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Friday, July 28, 2006

can't figure it our this Blog Rolling.....

I am trying to figure this out this Blog Rolling links, I can get in on to my blog here but the font size and type is just wrong and I can not figure how to change it if I can. If I can not then I guess I will have no blog rolling.......

It is bed time here, maybe that is my problem.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Zoo Day....

Singing Ape, monkey, I can not remember what it is called. But the Zoo keeper said that it normally only sings at night or 1st thing in the morning so this is a really treat

Click on the pick to see the video

Orion seemed to of had fun but he did get tired of hearing the ape singing...lo

Orion wanted to check out the pecock, we were eating lunch and it kept come near us.

Awe Sleep

Gettin out of the sun

It was a nice fun day. Orion was such a good boy. He did not see the animals unless they were moving about. We were in the Butterfly house and they were flying all over and seemed like they wanted to land on us and at one point Orion started to cry because a big blue one came at us, he grabbed on to me tight and started to shake and grunt so I figured it was time to get out of there.

Sometimes I wonder HOW???

I have so many passwords for many different sites and they are all in my head, it is funny how I can remember that but yet I can not remember where I put my car keys or grocery list and so on.....

It has been hot here, so hot where you open your windows and you get a warm breeze.... So I go looking for a fan same with everybody else here in the city. I bought 2 but when I tried them at home then did absolutely nothing unless you were sitting right in front of it, so I returned them and I am back to being fanless (if that is a word) I would really like to find the Twin window fan that either Walmart or Canadian Tire sold but they are all out and wont be getting more in so here we suffer in the hot heat..... And speaking of opening your windows well we have some lovely people thing that they will take advantage of that and break into peoples homes at night while the homeowners are asleep it has happened 5 time this past week. You just can not trust anyone anymore, so now at night I make sure I do the rounds to make sure that all window and doors are shut tight and locked.

Monday, July 24, 2006

He shakes his head (m)

Last week Orion found out that he can move his head back and forth like "NO" (I am sure he does not understand that is what it means) But it is cute to watch. You shake your head he then shakes his then I will nod and he looks at me funny but he did do it yesterday he just looks up then brings his head (well lets it drop) forward chin to chest, you think whip

And just 2 days ago he started to smack his lips together so he is constantly doing
He also is doing much better at walking while we hold onto his hands, he bings his legs right up then stamps them down all the while with a big smile on his face, he is a proud boy.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

10 months old!

OMG!!! He is almost ONE! Whaaaaaaaaaaa!

Boy oh boy do I LOVE this little guy.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My craxy cat.....

Lyric is her name and for some reason she kept putting her head in the plastice container this morning as I was feeding Orion, he was even watching her like she was



I beleive I Ovulated last night and we did BD so now we are on the 2ww.

Can only hope right?

302 days old

Orion is 302 days
Week 44 for him on this Earth.

Week 44

Not only is your baby getting into things he should not be getting into, but he is probably learning how to get out of things that you would rather him stay in. Any cabinets, drawers and doors that are not secured are fair game and you can be sure that your baby will discover them.

Many parents will begin claiming that they gave birth to a monkey as your baby starts to crawl, wiggle, and climb out of numerous situations. He may try to climb out of his crib, or scale baby gates. Diaper changes will become even more challenging because lets face it, who wants to lay there for a whole minute and do nothing? Strollers, high chairs, and baby swings will all become victim this month as well.

What Your Baby Might Be Doing

As the month goes on you will notice your baby understanding more and more of what you say. It will become clear that your baby does know what you are talking about, and he will start responding appropriately, but only when he wants too. Questions and comments like, "Are you hungry?", and "Bring me that book." will be understood and responded to by your baby.

What You Might Be Concerned About

Has your baby taken a few steps but looks a little bowlegged? If you are concerned about this, have no fear. Most babies start out bowlegged and stay that way for a couple of years. The bones are not mature enough and the muscles are just not strong enough.

Overtime your babies legs and ankles will straighten out and even up. Your baby will be running and playing like other kids and will look exactly the same. If you are concerned, be sure to ask your doctor at the baby's next visit. He will be able to judge if the extent of your baby's bowlegged ness is more than what is normal for your baby's stage of development.

So far Orion is not crawling,he rolls when he wants too. He does have fast hands tho, as I hold him and walk by things he grabs ahold of them, and the grip he gets on it too... He is stand with our help and almost getting that he needs to put on foot ahead of the other to

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Orion Dr update

from July 5th.

at 9.5months he is hanging out at the 50%

Weight~ 17lbs 3oz (7847 grams)
Height ~ 27inches (68.5cm)

Head ~ hmm i I will measure him in the morning.

Little man is now attempting to stand either hold onto us or the furniture, it is a funny sight to see with his little bottom wiggling all about looks like some funky

here he is posing for me

Friday, July 07, 2006

Thinking of my dear friend while

she is in labor about to deleiver her miracle baby boy Jacob only to have to say GoodBye to him. This hurts me on many levels, it brings back many feelings that I have tucked deep inside of me and once again they flow. I have cried for my friend Jules because I know part of what she is going thru then I cry for my Sweet little William the pain of loosing him is back and only knowning what she (Jules) is and will be going thru in the next few days, weeks even months and then when his due date arrives more tears will be shed. Dreams are lost, just taken away.................................

I have a new Flower I will be planting in my garden this year along with my Sweet Williams and lilies there will be Jacobs Ladder blooming beside them, this little miracle will be remember with my others.

Jules I am thinking of you as you wait to deleiver you precious little boy, he may even be in you arms now.