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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Day 4 in Regina

Ri is doing good his weight is now 1955kg (4.5lbs) he did really well on his 7pm feeding, he took approx. 30ml off me, he also peed thu his diaper twice today. Oh the stinky poops he has to, I thought they we not to stink at this stage....somebody lied about that.

I was able to give him a bath tonight. He cried while I was wiping him down then the nurse said lets try him in the tub. I lifted his tiny naked little body and as soon as his butt hit the water he stopped crying and was just looking around as I bathed him. When I took him out he started to cry once again and what a cute little cry he has. I put his clothes on and wrapped him up in his blanket and he was happy again. Gramma had the cuddle session as I had to pump.

When I got back from pumping my mum handed Ri to me so fast that I looked at her stunned. (I was going to let her hold him a bit longer as I hog the boy myself) later she told me that just before I came back she started to feel her nose get all tingly and her eyes watery and that is why she pretty much tossed Ri at she said the look on my face was priceless.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Day 3 in Regina

Went and saw Ri for his 10am feeding he latched on to me and sucked away. After about 30min the Nurse Judy came to weight him (to see approximantly how much he drank from me) she came back saying he only drank about 10mil, I thought he drank more then that from the way he was sucking, he ended up having the rest by gavage. Ri's 1pm fed was by gavage, he was to tired to suck. I got to hold him for most of the afternoon, felt good hugging my little boy. I tired to beastfeed again at his 4pm feeding time, but the nurse had me pump for a few minutes before to get the flow going hoping that would help him get more. Well that did not work he was gavaged the rest of his feed & I finished pumping.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Healthy Boy

Ri got a clean bill of health today. Which ment we could rid ourselves of the gowns, gloves and mask...YEAH. (I kept getting strange looks from other parents) and no more over heating mom and

I breast feed Ri 3x's today and he did really well. His weight is now 1890kg (4lbs 3oz) he eats 30mil per feed by bottle.


The food here in the hotel is not the greatest and it is expensive. The Helath region back home it to pay $15.00 for one meal a day (yeah whoopy) one meal in the hotel is $20.00 +. We found the cafiteria in the Hospital which oddley enough was better food and cheaper.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Day 1 in Regina

Saw Ri today he looks good, what a cute little guy he is.

1st off the hospital is confusing but we found our way got into the NICU (which is a very different set up from home) . Mum and I scrub and the nurse led us to Ri, his little area was cornered off and when I looked in the nurse Sharon was holding him I was kind of taken back of what she was wearing. She had on a Yellow mask, yellow gown and blue gloves. The nurse explained why they had to wear the lovely outfits for now (b/c he came from a different hospital and he was being "quarantined" and tested if anything other then him came, meaning germs. Which is why we had to wear the get up. They had to wait for is tests to come back - )

The Nurse Sharon said Ri had a few bottles and is doing well. He is still a bit Jaundice so he will be put back under the lights. We tried breastfeeding at his 4pm feeding and Ri did very well, I was very impressed because he opened wide and pretty much lunged for my nipple and sucked away (kind of freaked me out at how fast he was). I left the Hospital at 6:30pm for the night, I was pretty tired.

My breasts were starting to get very engorged again, it started on the plan ride to Regina. When we got to the Hospital I mentioned this to the nurse (this was before I tried to breast feed him) she asked if I could breast feed to bring them down, I said they are quite full and tight, but I could try and wait till the 4pm feed. She went on her break and about 10minutes later I was hurting my breast were so hard and uncomfortable that I had to pump, I asked a different nurse to show me the pumping room. She saw how hard and tight I was and when My nurse came back she came to my pumping room with warm clothes to cover my breast with to help the flow and ease my discomfort some. She then brought me some water to drink and more warm clothes, she laughed and said this is when you need more hands, that is when I asked her for some elastic bands. She gave me a funny look but went and got them for me. I then showed her how I go hands free while pumping, she was impressed and went to get another nurse to

Friday, March 23, 2007

The dam breaks

Dh took me to the airport with O and I held my boy up till I had to enter the gate, as we walked closed the the loading gate my eyes filled with tears and the dam broke I could not keep them back I just look at dh and smiled and shrugged my shoulders.

