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Thursday, January 31, 2008

I am amazed I am not full of HOLES

The Fertility Clinic called and Dr S wants me to do yet another day 3 blood test(Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)) she is not liking my numbers on the last two. I wonder what is my body up to now...

You know trying for a baby is truly a journey in its self and I if I have a DD I sure hope she does not have to go thru all this......I can only hope right. Atleast she will have mommy's history of it all.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


New gear for my Canon......I am getting the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II, Canon EF 75-300mm F4-5.6 III USM

I am also getting an Epson Stylus Photo R1400(wide format Printer) and I just got a new tripod off ebay.

My dh is a sweet sweet man....He told me to get them all now because he saw me debating what to get He also said this is my b-day last x-mas and this x-mass gifts...I am so fine with that...Have to remember that we also just bought a new mini van 2005 Grand Caravan SXI so I have got a lot in the last 6months.

Hoping to get them all TOMORROW!
Photobucket Photobucket

We are in the deep freeze here....brrrrr

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hello O

I think I am going to O tonight I have been achy on my Right (wrong side, not that that matters)

But I am in a tough spot because if we bd tonight and get pg then I most likely will have the baby in early August and well I am to be a maid of honor in my friends wedding Aug 9th and well I can not walk down the aisle and have my water break....or during the ceremony or photos...would that not be a sight to see...not.

dammed if I do dammed if I don't...hmmmm

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Look Who's 10 months

He is growing like a weed. Weighs about 20lbs and 28 inches long. Ri sits but still topples over. He rolls all over but still not getting up on he hands and knees. Has said mama and dada, also copys sounds he hears. Four teeth in total 2 on top 2 on the bottom. He has been sleeping 8 to 8.5 hrs a night (has been for a couple of months) The temper this little boy shows when he can not reach what he wants or when big bro takes a toy from him, his plants his feet on the ground and he lifts his butt up and down while screaming....quick temper, what am I in for.

(I am still trying to master the white background)

Ri loves food, when he sees mommy getting his dish or bottle he lets me know that he sees it wants it NOW. He still eats the mushed up food he is slowing getting the hang of bigger chunks not so much gagging going on Loves to munch on the baby mum mums.

My boy is grown so fast and it is so neat to see Ri and Lil O interact with one another...Big Bro is getting a little moody though.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

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IV hurt....

Went for my 3rd IVIG treatment and the nurse the put it it HURT (well pinched more then normal) so I new my arm was going to be sore later.

IV was start I was enjoy my quiet time and then 2 other patients came in. One lady I remembered from last yr she was in (still is) in the process of adopting a baby she is hoping for a newborn the other lady I have not seen before came in with her niece whom had a video (Journalism student) she was doing a document on her aunt to bring awareness to the cost of some of these different treatments. Thru out the interview I heard the aunt say how much her treatment cost and this is no lie.... for one month (2 treatments in that month) cost her out of her pocket just over $36,000 for 1year it is just over $400,000. She and her family had to sell there farm amongst other things to pay for the one year she is now alost out of funds and these treatment is not covered for her. Once again this is were things become unfair because her illness was not something she brought on herself and there is a treatment that is helping her live and yet they will not cover her cost of treatment.

And then you have people going out getting their breast enlarged or a face lift for there own satisfaction and this is covered....something is wrong here.

The treatment I am on for 10months can cost up to $90,000 like I said it is only still a trial here and this is the only province that you don't have to pay for it yet.

When my IV was done they took out the IV it hurt and bled a bit longer then normal and my hand is all bruised. This morning my veins are very very sore.

Friday, January 11, 2008

IVIG room

This is it, this is where I go once a month for my Treatment while TTC and PG.
The photos are from my cell because I forgot to bring my camera with me. I took these at my last treatment.


this is where I usually sit:

The small bag with the green clamp on it is the IVIG the other is just salin (I think) The small the bag the more expensive it gets is what I was told.

and of course the IV in my hand

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I am loosing it....

and here is why. We are TTC#3 and can I remember to take any pill that I am suppose to.....Why am I forgetting? AF has arrived and I have to refill my clomid prescription I called the pharmacy so they would have it ready when I came into Walmart. I went to Walmart got some stuff that I needed walked around a bit paid for everything and go home. Well I forgot about the clomid till a friend said something that trigged my memory and that I was on day 3 which is when I am to start the clomid and I forgot to get it while at the store and that was the main reason why I was there.....(slap me on the forehead) I hung up from my friend called Walmart they were open till 9pm. I pack up the boys again get the and pick up the clomid (60$ for ten little pills). I get back home get the boys ready for bed dh comes home we get to chatting and he reads Lil O his bedtime story. I then tidy up the house have something to eat (9pm) put some laundry away then I get on the computer to edit some photos, I go to bed a 12:30am.

Wake in the morning and what do I realize...I FORGOT TO TAKE THE PILLS....Arrrrrrg!

I go for my 3rd IVIG on monday and then we stop till I become pg hopefully in the next month or two I don't want to have the IVIG to spread out.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year

I hope it was a safe one for all.

We ended up going to my sister J for dinner, did not plan on staying to later. Well Dh got to watching movies and me, my sister, mum and my nephew's girlfriend and my nephews went downstairs to play Wii. What a great game/s we did dancing,which I sucked at 1st then got use to it and started to beat everyone so we played some sports and we were all laughing and having a great time. Lil O was running around full of giggles Ri was up in daddy's arms sleeping it was after 10pm. Well we got home at Lil O did great was not cranky at all but he did fall asleep on Gramma at around 1:30am while my sis and I played the wii.

It was a fun night. I did bring my camera but forgot all about taking photos as we got into the games.

My New Years Resolution is to get outside more with the boys this year and stop being such a HERMIT. Take more photos, have FUN.

Christams photos .... finally..

Lil O was good this year as he new how to open gifts, he was all for He still does not get the Idea of Christmas, I don't make a big deal out of it I have not said anything about Santa other then getting photos with the big guy. I don't want him to start to think that it is all about Santa and GIFTS. I really did not spen much this year either for the boys infact a few of the stuff was given to me for them so I saved them for xmas, the boys don't know any better...right..

Lil O

Lil O


More photos here ---> Christmas 2007 photos