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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Here we go again

head bumps that is...Ri has finally started to pull himself up on things and well his balance is still not the greatest. I have being hearing thumps then a pause and a cry a lot in the last couple of days. Lil O has even started to try and protect his brother from falling, as soon as Ri has pulled himself up Lil O is right behind him with is hands out to catch him if he falls (I need to get a shot of I have a video of Ri pulling himself up just need to upload it (with the many others that I am falling behind on)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Just when I thought I would not

spend more money, dh comes along and says that one of his clients wants to know if I would take photos of the houses she is selling (she is a real estate agent). I then tell dh that I do not have the proper lens for that, he said go buy it. I said it is a $600.00 or more for this lens, his response.....Well she says she has lots of houses for sell and knows others that may be interested too so buy it...

two things:

This scares me (not so much not that I have had time to think about I just get nervous when I go to take photos for people I do not

Spending so much on a lens is well scary and that is really not to expensive either....

I am going to Bite the bullet I will go buy it today since it looks like I will be taking photos of a house on Monday...YIKES!

I sure hope I get the number of houses to pay for this lens

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Well she is back

AF was trying to break through hard this morning but I beat her with a dose of Midol....take that you witch!

This was my 5th month, last dose of clomid for a couple of months. DH and I really need to time things better we have been OFF in the bd department, we NEED to get back in the grove of things.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Updating blog...New template

I decided to finally switch over to the beta I found a site with free templates (because I like the 3 colums) here is the site feel free to check it out Blogger Templates
I did come across other sites but this one was easy.

so bare with me as I have to reload all my friends and other stuff.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Nipple be gone.....snip

One way to stop your toddler from using this

is to do this

I sniped the nipple head off in front of Lil O. He look a bit confused at first then I gave him his milk with the sippy spout, his brow scrunched up and looked at me and said nooooo I said yesssss so drink your milk I put it on the counter and went to give Ri his milk. Lil O took his milk sat in his chair gave me one last look and leaned back and drank his milk..... I was impressed.....ok shocked. The last time I tried to have him not use his nipple (I did not snip the top off) he just flat out refused to drink. It has been 1week now and he has not looked back.

Now he is on this

Now on to potty training....any tips?

Yeah April............

From having no snow on the ground 2days ago and near 20c, yesterday it started to snow and is now -11c (12f) I am tired of the snow. Yup it is April.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Disapointed....& when will I learn....

I have ask someone to go with me to swim with the boys every Wed. morning at 10:30am for 45min to 1hr because Lil O needed to get use to the water (he freaks at swimming lessons, so I thought get him use to the pool and go thru some of the lessons with him) well that person said yes and well out of the 5times this person has only gone with me once the 1st time since then has always had something else to do, so much for the commitment to me and the boys. When they canceled on me last week they promised to come this week and the following. It is Wednesday today and I am going alone with just the boys because they have plans again......guess they forgot the promise, it really disappoints me and then I get upset with myself because I really should know better then to rely on someone else. I understand thing pop up and you need to deal with it but every Wednesday? Why can you not pay bills or go shopping another day last time I checked there was 7 days in a week.

Just getting a little vent out.

Off to swimming I go.

Monday, April 14, 2008

My new best friend....

is this:
and not for what your thinking........... it is for my camera, I posted on the photography board that I am on at 2Peas about having some dust or hair or something in my camera not lens and one mentions a Rocket Blower (I have never heard off) and then another mentioned that she heard of others using the snot nose thingies. So I hunted mine down, I never used it on my boys so why not try it right? Well I am doing the jiggy here because it worked AWESOME! Saves me from sending my camera in for cleaning and me having to part with it.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Boys went to swimming lessons again

and again Lil O cried or said NO to anything the instructor wanted him to do and just clung on to me. Before we got into the water she had us put lifejackets on the kids and as soon as Lil O's was on he started to cry (yeah it was cold an wet, I will give him that) but as we walked into the water he cried and then the instructor want them to float on front for a little bet, he had nothing I SAY nothing to do with it just cried and screamed nooooooo. So fine I just let him stand an watch the other kids do it (hoping he'd then try...NOT) Now we move into the deeper part of the pool and again we needed to practice floating, well again Lil O would not try....mommy is getting frustrated at this point and trying not to show it... Later the instructor came up and said maybe he is just not a water baby or even sometimes if he was ever scared in the water that it put the fear into him. I said well nothing has ever scared him in the water and when he is not in class he is fine he will blow bubble float on front and back but for some odd reason he wants nothing to do with the swimming lessons...

When we were done DH was sitting waiting for Ri's lessons to start (same instructor) so I told him that next week he takes lil O in and maybe, hopefully he will do better and not have mommy to cling to.

I will post some photos of Ri up in a bit.

Afterwards as Lil O and I were waiting for Daddy and Ri to change he was playing on some rocks they have indoors and kept telling me click cheese basically telling me to take photos of I shot away.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Owie owie owie.....

Why does it have to hurt so much..... I am O'ing and it started when I went to bed last night and I tell you I got no sleep, yes I could take something but that can affect the whole fertilization thing so I suffered.

Also I do not know why but the back of my neck and my jaw are very sore, I open my mouth and it hurts my neck????

OH OH OH and I received my Speedlite yesterday and waiting for the batteries to charge was like forever..... and I have not really had a chance to play with it yet...

It is snowing today surprise caused lots of accident this morning then it stopped warmed up and melted the snow and guess what It is SNOWING yet again.

Friday, April 04, 2008

More money spent.....

I bought a Speedlite/external flash for my camera and some extension tubes plus a white balance filter cap these things are not to cheap I tell ya. Now waiting is the hard part I am a little girl in the candy shop with all this camera stuff around

Good thing DH supports my addition.............

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Foot + Nose =

Yup Ri's 1st bloody nose all thanks to Big Bro, not intentionally they were both on the floor and legs were going crazy and well Lil O lost control.....Ri got the brunt of it.

He was back to all smiles a few minutes later.