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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Orion's 4month needle

which I forgot about thought it was on Thursday good thing I look at his calendar on the fridge because I was about to get ready for my Dentist appointment at 1:15pm and his Needle was for 1:20pm, I had to call my mum tell her I don't need her today because I screwed up then called the dentist and rescheduled.

Arrived at the Clinic ten after 1 let them know that I or shall I say Orion was here they sent me to the back to dress him down to his diaper (which Orion was not impressed b/c I had to wake him up) The nurse comes and calls out his name get him to the weigh scale have to take his diaper off (and I pray he does not pee) he weighed in at 11lbs 13oz put his diaper back on (he did not pee, whew) lay him on the measuring table I have to hold his he against the top board so the nurse can straighten out his legs to get a good measure which was 23 1/2cm. Put his top back on and go into room #1 we sit down the nurse asks a few questions and if I had any, Orion at this point was babbling and laughing away he was even watching the nurse take out the needles getting them ready.

I cradle Orion in my arms get him ready the nurse comes over and I watch that needle enter my sons flesh (as I am watching I am thinking to myself that the needle itself looks to big to put in his leg) he flinches and cries, she then gets the next needle does that real quick then I have to turn Orion around for her to jab into his other leg when I really wanted to comfort him but the nurse made sense get the last one done before we settle him down. When she was done I hugged my boy close while he whimpered when I turned him to face the nurse he turned his head away from her so she tried to look at him and again he turned his head away from her, guess he wanted nothing to do with her

He settled down pretty quick, we go back out to the waiting room I dress him back up sit down and wait the required15min so I feed the boy make him happy. As I was feeding Orion I heard another little wailing cry come from room #2 and it was loud that little baby was NOT happy, when the door opened that mommy and baby came out I could tell the mommy cried too so I smile at her. She later asked me how old Orion was because she was next in line to be weighed after he was done and she thought I said he was 4m old and that her Daughter was 2m old and weighed exactly the same as Orion and she was thinking I told her technically he is 2 1/2 months old so your DD is doing good.

I hope the night goes well and my little boy stays happy.

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