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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Date night

last night dh and I went out for dinner and a movie.

Dinner was at a semi causal restaurant (took a while for me to find something to wear since I still have a little baby belly) the restaurant was nice not to busy the food was very good I had Buttermilk Breast of Chicken with some vegies and some sort of sauce, dessert was ok.

As we were eating I could feel my self filling up with milk and by the time we were down it felt like I had to rocks on my chest, it was a good thing the movie did not start till 10pm and it was 8:30 so we did a quick stop at home so I could pump and dh got to read a story to the boys while mum just held Si (since she feed him a bottle that is why I pumped, plus bye punping I was able to do both breasts)

so pumped and ran out the door to Avatar in 3D.

Very good night Dinner was great and the movie was really good.

We got home at just after 1am and as mum and B were leaving I heard a thump upstairs when I went to check on Lil O he was laying on the floor. I believe he fell out of bed and just was stunned so I gave him a hug then took he to go potty and back to bed through it all I think he was still asleep.

I Fed Si at 2am then went to bed thinking I'd be up at 5 to feed again .... not so I felt Lil O crawl into bed at 7am (I think) the Si finally woke at 8:30am..... 6.5hrs wow and wow sore breasts again they were almost at my chin it felt. I was great for for the 6 hrs of sleep but not the sore part of it all.

Friday, January 29, 2010

what a difference....

Distilled water all the way I am never going back to tap, boiled or bottled water.... I made the mistake of not making the water last night so today I put tap water in my kettle and it was the worst tea I have had in a long time it smelled gross and tasted like metal and to think just a few short months ago that was how I only drank my tea and thought that it was good...yuck.
this is the distiller we have but with the glass jug instead (I don't use much plastics either)