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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Dropping pumps...

I have decided that I am going to start to cut back on my pumping my milk for Orion, it's been almost 5months of pumping and really is getting tiring. I don't get to motivated because I have to pump at least every 4 hrs for 30minutes, it's really getting in the way of things. Yes I feel guilty for wanting to stop because that will mean no more breast milk for Orion but I do have some stashed away in the freezer but that will only last a couple of weeks. I just need a break from it all before we start to TTC #2 in March or April.

Ah Mommy hood is filled with so much happiness and guilt...... lol. You feel guilty to do things for yourself now.

Next step is moving him into his own room for the night sleeps.


Tummy time it not a happy time for Orion. He screams his head off then DH says why did you put him on his tummy now he is grouchy, well if I waited till he is grouchy to do tummy time it won't happen Orion is such a happy baby and well he really needs tummy time to build up his arm strength since he has none he holds his head great but just does not push up on his arms at all.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

A good night

I am proud of Orion the only sign of him having a needle is he is not kicking his legs as much as he normally does, what a little trooper. He was smiling and laughing last night and this morning. He slept the full 8hrs last night

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Orion's 4month needle

which I forgot about thought it was on Thursday good thing I look at his calendar on the fridge because I was about to get ready for my Dentist appointment at 1:15pm and his Needle was for 1:20pm, I had to call my mum tell her I don't need her today because I screwed up then called the dentist and rescheduled.

Arrived at the Clinic ten after 1 let them know that I or shall I say Orion was here they sent me to the back to dress him down to his diaper (which Orion was not impressed b/c I had to wake him up) The nurse comes and calls out his name get him to the weigh scale have to take his diaper off (and I pray he does not pee) he weighed in at 11lbs 13oz put his diaper back on (he did not pee, whew) lay him on the measuring table I have to hold his he against the top board so the nurse can straighten out his legs to get a good measure which was 23 1/2cm. Put his top back on and go into room #1 we sit down the nurse asks a few questions and if I had any, Orion at this point was babbling and laughing away he was even watching the nurse take out the needles getting them ready.

I cradle Orion in my arms get him ready the nurse comes over and I watch that needle enter my sons flesh (as I am watching I am thinking to myself that the needle itself looks to big to put in his leg) he flinches and cries, she then gets the next needle does that real quick then I have to turn Orion around for her to jab into his other leg when I really wanted to comfort him but the nurse made sense get the last one done before we settle him down. When she was done I hugged my boy close while he whimpered when I turned him to face the nurse he turned his head away from her so she tried to look at him and again he turned his head away from her, guess he wanted nothing to do with her

He settled down pretty quick, we go back out to the waiting room I dress him back up sit down and wait the required15min so I feed the boy make him happy. As I was feeding Orion I heard another little wailing cry come from room #2 and it was loud that little baby was NOT happy, when the door opened that mommy and baby came out I could tell the mommy cried too so I smile at her. She later asked me how old Orion was because she was next in line to be weighed after he was done and she thought I said he was 4m old and that her Daughter was 2m old and weighed exactly the same as Orion and she was thinking I told her technically he is 2 1/2 months old so your DD is doing good.

I hope the night goes well and my little boy stays happy.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Shake shake shake

shake that rattle.....

Orion holds a rattle, mind you I have to give it to him but he does open his hand then clasps it, He then shakes it then laughs then shakes it again hits his head with it looks startled then tries to shove it in his mouth.

The other morning I introduced Orion to baby rice cereal just to see what he'd do, well he tried to suck it off the then it went all over his little chin... messy messy boy, I put the rest in his bottle since it was quiet runny and he ate the rest well gobbled it up.

well he is hungy yet again time to feed...

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Orion's 4 months check up

Orion had a Dr appt today.

his 4 month check up
Weight is 11 lbs 5 oz
Lenght 24 inches
Head cir is 17 inches

he was a laughing at the Dr so she was laughing back at him.
She said not to worry that he is not pushing up on his arms yet.
She said that he is using his chest to lift his head while on his tummy but his arms are going to the right position he just does not push up. She is impressed with the way he controls his head tho.

Then we went hunting for a jolly jumper one that has a stand since we do not have door frames in our house, do you think I could find one anywhere NO Toy R Us said to call them next week they should be getting some in.

That is it from here.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

GooGooo Ga ga.....

I remember my DH saying that it annoyed him when people would talk to their babies in that high pitched baby voice, well now who is doing I just sit back a smile as I watch as our little boy turns my big man into a googoo gaga high pitched talking man... oh the smile to my face.

It is amazing how this one little person can change your way of thinking, the way we do things, they way we see things, how we see things that we forgot that were there and how we get back to being a kid ourselves again, all this from one little being that came into this world only weighing 4 pounds 3.5 ounces

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Tongue sucker....

This is what Orion does just before he falls asleep, he rubs his head and sucks his tongue sometimes his arm (which leaves a big wet spot on his clothes), you try to give him the soother he just spits it out and continues with just the tongue

and here he is sleeping with his eyes open

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year

Ahhhh What are my goals for this year.......

To be a good wife, mommy , sister and friend.

Where did 2005 go? It flew by so fast maybe because I was preoccupied with my pg (pregnancy) .

We went to my BIL brothers house for New Years. I really did not feel like going out that night but DH said yes that we'd go, it's a pain to go places right now since I pump my milk for Orion (he does not breastfeed from me) so I have to lug around my pump, baby diaper bag and my sweet little boy and if I don't bring the pump or don't pump within 4hrs my little breast become little ROCKS sometimes they get so hard it feel like the move up my chest (the swelling) it is uncomfortable, when who had babies will now this men well men will never know or yet understand my dh does not really get the full picture even though he did see me bawl my eyes out a few days after I had Orion because my breast were so hard and so so red and sore.
Anyways once we got there it was fine I was able to pump in their bedroom.
Orion was a very good boy did not cry until I got him ready to leave.

We got home around 2am I skipped a pumped and DH feed Orion got to bed around 2:30am, Orion woke at 6:30am and my breast were hurting so bad they were so hard felt like they were in my neck I contemplated
on waking DH to feed Orion so I could pump, but I managed to put Orion in his little vibrating chair feed him the bottle while I positioned myself on the floor beside him and pumped... talk about multi tasking. When DH whole at 10am I told him that I was tempted to wake him and why all he said was I would of been upset if you did I finally got over 8hrs sleep...(what the&#^$%) is all I thought, he get almost 7hrs every night while I get between 4 or 5 hrs on a good night....hmmmmm