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Monday, January 15, 2007

My poor little boy

He is now fighting a bad cold. His nose is so runny his eyes are droopy and I think his head hurts buy the way he keeps grabbing at it.He is also very clingy to me, I am not getting much done but that is ok my boy wants his mommy.
Now daddy has the cold(grown men and colds....oh boy) please don't let it find me, I am washing my hands constantly.


Gisele said...

Oh poor kid. You might want to check if he has an ear infection, so common with colds and worth a look if he is grabbing his head. Yup men with colds (or anything else) are so pathetic...

Lynanne said...

Poor lil' guy! I hope he feels better soon! And your husband too, of course.

Colds during pregnancy are the worst. I hope you stay healthy!!