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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Day 4 in Regina

Ri is doing good his weight is now 1955kg (4.5lbs) he did really well on his 7pm feeding, he took approx. 30ml off me, he also peed thu his diaper twice today. Oh the stinky poops he has to, I thought they we not to stink at this stage....somebody lied about that.

I was able to give him a bath tonight. He cried while I was wiping him down then the nurse said lets try him in the tub. I lifted his tiny naked little body and as soon as his butt hit the water he stopped crying and was just looking around as I bathed him. When I took him out he started to cry once again and what a cute little cry he has. I put his clothes on and wrapped him up in his blanket and he was happy again. Gramma had the cuddle session as I had to pump.

When I got back from pumping my mum handed Ri to me so fast that I looked at her stunned. (I was going to let her hold him a bit longer as I hog the boy myself) later she told me that just before I came back she started to feel her nose get all tingly and her eyes watery and that is why she pretty much tossed Ri at she said the look on my face was priceless.

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