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Thursday, December 13, 2007

The signs for when something is bound to happen......

Well I knew someone was gonna get hurt today, I just knew it.

The beginning:

We went out for the morning because I had to get the rest of my cards and go to the post office finally sent out my cards and WOE/WCE. The line was loooong we were there for 40min the boys and I, they were great no complaints. Go to M&M's.
Arrive home and this is when it starts, Lil O became a monkey....he just had all this energy and kept falling and missing his head on things, almost into the Xmas Tree, then out of his toy bin, wipes out on the floor while running around the Island just missing the counter corner at one point I was feed Ri and Lil O somehow flew off the love seat and landed on toys then fell backwards my foot shot out just in time to save his head from a good whack to the floor (this was "sign" #4). I go to give the boys a bath and while I am doing that Ri threw up all over the change pad then Lil O slips in tub (was not standing up #5) Back downstairs to give Lil O his milk but just before that Ri threw up again. We watch Big Comfy Couch, Lil O then climbs onto my lap and starts to bounce I told him not to do so, he stops only for a moment sits on the edge of the couch chair and what happened next I do not know.... he twisted so fast and flew off the chair head 1st onto the carpet/lino divider (metal) and a car toy I grab him fast since he was freaking out and grabbing at his head. I do the check over and sure enough he cut his head, oh the tears on my boy were falling then Ri started to cry too. I put a cold compress to his head and hugged him for a bit.

I just knew his head was going to get the brunt of it that day.........

Of course I took a photo:

O OWIE Dec1307

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