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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Something Fun,,,DNA test

Got this off another fellow blogger friend. Days of Deerledge

Take this Personal DNA Test to see how you relate to others. Good Luck!

I'm a Respectful Analyst....

Thursday, April 27, 2006

I new I was not pg.....

the nurse called and said "we have your test results back and they were negative" my response was "yes I know" I know my body and I took a few tests.

So on to prometrium 200mg for 10days to get AF here.

It sure is nice that AF gets a

Monday, April 24, 2006

Started IVIG today

Got there at 8am and was home by 11:15am.

The nurses remembered me they were surprised to see me so one was like you back but your baby can't even be a year
So ofcourse I showed Orion's photos & they all thought he was a cutie.

I found out that the IVIG cost about $100.00 per 1mg(maybe a bit more) I get 27mg each treatment, if I had to pay for it it would cost me $2700.00 each month. I do IVIG once a month for 3months pre conception then when I get pg I do it once a month till 28w (7months) that would be quiet the cost.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Wheres AF please

send her my way
she is MIA or lost her way,
I POAS and to my dismay
BFN I saw today.

She is 4 days past her due
what am I to do.
Dr said to wait 1 week,
if no AF to call her back
and she will take a peak

Oh where oh where is my AF
Oh where oh where can she be............

Just trying to find some humor is this lovely ride of TTC.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Dr S update ..... TTC

My Dr appt was yesterday I am to Start the baby Asprin and prenatal Vitamins start clomid when AF decides to find me (due yesterday and no sign of her, nope not pg) Dr said if AF not here with in the week to call them they'll run tests(I don't think I O'ed last month). I got weighed and measured for the IVIG which they will call me to let me know when my 1st IVIG treatment will be.

The Dr said wheres the baby? when she entered the room, I said well I was not sure if I sould bring him did not what to step on toes or hurt any feelings (the waiting room) they said no that is ok you can bring him in next time. But I did give the Dr a photo of Orion to put on the wall of HOPE and Miracles. She LOVED the pic of him.

So here we go again officially TTC, the Dr dh & I all hope it does not take as long as it did for Orion.... fingers crossed. I can not beleive we are here once again, I feel okay and relaxed................. for now

UPDATE: IVIG is on Monday April 24 @ 8am

I went for a blood test aswell for IG (or something like that) and while sitting in the waiting room there was a mother there with her 7m baby boy made me smile and think Orion is doing good because he is doing the same things this little guy was doing. Well when it was time for that mom to do her bathroom test (you know what I mean) she asked if it was ok to leave the little guy here in the waiting room on the floor in his carseat...... what went thru my mind is WHAT we are a bunch of STRANGERS here (I am sure no one would of done many witnesses) That never would of crossed my mind. She ended up leaving him behind the Clerks desk. Then when she came out and waitied for her to be called for the blood test she againg wanted to leave him alone againg in the waiting room...WHAT THE! The told her there is room for him in the blood draw room.
Never I say Never will Orion be out of my sight in a room full of strangers, School is the only time he will be in a room with strangers and theat will be hard. Not to mention she did turn her back on him to go up to the clerks desk to fill out the forms..... I say she is a bit to trusting in her fellow stranges, there are just to many freaks out there to trust anyone.


On another note I think Orion may have his 1st cold,
He has been sneezing lots latley his nose is stuffy or runny and his sleep last night was terrible. He was not crying he was just sneezing so much it would wake him up and at one point I did have to go comfort him, It just seemed that everytime he would fall back to sleep he'd sneeze and wake up.. Should I let it run its course or should I call the Dr... When do you call the Dr?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A mini melt down...

DH was out he had a massage client.

All was fine then I started to try and cook supper and well that is when Orion started to freak and everything started to go down hill, I could not figure out the stupid rice cooker and messed it up burnt some of the meat (Orion still freaking)TV started to do something funky. Orion settled some and just as I was about to start to dish out my food he freaks again (this is after attempting to cook for 2hrs I am hungry and now he is head is hurting...... So I feed the boy and then I realize why I feel so emotional..... PMS! Dh comes in notices the Rice cooker is a big mess I said yes I now the stupid thing, one look at me he I told him what happened so he came and took Orion from me said go eat have your tea relax....... That was all I needed....even DH said a mommy needs a break too.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

7 Months

7 months today. He is laughing, squealing, babbling so much ... a lot of a a a a a a a a ahhhhhhh. Loves to blow rasberries and some how he manages to move around on the floor not quiet sure how because he does not roll from back to tummy yet almost but not yet. I think it is the butt lift movment that he does that make him move,(I will have to get a pic of that.

Here is a little something I made: Video
The Miracle of Love

Here is his 7month pic with Mr Monkey

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Food Mill and much much more ......