O looked at me wondering what was going on, then changed his attention to other things around him. I finally gave him one last big hug and Dh too and made my way thru the gate with mum, I looked back and waved. Dh waved and was holding O who was just staring at me. I kept walking and when I looked back again I did not see them (thought they left already) . Dh later told me that they were still there and he saw me look back again but at that time someone walk in front of them and blocked my view. I guess O started to freak when he saw me walking further away from him and tried to run after me, dh had to hold him back and I guess Or started to cry and reaching out for me. I did not see or hear any of this which is probably a good thing would of made it that much harder to leave.

Ri is now in Regina SK

My mum & I are leaving tonight and should arrive at 11pm, nurse called and said he arrived safely.

Praying for a short stay, I want to be home with my other boy, I feel guilty leaving him and that he will be upset with me for being away from him.... I am torn either way.

thanks again

I hope they have internet so I can update.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Big bro meets little bro and then Off we go

Lil O met his lil brother today. At 1st he'd just look then point and say see see then he'd bang on the incubator and giggle, Ri just laid there. O started to get a bit antsy so Dh and I took him out of the NICU before he started anything.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Dh took him to the waiting room where H was waiting and they played with the toys I went to pump. After pumping I went and put the milk in the fridge and went to take one last look at Ri. A nurse came up to me asking if the manager found me yet, I said no and she said oh well they need to speak with you. (I felt like I was going to the principles When she came to talk with me there was another lady with her (I can not remember there names, all a blur) she went on about moving babies around. I new what she was getting at but I was think what Hospital here in the city they were going to send him to, then I heard her say Regina. I ask her if she was kidding. She so no sorry I am not. I stared at her as she went on talking, my eyes started to tear up all I could think about was Ri leaving and me having to leave O. Then I heard her ask if I had any questions, I said I need to get my husband he is in the waiting area. When I went out to get DH I started to cry again and Dh say me and was freaked out, he asked what was wrong is Ri ok, I tried to get out that Ri was ok that they were shipping him out but it did not come out to clear. I just waved for dh to follow me back to Ri's bed where he could speak with the Dr's. After they explained everything again, both Dh and I said we understood why they chose Ri (he was one of the healthier preemies and would handle the flight better then the others) and that it was just hard for me because I had to leave another baby behind to be with Ri and plus I just gave birth 2 days ago and was all hormonal.

I was still crying when we walked out of the NICU and when I saw the other Dr and the look on his face he looked shocked to see me crying, I just looked down walking by him (I thought he new) I guess he was all worried and went to the back and asked if he missed something with baby A that is when he found out, he thought they had the wrong baby. He then came out to talk with DH and I said he was sorry and that I scared him as well when he saw me crying. He said he was surprised that they chose Ri in a way, and that he was the 3rd baby today to be picked to be sent out (one went to Edmonton the other to Montana I got Regina)

They were so send Ri that night but he ended up going the next day (they could not get the plane ready to leave in time) I arrived late that evening.

Ri is here ...

He was born on March 20 2007 at 11:24pm after 19 hours of labor and I did not have a chance for the epidural... will post his birth story later on.
Birth weight ~ 1960 grams (4lbs 5.1oz)
Length ~ 41.5cm (16.5inc)

Just got home but as I popped in to see Ri before I left I was informed he was being flown out to Regina because of NICU/SCN is too full here and he is the best candidate (meaning most healthy preemie to handle the move) He is going tonight I am trying to get a flight out and my mum is coming with me, DH is staying home with Lil O.

I cried when they told me but I understand why they choose him.

Thanks for the posts and well wishes, I will post more when I can.


The Hospital called said they could not send him tonight he will be going to Regina tomorrow, good thing I did not book the flight yet. Regina is an 8hr drive if we drove but since they will pay for to air fares that is the route we are taking and the pay for the hotel, some food and the cab fair to and from the hospital.

If they get room here they said they would try to get him back but they also sent out 3 other babies today otherwise he is there till he is ready for home we could be there a couple of weeks.

Almost 1 day old
Lil O meeting his little brother

More photos on his site (link on the right ----> )

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I beleive my waters

broke at 4:10am just like when Lil O's a constant leak..... it is not pee.

