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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Had u/s

On Wednesday and we are measuring 7w4d hb 147

utrasound 7w4d Feb25 2009

I get there 10min late (could not find a parking space) and they have me sit for almost another 10 and then they inform me that they want to go for lunch can I come back at one....WHAT! Why could they not say this when I walked in ant 2 I have to now see if it is ok with the fertility clinic (they are down the hall) if I come at one now, since I am to see then right after the u/s.
Clinic was fine but I did say the the u/s place everyone here takes there lunch at the same time? I was not a happy camper lets say. Good thing a mall is near buy. I went and bought Lil O some swim trunks and found distilled water for the steam mop I just bought.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

whoot whoot

**** We have a baby in the uterus with a wonderful heart beating away.

Still not really out of the woods but so far all looks great, I have to go back for another u/s to determine how far along I really am but the Dr is thinking around 7wks...I am really pg... seeing that heart beating just had me in awe.

When the Dr Scott walked in she looked at me and said "You sure like to deify all odds don't"

I went to the clinic for 1:10pm and did not see her till 2pm I was to be at the hospital for 2pm. Got to the Hosp at 2:45 and my IVIG was not ready...oh what a surprise... so finally was hooked and and running at 3:30pm done at 5:30.

What a day!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Got the call from the Clinic

Nurse Amanda said they received my 1st numbers and they are at 16,000 so somewhere between 6 and 8weeks...(I am thinking 6weeks) I go in to the clinic for a quick u/s just so they can make sure of the measurements and that baby is where is should be and hopefully see a heart beat.

I had to tell mum yesterday because she called and asked if she could get rid of that highchair since Ri sits nicely now, I was like umm ah well...I did not want to say anything just yet but you may want to keep it for a bit longer...apparently I am pg, we are just waiting on my beta #'s. I told her not to say a word to anyone.

I called mum this morning to see if she a papaBear could watch the boys tomorrow while I go to the clinic and then to my IVIG, she said she had to tell PapaBear I said well I ecpected she said he got all teary eyed.

I feel nauseaus this morning

Monday, February 16, 2009


I feel ill.....but that is a good thing I take it.. :)

Went for my 1st beta blood draw go again tomorrow since I could not go today, Family Day and all. I have avoided talking with

I am still shocked, I am afraid to believe it

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Man I thought I'd play cool

with this one but Nooooooo....the obsessing has started, Doing the TP check and I wonder about every little twitch or pain I get now, I also find myself poking at my breast so see if the are getting sore....umm yeah that will do it.....And man do I hate to sneeze!

Oops loosing it already....

I forgot to mention that when I put the boys down for there nap I normally put Lil O's diaper back on (he only has it on when he sleeps) well being so preoccupied I forgot... well he slept 2hrs without incident, he woke calling out to me that he went in his pants. I went in to get him and he would not walk, he was walking bull legged, I asked what he was doing he said he went in his pants (I am thinking yeah so why walk funny) then it dawned on me he did not have a diaper on so I felt his butt if there was bulk nope none just his boxers...then I heard him say oh poop poo so I hurried him to the potty he was all upset that he started to go in his pants I said it is ok I am sorry momma forgot his response "yeah mommy bad you forgot"... it all went where is was to the potty.

I am so proud of my boy.

He is also really starting to use his imagination a lot, today he was stomping around and he announced that he was a giant as he stomped and marched around repeating I am a giant, here I come......

Friday, February 13, 2009

Poking starts tomorrow.

The nurse called me back from the fertility clinic and said to start my beta test on Saturday and then Tuesday (since Monday is a Holiday) a little longer then the 48hrs they like but it will still let them see if my levels are rising. Also IVIG will start next week, good thing I have a few books I need to read. Depending on my #'s it will decide if I need an u/s sooner then later, since I don't have a clue as to how far along I am...Last af was Dec 19.

The nurse laughed when I told her that I figured I should call them after the 4th test. She said it makes her smile when she is told this, since the 1st one already says you so from the looks of it I could have a new one in my arms between Sept to Nov sometime if I go full term or not and if everything go well...

I still can not believe it. Dh bets on how long I can keep it a secret I said till at least after my 1st appointment.


I told dh

and asked him to bring home another I need to POAS a few times) This mornings was a little darker....why can I not still believe this.

When I mentioned it to dh he got a little excited and said oh so a girl could be in our future?


Here is proof my boys do love each other...they make my heart swell

Good think Lil O was wearing the helmet for fun because after I took this shot they tripped and he fell and hit the stove with his head...helmet

Thursday, February 12, 2009

still hmmmm

Well took another pg test and it was BFP
dare I post a photo of this.

Cyber world is the 1st to know....I have not told hubby nor my family yet, don't want to get them all excited if it turns out to be nothing. Just when I was getting use to the idea of being told I had a slim to nill chance of having another baby this happens.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Can pre-menopause cause a false positive? I am going to take another test in the morning see what I get, I am so dang confused right now.

Monday, February 09, 2009

I am going crazy

or at least I feel like it...

this so called pre-menopause is kicking my butt.

I feel so emotional, my temper is quick then I feel like crying and then I am fine.... I am so hot I want to rip my clothes off then the next minute I have the chills....I don't feel like BD'ing at all let alone touching me (I know he does not understand, he thinks pms is not real....I have/had bad pms too) Af is late 3wks so a part of me wonders is this pms but then I get the hotflashes. I want a hug but then if I get it I know I will start to cry, on top off all that my pap was abnormal so I now have to wait (and dh is worried about it) I seem to have an ache/pain all the time, when one goes another comes....... I just feel like I can't win at the moment

there got it out...


Sure do not get much done when the kids are sick and the weather not so great.... Glad to say the kids are better and the weather is refreshing.... we went and played outside in the snow yesterday. My oldest had fun the youngest he still was not so sure of the white cold wet stuff.


Last night as Lil O was eating supper he was flipping through the paper and I said to him O finish up your supper please. His response " I'm trying to read the page mom..."

Monday, February 02, 2009

I need out....

2weeks straight at home...oye.

2 sick kids one right after the other....we need out....

Ri is better now Lil O is on the mend pretty much there, if not tomorrow we will get out on Wed...I hope.

They sure are too very different sick kids.


I just finished reading Marley and Me it was not to bad did get a couple chuckles out of it and I did cry at the end. It took a few chapters for me to get into it though.