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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Time out!

Is that not how it is suppose to go? I was out at a kid store the other day and this little boy was causing havoc and his mom kept saying M that is not nice, M don't do that, M get back here... then I heard her say M that is ONE (M ignored her) she then said M I said ONE (pause) Ok M ONE!
I thought should that last ONE not be THREE?? No wonder the boy M was not listening, mummy was not following the counting technique right.

Well when Orion and I left the store I bent down to him and said your were such a good boy in the store Orion mummy is proud of you. He smiled and pointed towards the sky to a plane saying Daddeeee.

Seeing what happened in the store I thought that I had better praise my boy for the good, because it did make me realise that I need to tell him more often that mommy is proud of him when he is good and that I did notice.

This is what I have read and heard you should do:
Give verbal warnings first (if possible): Verbal warnings allow the child to make choices about their behaviour and learn to change behaviour before the discipline is required.
One good technique for verbal warnings is Counting to Three: When a child is doing something wrong you say, "That's One". Then wait a few seconds. If they are still doing the unacceptable behaviour say, "That's Two". Wait a few more seconds and say "That's Three, Time Out. [Explain reason for Time-out here]". Then you escort them to the Time-out area.

Then Today I was out with my mum at the mall (My dentist) and we sat to have a bite to eat and just before we were to get up to leave I noticed this little boy sitting on the ground (pouting) I looked to see where his mom was she was sitting at a chair just a few steps away from him. She called to him and he did not listen so I heard her say ONE...... he still did not respond to her then she said TWO.... (I thought oh here we go, I wanted to see what happened... I am looking for tips) then she said that's 2 and a half....what??? once again where is THREE. So my mum and I left and that little boy was still on the ground just in a different spot.....

By all means I am not the perfect parent no one is, but seeing what others do does help me in learning what to do....... and in my learning and watching a parent needs to follow thru... to get the full effect of discipline.

I just have to remember that I have to follow thru and no empty or foolish threats.

Oh and another thing in the news I heard of a lady that left her 4 yr old in the car so she could run to the bank machine, she left the car unlocked and running....... she came back out and it was gone STOLEN with her son in the back seat. The police later found it in a near buy parking lot with the boy safe inside (thank the heavens) they think that the thief saw the boy in the back seat parked it and high tailed it out of there.
This mother was VERY lucky that nothing happened to her son.

Yes it is tempting to think you could run in and out of a store really fast and leave your kid/s in the car, but come on you have to use common sense and do your best at preventing anything bad that can happen to your kid/s and leaving them in the car alone unattended is unacceptable and can lead to disaster.

OK I am done... for now.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ah there is an end in sight....

This cold hit me hard, I can just imagine what Orion felt when he had it and no wonder he just clung to me like he did. I wanted my mummy (but I held back on calling it pride). Good thing I have such a good little boy because he was not very demanding while I layed on the couch, floor or were ever else I just sat and vegged My nose is still stuffed up (it is amazing how much can come out of your nose..sorry TMI) My face is raw from blowing and my eyes watering.

The first bad night when DH got home from work I asked him if he was home for good, he looked at me and said yes... oh the relief I had tears in my eyes... he then sent me to bed.

My mum and sister J came buy yesterday (Fri) and did a big clean up for me, but before the started I was told to go have a nap and I was not aloud to leave my bedroom for at least I slept for 2hrs. I so needed that because I only got 3hrs of sleep the night before because my body felt so restless that I could not sleep.

Anyways I or we all are on the mend now DH is all better Orion is sleeping better now no more bad cough for him while sleeping and me just stuffed up....

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Rilon's Ultrasound photos and update

Went for the 26week u/s cervix check today.

When we got into the u/s room the tech introduced us to the Dr that was in traing to do u/s, I laughed and said a Dr in trainging...

Everything is measuring great, cervix is 3.2cm long and closed. Rilon is right on target 26w (25w3d via u/s's)
he weighs about 970 gram = 2.138 483 943 lb
they said Rilon was the perfect baby for a newbie to learn on.

She got a really good face shot of him it looks 3dish almost, everyone in the room went whooo look at him when they saw it on the screen...
looks like another one with Orson's nose

(Click on photos to see bigger)

Rilon's Profile

Cervix and foot
The tech looked at me funny and said "Really?" when I asked to have a cervix pic to.