I went and bought a Kidco Food Mill yesterday and tried it out today and I love it!
I made some carrots for Orion and it was so easy, way easier then I thought it would be I am looking forward to making other stuff for him. He gagged and ate then gagged more but he is getting the hang of


I always wondered how I would handle this one moment I was always warned about when you have a baby, it went well ........ wonder what I am talking about, well read on..............................
Today I was playing with Orion then I put him in his saucer while I did some dishes. When I was done I picked him up again and went to the computer to check my mail, snif snif what is that I smell......... so yup I do the smell test in front (you know what I am talking about) and it seemed fine so I continue to check my mail when this scent passes my nose once again so I figured I better check his diaper, up stairs we go. Have him on the change table unsnap his pj's then his under shirt pull out a new diaper lift his legs up to put it under the Old diaper and low and behold what does my hand slid in to .......................................................
I grab a wet wipe, wipe of my hand and think to myself "my 1st diaper blow out" I slowly take off his pj's and see no marks .... good sign .... then I see the back of his undershirt a big spot there, my thought how to get it off him with out it getting smeared all over..... (yuck)! Meanwhile Orion is giggling away. I decided to change his diaper 1st, and where does his hands go .... waaaaaa yuck I say! Luckily mommy was faster then I got the diaper off only to discover that I had to maneuver his undershirt off him still, got it off but I did not win the battle it was all up his back (yes he is still giggling away, it is like he knows...) So a few wipes later and a bath I had a clean smelling boy back..

That was my adventure for the day, off to feed Orion then put him to bed and start a new day tomorrow.

I'm a survivor of the blow out.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Lets talk formula's .....

Orion has been on Formula on and off from birth. He is a puker, I mean a puker when he was a few months old what went down pretty much came up (something to do with being a preemie and a valve not fully mature yet in his tummy) Then it went away for a bit, breast milk all gone so I bought formula "Parents choice" milk based with iron, then the puking started up. Kept him on it a bit longer thinking it was just the change of "milk" no change puking still happening so I tried Enfamil A+ (had a small can from the Dr) that seemed to work so off to Walmart to buy more.
I get there and noticed Enfamil had a another kind Enfamil Thickened A+ "babies who spit up" so I thought hmmm last Enfamil work this may be good too. I thought wrong the stuff is thicker that is for sure was so hard for Orion to suck out and then clumps would stick in side the nibble and block it all so I had to keep shaking it only for it to clump up and in the meanwhile Orion is getting MAD. Another Idea buy a different nipple (bigger hole) nope still clumps no matter how much and hard you shake or stir it.Dh tried a sippy cup and then well that just came out to fast for the little man and choked so I tossed that can and will just stick with the Enfamil A+ normal brand much easier for Orion to suck not to mention our ears too.


I bought a new carseat for Orion and Eddie Bauer Alpha Omega, very nice and it was on sale I came across it by luck. I went out shopping to look at carseats I was at one of the big department stores here and I saw the Eddie Bauer on the floor with a sale price on it saying $50.00 off well .... hmmmm. I could do that since I had a $100.00 gift card for that store and all I would have to pay was the difference plus tax.
Do you think I could find anyone that worked there to help me... no... so Orion & I strolled around till we did. I finally saw someone she came out from the back so I asked her if she work the dept.(she nodded yes) and if they had anymore in stock other then the floor model she said I had to check at the till, when I turned to look at the till it had a big line up and I also thought why could she not check I worked in a similar store I now it is an easy check) I looked at her and she gave me an annoyed look so I shurgged my shoulders and off to the till I went.
Standing in line and watching it get longer and then the cashier called for help, well guess who came to help her (the annoyed girl) and guess who the "annoyed girl had to help next.... ME.... lol. So I push Orion up to her and said to her well you know what I want, she sighed and said yeah (thrilled she was) then she asked what seat again I told her then she typed in the 8 digit code and out pop what stores had some and how many left. She ripped it off the till and said here these are the stores that have them left then turned her back on me.... What a little Witch, no customer service skills at all. I looked at her and said "ok, thanks I guess..."
I called one of the stores (on the paper it said they had 6 left) they said only 2 left now I asked to put one on hold I'd be there in 30minutes. I got there and the girl was so very helpful (totally opposite for the last one) she even carried the seat to my car. Anyways she said I was lucky because as she hung up from me and put the seat on hold a couple came in looking for 2.
I was ment to have this seat for Orion. The original cost of the seat was $199.99 then $50.00 off used my $100.00 gift card and paid only $60.00 and change for it, now that is a deal. Orion likes it too.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

A few things

A few nights ago dh and I were sleeping peacfully then we hear this racket come thru the baby monitor ... band bang crack then his little lullabye plays then bang bang off it goes then all is quiet .... not for long as it repeats again and again, dare I go see what the boy is up too.... .hmmm
So when he wakes in the morning guess what I see, and the racket from the night makes sense ... Orion did a 180 in his crib and he was all smilies when I got him. His feet must of been hitting the side of the crib and that is also where his lullabye thing hangs.


He slept, Orion that is for 11.5 hours...... We will see if he does it again & if he does then it may be time to put him to bed earlier.... nope did not happen woke up at 8am again, which is fine with me.


Little man is rolling from tummy to back and now he is trying to roll on to his tummy but gets frustrated because his arm (right that is) is in the way, he starts to cry whine when he is stuck, ah one day he will get it.... he is Sitting pretty good still a bit wobbley but good he lasts a minute or 2.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

He is getting it ....

Orion is mastering rolling from his tummy to his back, see it here Rolling Over

He is doing better with eating cereal, he does not gag as much. Auntie D was here and she was feeding him mushed up cheerioes and ice cream (not together), that auntie of

Today Orion almost rolled over from his back to tummy but that left arm was in the way and did he get upset about He is also starting to sit better all by his self.


My sis D was in town to meet Orion and visit with everyone else and well we messed up Orion schedual and he did really well with it. He went shopping stayed out late all with a little smile on his face. Boy was I blessed with such a good little boy.