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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Crochet Cozy Cover for Klean Kanteen..

I switched my son from plastic cups to the Klean Kanteen (stainless steel). I found that when I put a cold drink (water, juice) into it that it was pretty cold to hold in my hands let alone my sons so I came up with a crochet pattern and his hands are happy now.

Kanteen Cozy Cover (for 12oz kanteen)

12 oz Klean Kanteen Cover

Materials needed:
G/4.00mm hook
Bernat cotton yarn 4ply 50g
Elastic hair band.

Work in rounds.

RND 1 Ch5 join with slst to form a ring, ch3, 13 dc in ring join with slst to ch3 (13dc) ch3 turn

RND 2 dc in same st as ch3, 2 dc in each dc sp join with slst on top of ch3. ch2 turn (27dc)

RND 3 hdc in same st as ch2, hdc in each dc join with slst, ch2 turn (28 hdc)

RND 4 hdc in same st as ch2, hdc in each hdc join with slst ch2 turn (29 hdc)

RND 5 dc in next hdc sp skip next hdc sp *2dc in next hdc skip next hdc* repeat from * join with slst ch2 turn.
(NOTE: from here on you need to have 29dc/hdc/sc for each rnd to end, ch2 does not count as dc)

RND 6 dc in 1st dc *2dc in the middle of the 2dc skip next space* repeat join with slst ch 2 turn (29dc)

RND 7 dc in each space join with slst ch 2 turn (29dc)

RND 8-10 repeat RND 5, 6, 7 at end of rnd 7 ch2 turn (still should have 29dc)

RND 11 hdc in each dc join with slst ch2 turn (29hdc)

RND 12 With elastic hair band you are going to sc it into the pattern join with slst, cut and weave yarn in leave enough yarn to weave into pattern.

Should fit snugly on your 12oz Kanteen.

Pattern by Yvette
This is my pattern, please use for personal use only. Do not post to any website! You may make the item. But do not sell the pattern for any reason.

if you find a problem pls let me know. (This is the 1st pattern I have made myself). Would love to see finished products..


happy crocheting....

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Yum Yum

I made a yummy dessert, I got it off the Oprah Blueberry Oatmeal Bars
it has Spinach in it and you do not taste it at all. I had my family all try it then I told them what was in it, My sister H is the most pickiest of all she looks at it and say oh blueberry is not my favorite and we had to beg her to try just a bit well my sis J did, She took a bite and the J told her there is also spinach in it. Everyone else LOVED it.

Blueberry Oatmeal Bar

Blueberry Oatmeal Bar

once again yum yum

Monday, December 17, 2007

Another crocheted outfit made....

I made this set for a friends cousin she is having a girl. I finished the sleeves hat and booties yesterday.

Not sure if I like the yarn for this in the way the color was spread thru out.

I also made this finger/hand towel
Finger Hand Towel

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The signs for when something is bound to happen......

Well I knew someone was gonna get hurt today, I just knew it.

The beginning:

We went out for the morning because I had to get the rest of my cards and go to the post office finally sent out my cards and WOE/WCE. The line was loooong we were there for 40min the boys and I, they were great no complaints. Go to M&M's.
Arrive home and this is when it starts, Lil O became a monkey....he just had all this energy and kept falling and missing his head on things, almost into the Xmas Tree, then out of his toy bin, wipes out on the floor while running around the Island just missing the counter corner at one point I was feed Ri and Lil O somehow flew off the love seat and landed on toys then fell backwards my foot shot out just in time to save his head from a good whack to the floor (this was "sign" #4). I go to give the boys a bath and while I am doing that Ri threw up all over the change pad then Lil O slips in tub (was not standing up #5) Back downstairs to give Lil O his milk but just before that Ri threw up again. We watch Big Comfy Couch, Lil O then climbs onto my lap and starts to bounce I told him not to do so, he stops only for a moment sits on the edge of the couch chair and what happened next I do not know.... he twisted so fast and flew off the chair head 1st onto the carpet/lino divider (metal) and a car toy I grab him fast since he was freaking out and grabbing at his head. I do the check over and sure enough he cut his head, oh the tears on my boy were falling then Ri started to cry too. I put a cold compress to his head and hugged him for a bit.

I just knew his head was going to get the brunt of it that day.........

Of course I took a photo:

O OWIE Dec1307

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The boys Holiday photos

It went not to bad, I was able to get a couple of good shots in:

boys santa hats


Bottles bottle oh bottles

I just bought online some Glass baby bottles since plastic is bad read about it here
Smart Plastic Guide

They want to charge an arm and a leg here in the city for these.

I got The Evenflo Sensitive Response Clear Glass Bottle 6 of 8oz and 6 of 4oz for $30.00 and then I bought 2 12oz Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel sippy bottles for 16.95 each plus shipping. (I got these on E-bay) Now I need to find some sort of baby bottle protector so I don't break it or I will crochet one see if that will work....hmmmm

Monday, December 10, 2007

Hello Santa....

Well no screaming this year either, am I surprised YES.

We get there I sit Ri on Santa's lap 1st to have his 1st Santa photo, picked O up and backed myself to the photographer and Ri was looking around so I called his name and the photographer look at me funny and asked what is his name so I told him and he laughed and said wow that is my name in all my life I never met another. I smiled and said your the 1st one we met Photo taken so I place O on Santa's lap with Ri and waited for the scream but no O was looking at Santa tapping his head for hat and pointing at Santa's hat then looking up at the lights back at Santa then at Ri then back up finally he kind of looked at the cameras way but his eyes are looking off to the left at what I am not

Ri is getting his two front teeth for Christmas...

I see some little purls peaking thru up top...

He got both his bottom at the same time last month and now the two top are coming in together. But he is not cranky either he is just chewing on his fingers or his soother.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Christmas Tree is up

This is the earliest I have ever put it up. When the boys were napping I brought the stuff up from the basement got the tree up and the lights on and then O woke, when I brought him down he saw the lights and said Ooooooh wow and then giggled. He stood and stared for a bit then he got scared as I left the room so I took him up to the tree to "pet" it to show it is ok and a nice tree. Once it was all decorated he has not touched it, I thought he'd be all over it instead I have to watch out for the cat Stuck he goes under it to lay down or rub him self on it did I mention he is about 15lbs...

here is the tree and a couple of the new ornaments I bought this year.

Tree 2007




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