I go back for another u/s in 2weeks (Feb 8th). I had 3 tummy hardenings while we were having the scan done and did I ever get lopsided.

All is looking good.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

There are some very special people out in this world ....

I never would on found them if it were not for "Cyber space", They did not have to do this but yet they chose to. Out of these women I have met only one of them... I feel close to these women, we all share a special bond (babies in heaven)

I received a gift from them to help me (since I have been told to take it easy) I will use that gift for grocery deleivery, have someone do the shopping for me and bring it to my house.

Thank you ladies you are the best, I am so glad to be a part of the Sista hood.

Well the sickies have left my DH an Orion

but I think they may be on there way to me my throat is sore.....

I really tried to say away from dh, but I guess it does not help when he sleeps in the same bed and coughs your way in his sleep. It is no fair he can sleep 4 different way while I am stuck with just on my left side, I am not to lay on my back (even tho I do sometimes) I can not lay on my tummy and it is way to uncomfortable to lay on my right side (I try but can only handle it so long) it feels like Rilon is trying to fall to the right but he can't because he is all left I guess the uterus does not flop So I guess what I am saying is DH has 4 ways to sleep and yet he seems to face my way....hmmmm.


I did take Orion to the Dr on Thursday and he has a upper respiratory infections (a cold) nothing I can give him other the baby Tylenol to make him more comfy. Would you not know it tho he started to feel much better after the Dr appointment. He was good he let her check him out he just did not like her looking down his throat and he gagged and then cried...


You know I love my DH very much but I don't like him home all day for


My mum and sis H came and did some house cleaning for me the other day too, still feels werid when they ask "what do you want us to do? or Where shall we start? My responsed was I don't know vaccum I guess. then they just took over from

Monday, January 15, 2007

My poor little boy

He is now fighting a bad cold. His nose is so runny his eyes are droopy and I think his head hurts buy the way he keeps grabbing at it.He is also very clingy to me, I am not getting much done but that is ok my boy wants his mommy.
Now daddy has the cold(grown men and colds....oh boy) please don't let it find me, I am washing my hands constantly.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Here is something new I tried

With a photo I took:
here is the original

And after:

I am now addicted to playing with something else on my PCS2...(it never ends...)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

24 week 1 day belly photos

and loppy was not so loppy when I went to take the photo, he must of flattened out:

All is going well, so far. Rilon is very active it amazes me.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Back from Dr.... update and some ...

24weeks (23w3d as per u/s)

As you know it once again I hit every red light to get there (it is a 25min drive to get to the Dr)
And when I finally do arrive do you think I could find a parking spot, ofcourse not because my badder is FULL. So I had to drive over to the over flow parking which is about a 4min walk to the Dr office (which is fine but not on a FULL bladder) I ended up being 25minutes late for the appointment, they did not seem to care and not to mention I always have to wait about that long or even longer so see him Dr O that is.

Anyways on to the appointment:
Urine is Normal
Weight is 58.0kg (127.6 lbs)
b/p is 111/73

Rilon's heart rate was 143bmp
Dr asked about my tighting and said not to puch myself. He asked me Orion's name again and then he said spelled like O-r-i-o-n not O-r-y-a-n? I said that is right. He then said just like the constilation and started to name them all off to me, then he asked what this next ones name will be I said Rilon, he then said what not another constilaion as he lol.

So I see him in 3weeks time Feb 1st, next u/s is Jan 23rd.
Go for the Gestational test sometime after Jan 26, guess I will go on the Monday 29th.


*Thanks for the posts and emails regarding my other post below, I was having an emotional PG day but I am feeling better now. My mum and sister J came over on the 6th did some cleaning for me, which I really appreciate. I think my other sis H said she was coming over on Monday. I just have to learn to let go.....


Had my IVIG on Monday, I pretty much had the room to myself for most of it (sits 4 chairs) A lady came being pushed in a wheelchair by her friend, she came in for Chemo treatment, well one of them reaked of cig smoke Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting.

All was fine till the end of my IV just as it finished and she started the finishing solution my vain popped it made me jump, it hurt so I now have a nice little bruise on my left hand and it is tender to the touch, oh well small price to pay for a healthy baby...


