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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A mini melt down...

DH was out he had a massage client.

All was fine then I started to try and cook supper and well that is when Orion started to freak and everything started to go down hill, I could not figure out the stupid rice cooker and messed it up burnt some of the meat (Orion still freaking)TV started to do something funky. Orion settled some and just as I was about to start to dish out my food he freaks again (this is after attempting to cook for 2hrs I am hungry and now he is head is hurting...... So I feed the boy and then I realize why I feel so emotional..... PMS! Dh comes in notices the Rice cooker is a big mess I said yes I now the stupid thing, one look at me he I told him what happened so he came and took Orion from me said go eat have your tea relax....... That was all I needed....even DH said a mommy needs a break too.

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Stephanie said...

Mommy needs a break. If I don't get a break even just a tiny one during the day, I get emotional and break down.