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Monday, May 11, 2009


Well I finally put a call into my family Dr N this morning, since it has been 5wks from last appointment and well she said she does not know what to do with me since I am high risk (she does not want to do some unnecessary poking to me and does not know what Dr O has done to me in the past), so she said she'd call Dr S at the fertility clinic to see what is up.


It was a good thing I called the Dr.

My Family Dr called the clinic who called the high risk Dr and they Apparently did not receive my info from the clinic to set me up....Clinic called me back with a set ultrasound for May 28 at 7:45am and then the other Dr office will be calling me in a day or two with an appt with them.

If I had not called no one would of called me...I do not need a repeat of what happened with William.

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