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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Go for U/S tomorrow morning...

23w 1d

hoping to see a closed and long cervix

In reality I could have a baby in 10weeks hoping for at least 12 to 13weeks. I also noticed that after this months IVIG I only have one more (goes till 28weeks), and when I was pg with Orion on my last IVIG (29weeks)it was exactly one month to the day that I had him.

I have been feeling a lot of tighten and pressure today (more then normal), is that what braxton hicks is like? Rilon has been active today as well. I am also getting very uncomfortable now, this boy is really on the left I have to sit leaning to the right so I can stretch m left side to be comfy, he sticks out more on my left side it seems more then what Orion did.

Where did the time fly too, having Orion is truly a blessing he has kept me busy.

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