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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Community winter party

Braved the crispy air (-4 °C felt colder) Forced myself to go out, my goal this year is to get out more with the boys. Last year was a bust since I could not walk well because of the plantar fasciitis, now that I have the orthotics my feet are much much better but I can not go without shoes. here are photos of today:

  Citadel party boys b_02052011

Citadel party boys a_02052011

Citadel party boys_02052011

Lil O was mesmerized by the fire it was like he was in a trance lol. Got them onto the ice and at 1st Ri thought it to be fun slip sliding around till he fell back on his butt (guess he is not as padded as I thought.. :) ) 

I was dreading going but once out is was good.