So today by AF I am 34w but by the u/s which Dr is going by I am 33w 3d.

what a great early b-day gift


Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ah Family

They are waiting on pins and needles for Ri to arrive. They call me every morning and ask so how is everything??? or they are letting me now that they are stepping out so if I need them their cell phone is on, something tells me they are a bit anxious and

My mum calls me last night to say her and B are going to the movies and was a bit nervous to go I said I am fine go have Plus B wants to go see his mum in the next week or so but my mum does not want to leave me, which I don't want her to I could go anytime or not and if they go they just could miss it all... and of course murphys law right, they go I will go into


My body is sore, My hips and buttocks are achy
I did not have this discomfort with O's

It hurts to walk, is this normal?

I am turning into a whinner...

Friday, March 16, 2007

Still pg at the moment......

33w3d (32w6d u/s)

Ri's movements have slowed down a bunch, I get a few good moves here and there but not like he use to give me. I seem to have to pee much more often these last 2 days and my tummy is getting hard more too they seem harder and tighter if that makes any
Wakes me at night now, even when I try to roll from one side to the other it is like a rock..

My sis J is saying Wednesday your having him...
lol (I don't think so myself) I do have a Dr appointment on Tuesday we will see what he has to say.

I don't know maybe I am
tring to read my body to much...

Oh and my
veins, I see pretty much every vein in my belly and breasts (it reminds me when you look at a ski mountain from a distance and you see all the runs down the hill) I remember when I had my laporascopy the Drs mentioned on all my they were all impressed at how well they could see them just looking at my tummy when they put me out and had the lights on

I still feel April is the month
when Ri will grace us.

Thank for reading I just had to get it out, even if it is silly of me.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

what to go by?

By Ultrasound I am 32weeks today but by last AF I am 32w4d. Dr is going by u/s so I guess I am 32w. Last Dr Update was on the 8th (yeah I am a bit late in posting this) I think it was one of the fastest appointments I have had yet. Appt was for 3:05pm and I was back in my car at 3:22pm.... seem unreal right??lol Anyways, He measured the belly listened to Ri's heart rate 135bmp. Dr said since I got the steroids it does not matter the he check me internally then he pause and looked at me at said that did not sound right, it does matter but I do not want to mess with you anymore then need and the steroids will help if anything should happen. my weight ~ 136.lbs (62.0 kg) B/P ~ 108/72 everything else is normal. Next appointment on Mar 20th.

Something neat:

32 Weeks Gestation
  • The lungs are still developing.
  • Body temperature is partially under control.
  • The skin is thicker, with more color.
  • The connections between the nerve cells in the brain have increased.
  • There is a good chance of long-term survival and the risk of long-term disability is low.
  • The weight is about 3 to 3 3/4 pounds.
  • The length is about 16 to 17 inches.

Guess this is how Ri may be laying inside me, does not look very comfy does

Sunday, March 04, 2007

31 week belly photos

I finally got to taking the photos while Lil O had a nap.

After I was done I realized that I had the camera on the wrong setting, so here are some of the good ones. I will need to take other one this week on the proper settings..

(click on photo to see bigger)

Free Image Hosting at

Lil O then woke so I took a couple with him, my little poser.

Free Image Hosting at

Rilon has been a very active boy these last couple of days.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Hair pic

this is the after shot ( I can not find any decent before and you can see my big ole belly (I forgot to mention that Ri weight is about 4lbs.)

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Had u/s today

and they said all looks fine, cervix looks great said it measures around 3cm (30mm) and when I said to the Dr P there that Dr O felt a difference in my cervix by doing the internal, Dr P then said oh yeah at this stage it is more accurate with the internal then by u/s... (can we say someone covering there buts) As I was watching the girl scan I noticed Ri was not his active self and that he was also pretty low head looked like it was engage and ready to be born... I feel I have a few more weeks, but you just never really know do you.

I went and got my hair cut today as well, My dh works at a Spa as a massage therapist (no not lucky me...) but instead of me having to pay he traded services with the stylist so now she gets a nice massage for cutting my hair and she did an awesome job. It was the 1st time I have go to her and I will be back, finally someone who was not afraid to get right in there and cut and do a different style on me and it is different because Lil O was not so sure of me when I got home took him about an 1/2 to warm up to mommy's new
I took a before and after shot on my cell phone but S did not save it so I think they are lost I will post a pic later this week since I need to do a belly photo.