grandpa and I all went swimming yesterday and lil O surprised me he was playing in the water so freely and even walked till the water reached his neck and did not freak out. He also went down the slide a couple of times.

Ri he was just having lots of fun splashing away..

Ri was so tired when we got hom but just would not sleep in his crib, so I brought him downstairs gave him some milk and he sat beside me and passed out. I was able to inch myself free after 1hr so I could start super, of course I had to take a shot of my boy asleep...he looks so peacful.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hello O ... I think....

Well the slippery egg white CM is here and I don't think bd will be happening tonight, depends on when DH gets home....

I should probably call the clinic on Monday since I have been off the clomid for a couple of months since finishing my last dose, see what to do next.

Oh also the other day the Dr that watched my pg's, Dr O was on TV last week to raise fertility awareness and is trying to have fertility treatments covered in Canada, he says that the government should not ignore those that have a had a hard time trying to have a family and that it is not the couples fault that they can not conceive a baby without the help of medicine.

Momma momma Watch this

as Lil O comes running over to show me that he can stomp his feet then he runs off......comes running back repeating momma momma watch this as he shows that he jumps and off he goes only to come back a few more times but the last one made me smile and laugh so.... as he puts his hands on his hips and then shakes his little booty and hips all over with the biggest smile ever on his face....

Yes momma is watching as you learn all these new things... My little boy is growing and oh how I love this boy so so much.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Vet update...

and so it is CANCER, Misty has cancer not even a dog can escape it, It is on her spine.

DH just spoke with the vet again and they told him she is in a lot of pain and so he (dh) made the decision to put her down does not want her to suffer anymore then she has to. They said they can do it tonight, off went dh to hold his girl one last time...EDIT**(The vet told dh that he was amazed that Misty was still able to stand and move around because her spinal cord was pretty much gone, she was a strong dog I will give her that)

Yeah Misty and I never really got a long well but I still did not want to see her suffer like she was.

Rest in peace Misty girl.

Wordless Wednesday

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Our dog is sick

DH feels guilty... I will be honest I have not been the best dog mommy (I am not a dog person, she was dh dog) I will tell you I have never really trusted her, she is to wild for my liking and well dh did not train her well.

I grew up with all types of dog and as I got older I have discovered I am not much of a dog person anymore (I have said that already) For the last couple of weeks Misty (our dog) has not been able to stand on her front paw and she yelps in pain all the time, it is sad to see her like this. The vet has done multiple blood tests and nothing other then low white cell count and low thyroid then they did another and her white cell count was lower.....they were thinking cancer plus she has lost lots of weight. Well Misty spent the night at the vet hospital so they can watch her and do x-rays (which will cost us $2500.00 on top of the $300.00 already spent) they saw some abnormal stuff and have to do more tests... We are now waiting.....

Dh last night said he feels like he is going to have to put his girl down he feels bad but he says she is a dog and he now has a family to take care of and we can not afford to pay out for the outrageous cost for a Vet. I told him that she is till like a member of the family to him (I will admit not much to me, she has snapped at me and growled at the boys a few times. She is not around the boys and I)
I really don't know what I am trying to post here because sad but true I will not miss her much but I know dh will.....
Also I believe she'd be in a better place because dh works lots and so she never gets and walks and hardly ever gets to come in the house because I do not want her around the boys so she is stuck in a dog kennel all day not big enough to run in and it is not fair to her at all.

Don't get me wrong I do not wish Misty ill or death but she is not doing well...and she has not had the greatest life in the last 6yrs...not the kind of life a dog should have.

It is cancer, it is on her spine.

nothing is safe from this disease.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hmmm ... Yup body is off

AF arrived a week early, I started to spot when I thought it should of been the O fairy but Noooo it was af making her way.

No cramps this time which is good, really good.

Well on to next month.

Monday, May 12, 2008

What a great day today!

We, Dh myself and the boys all went to Bragg Creek today. Nice little drive boys did great Ri slept all the way while Lil O fought to stay awake and only fell asleep as we go

We grabbed some lunch sat at a picnic table & ate. I then put together a little helicopter that my mum bought the boys and Lil O and I played with it (wish I got some photos but dh was holding Ri) Lil O was laughing in delight as I pulled the string and up went the helicopter and off Lil O went chasing it yelling "I get it, I get it momma" then he falls flat on his face. I just said to him "Oh WIPE OUT" he looked at me and then a silly little grin goes across his face gets up wipes his hands on his coat and runs for the helicopter, brings it back to me saying "again again".

Later we went over to a little stream and I was trying to show Lil O how to throw rocks in the water....well...the rocks at 1st went everywhere but the water then he started to hit just before the water and then watch the rock roll into the water (sometimes hs was lucky and a splash would happen) He kept signing for more rocks so we went looking and daddy pointed out one rock and I at the same time pointed to another...would you not know it they were both a good sized rock for him to carry and well Lil O wanted to carry both all by himself and that was something to was getting frustrated because one would keep slipping out of his arms. While he was showing his frustration dh and I were LOL so hard LIL O did NOT want any help what so ever.... Dh caught a video of it on his phone I will try and post later as with some photos)

It was a great day, not very often dh takes the day off and we all do something together..

Family time well spent.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

ah extension tubes......

loving them... AWESOME.

here are the tubes:

And a couple of photos taken with a tube and the 50mm:
(click on photo to see bigger)

the flower is not cropped

the plant was cropped just a bit
(to much bright light at the tip of the leaf on the left)

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Self Portrait

I needed to up date my profile photo. I took the shot today because I had my hair cut so all was

Thursday, May 01, 2008

By golly

I think Lil O is getting use to the water...YEAH!

We went swimming with gramma and Papa and he was having a blast, he was all laughs and giggles till I dunked . He was back to smiles a few minutes later that is after he scowled and tried to dunk me.