I was having a shower lastnight and I was planing on shaving (to look "Pretty" for the dr appointment) and would you know it as I opend the shampoo bottle it squirts some soap my way & bang right into my right eye, it was a delayed reaction then I was blinded by the soap. My eyes would not open. I finished what I could (no shaving) with my eyes shut tight. Get out of the shower feel around for my towel dry myself off feel around for my house coat. I then try and work on my eye took about 10min to get it opened a crack. DH came up and said use my eye drops for my contacts for redness, he was laughing at me the way I was trying to put the drop in he then said let me do it... um no I said that would be worse (which brang me back to a kid when my mum would try and put drops in my eyes, I just do not like the so I finally managed to get a drop in and it stung. crawled into bed and when I woke my evey was crusty but I was able to open it, it is still red and sore so I got some other drops after my Dr appt that I seemed to get in much easier without my dh standing over me watching and laughing...

Why is it that soap only went into my right eye but yet both shut tight and would not open?? And then your nose starts to go crazy when something is up with the eyes, why is that??

Oh and one day lastweek:

I was getting ready to go out to the store and Orion was crawling around the master bedroom and dh was upstairs too, he said he was going to go down and have something to eat so I asked him to take Orion downstairs with him. Dh said but I am going to make something to eat, I said "SO". But Orion will be crawling around I said "Yes he will" Then he was trying to come up with another reason and I jsut looked at him then we laughed because that is when he realised that this is what i do everyday with the boy so he can manage it too.... so he laughed and said "I say no more"

There is my long winded update, and I prbably forgot to mention something.......

Finally here is Rilon's U/S photo

taken at 23w2d They are not the greatest photos because he was always (something telling me he is going to be harder to take a photo


Looking at us
(the Alien shot is what we call this one)

I will post more later I am off to the Dr right now... for my check up.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

I did not mention that at my u/s they said it was

time for me to start to get help...... They want me to not lift Orion as much (kind of hard when he is still not quiet walking yet) and that I should have someone come in at least every other day to give me a rest...... This is because of my history and my tummy harding I have been getting lately.

I hate to disrupt other peoples lives to "help" me when I still feel able to do it all, but I understand why I need to start to take it easy.
It is just that my family lives pretty much on the other side of town, my mum does not like to drive in the winter and plus B does not like her to drive alone or even in the dark, my sisters have there own families to look after and yet they are all so willing to drop whatever to help me, to help my babies. I have been kindof an emtionial mess since the u/s (that I have hidding from family and DH) Seeing my unborn son so alive on the monitor and knowing that it can just change in the blink of an eye. I have been and try to go on as a "normal" pg but in reality this is not a "normal" pg I am highrisk not to mention my body fights off my pg's. My babies ahve to be and are fighters right from implantation "conception" I just hope and pray Rilon stays put till 28weeks and then we will take it from there...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Thursday, January 04, 2007

U/S update, I am 3cm long...

my cervix measurement that is.. and is still closed.

When I told them of my tighten they were concerned some. DH asked what are Braxton Hicks exactly they said pretty much contractions and in your case they will not be taken to lightly.
Rilon was once again a very active boy during it and very proud to say the least at showing his boy parts off, he is following the steps of his big bro in the

The Dr at the u/s clinic said he wants to see me again in 2 to 3weeks so I am scheduled for
Jan 23 at 1pm. I see the High risk Dr O on Jan Tues the 9th.

So far so good other then the BH happening.

Orion kept pointing at the screen and laughing, so it starts early the teasing

They would not let DH take a video from his camera phone which is werid because last time they let us use the digital camera and video it... just have to be sneaking next time.

I will re-take the pic tonight an post them.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Go for U/S tomorrow morning...

23w 1d

hoping to see a closed and long cervix

In reality I could have a baby in 10weeks hoping for at least 12 to 13weeks. I also noticed that after this months IVIG I only have one more (goes till 28weeks), and when I was pg with Orion on my last IVIG (29weeks)it was exactly one month to the day that I had him.

I have been feeling a lot of tighten and pressure today (more then normal), is that what braxton hicks is like? Rilon has been active today as well. I am also getting very uncomfortable now, this boy is really on the left I have to sit leaning to the right so I can stretch m left side to be comfy, he sticks out more on my left side it seems more then what Orion did.

Where did the time fly too, having Orion is truly a blessing he has kept me busy.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Guess who took his 1st STEP.....

1year 3m 2w 6d

I was playing with Orion this morning getting him to stand and not expecting him to take that step, he surprised me. He did it a couple of more times and even for daddy..... YEAH!

He also has had more teeth come in on top, here is his teeth count so far: