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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Disapointed....& when will I learn....

I have ask someone to go with me to swim with the boys every Wed. morning at 10:30am for 45min to 1hr because Lil O needed to get use to the water (he freaks at swimming lessons, so I thought get him use to the pool and go thru some of the lessons with him) well that person said yes and well out of the 5times this person has only gone with me once the 1st time since then has always had something else to do, so much for the commitment to me and the boys. When they canceled on me last week they promised to come this week and the following. It is Wednesday today and I am going alone with just the boys because they have plans again......guess they forgot the promise, it really disappoints me and then I get upset with myself because I really should know better then to rely on someone else. I understand thing pop up and you need to deal with it but every Wednesday? Why can you not pay bills or go shopping another day last time I checked there was 7 days in a week.

Just getting a little vent out.

Off to swimming I go.

1 comment:

sara said...

Thanks for the kind always makes me feel better! Sorry about the swimming buddy being a no show. It's frustrating when people aren't reliable. But I hope the swimming helps the little one be okay with his lessons, feel free to vent anytime!