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Friday, December 24, 2010

Saturday, December 11, 2010

They could not wait

the boys were itching to hang the stocking even before I could make room for the 5th one (can you see where they hung it)

IMG_2801 stockings

Lil O with human statue

Went to the mall yesterday and we came across some human ornament statues. They move every time someone walked up to them. Lil O found this one to be pretty and wanted his photo taken with her..good thing I had the little camera with me.

The boys thought it to be pretty neat well Lil O mostly Ri did not want to get to

I was trying to get a photo of them all but ran out of batery juice and forgot to put the other batteries in the diaper bag...oops

Lil O thought this one to be very pretty
Lil O with human statue

and he liked this one too
Lil O with human statue