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Thursday, May 28, 2009

I am out numbered

another little boy was proud to show his parts today at the u/s. Dh even said a boy before the tech did she laughed and said well you have seen a few u/s I guess because that was not that obvious.

20wks 3days

20wks 3days Sucking thumb

at one point looks like we got the finger from him

20wks 3days maybe middle finger

will post more about the appointment later

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I am hurting

my hip is in pain, never seems to fail the bursitis always flares when I am preggo (it does other times to but it never seems to miss a pregnancy) so I sit here icing my hip.

As I sit here I am looking on the web and for a while now (well a couple of weeks) have been eying up a new camera bag found here Camera bag and also this one I can not decide what one I like most but I think I am leaning more towards the Jayden bag since it holds the camera aswell, now I just need to figure out what fabric I want. If only I knew how to sew but from past experiance the sewing machince and I have not got along to well

Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh and

I am 19wks today!!!!

and still no call from the Dr office...what is up with that.

I am so glad I feel this one moving around and giving me kicks often otherwise I'd be a mess.

Big u/s next week but not looking forward to how early we have to be there.

May long weekend

We went to my "parents" campsite on Sunday and on the way there this thing landed on the windshieldHere are the boys were playing with the bubbles

and a bird at the bird feeder

After I shot the bird a huge wind storm came out of nowhere. Good thing I had on a sweater because I hid the camera under it and ran to my kids since they were facing it looking at the big dust tunnel coming towards them. I huddled with the kids while mum B and dh put the onning (sp?) up so it would not get ruined or tip the trailer over it was that strong that a fellow camper came running to help them.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

a couple of things

I forgot to mention the other day.

When I was at Mother's Day supper at my sister H house, my niece T came home she was wearing shorts(it was not that nice out...teenagers I tell Lil O was looking at her funny so I asked him what was wrong...his response was with a scrunched up face and pointed to T's shorts I said those are shorts he said no I don't like them noooo.

guess he does not like


Yesterday the boys and I walked to a near by park and they were playing very nice and then this grandmom came with here to grandkids a boy about Lil O's age and a girl Ri's age, well I saw Ri was trying to go up the stairs so he go to the slide part. This little girl would not let him then she started to puch him a couple of times (this is Ri's 1st encounter with a pushy kid) well he did not like it and came crying over to me. A few minutes later Lil O was coming down the slide and the girl was at the bottom Lil O sat for a moment and she went up to him and grabbed his thigh I thought she was going to pinch him (she was) but Lil O moved his leg just before she squeezed. (that would not of been pretty) So lil O go up and moved away from her and she followed him and then she tried to push him a couple of time....Lil O looked at her and said "That is not nice little girl" then he turned and walked away from her.....that was a proud mommy moment for me since he did not push her back. that is when the grandmother started to pay attention the girl, because again she was over by the stairs and not letting the kids up....they left shortly after.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Well I finally put a call into my family Dr N this morning, since it has been 5wks from last appointment and well she said she does not know what to do with me since I am high risk (she does not want to do some unnecessary poking to me and does not know what Dr O has done to me in the past), so she said she'd call Dr S at the fertility clinic to see what is up.


It was a good thing I called the Dr.

My Family Dr called the clinic who called the high risk Dr and they Apparently did not receive my info from the clinic to set me up....Clinic called me back with a set ultrasound for May 28 at 7:45am and then the other Dr office will be calling me in a day or two with an appt with them.

If I had not called no one would of called me...I do not need a repeat of what happened with William.