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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Day 3 in Regina

Went and saw Ri for his 10am feeding he latched on to me and sucked away. After about 30min the Nurse Judy came to weight him (to see approximantly how much he drank from me) she came back saying he only drank about 10mil, I thought he drank more then that from the way he was sucking, he ended up having the rest by gavage. Ri's 1pm fed was by gavage, he was to tired to suck. I got to hold him for most of the afternoon, felt good hugging my little boy. I tired to beastfeed again at his 4pm feeding time, but the nurse had me pump for a few minutes before to get the flow going hoping that would help him get more. Well that did not work he was gavaged the rest of his feed & I finished pumping.

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