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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Where have you been????

create your own visited states map
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Ofcourse I have been across Canada, traveled to The Carribean with a quick stop in at Puerto Rico which I would LOVE to go visit one day.

Got this off of Jules blog

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Xmas 2006

We had a great Chrsitmas this year.

Orion seemed to not notice he sat on Santa's lap for his photo, he was more interested in the lights as you see him pointing to them:

And a few of Christmas morning, my mum and stepdad stayed the night. Orion still not to sure what it is all about, I am also glad he was spoiled for xmas this year either. He only got a few gifts no one went crazy on him, which makes me happy because it is not about the gifts.

Here are a few photos: (click on picture to see bigger)

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

My teary eyed DH

DH finally saw the video I did for William.

When I showed him I kind of stood back, but as it started my dh look back at me and pulled me too him to sit on his lap, tears fell down my face as I watched it agian (I was doing fine before but as I watched it with him it was different) My Dh was taken back with it as the tears filled his eyes too. When it was done he went back to the photo of William and said you just wonder what he would of been like..... then he looked at me and said well done, and I think I will be messed for the rest of the night (not in a bad way)

Thursday, December 21, 2006

William's Dance

In memory of our little boy born too soon at 19weeks, 3 years ago today.....

Click on photo to see the video:

or click here:

William's Dance

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I think I was giving a sign that all is going to be ok....

that all is going to be ok..because last night or early this morning Orion was laughing/giggling in his sleep and just as he was finished Rilon woke and was rolling and kicking my insides pretty good and when I looked at the time and it said 4am, that is when I thought of my William because you see 3yrs ago today early in the wee morning at 4am my water broke with him.....

That is why I feel I was giving a sign that all is fine, my babies are my little miracles One is here and the other is working on getting here safe..

I needed that sign............... thank you

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Family Photo for the year...

Here is the Christmas Pic I took with our Santa hats on, I sprung the hats on DH so he had no choice to wear (Orion looks like he is up to something)

And here is the Family photo, I will say that Orion did good in 98% of the photos. I guess it is a good thing that I have the camera in his face a

Thursday, December 14, 2006


got the Christmas tree up. I would of liked it up earlier but what can I do, I can not go and pull out all the ornaments and the tree because DH piled up to much stuff in front of my Xmas stuff and being pg I can not get to and well DH is just to busy right now so my mum and sis J came over today to help out. Got to love family, always there for you..... Tree is up still standing Orion has had no interest in it just yet, I am not making it a big deal for him that he'd want to touch so hopefully that works.

Taking Orion to see Santa tomorrow we will see how that goes, will he be smiling in the picture or screaming his head off at Santa to let him (a photo will follow tomorrow.

Also took photos of my mum and papa bear (
B) and they took a couple with Orion turned out cute here is a pic:

one with mommy and daddy will follow soon.......

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dr Update

20 weeks

Dr appointment went great, other then waiting 1hr to see the Dr. Good thing I put more then enough money in the parking meter.

As Orion and I were in the waiting area I notice this one women looked very familiar to me but all I could see was her profile, then she look at her DH to say something and saw me looking at her then her eyes went big and I said I thought that was When she stood up and saw the big wonderful belly of hers I said you guys did it I am so happy for you (they have being trying for 5.5yrs thru IVF to get pg with one loss) She said baby was due Friday so they are now going to induce her this Friday, her DH was so excited that they get to meet there baby girl very soon.

Well my appointment went well, the blood pressure machine would not work on me so the had to do it the old

Weight: 124lbs / 54.6kg
Urine: Normal
B/P: 100/66
my belly measurement was 21weeks (one week ahead but 4 day behind in the u/s's)
Rilon's heart rate was 140bpm (as he kicked the Doppler)

Next u/s is Jan 4th at 11am, next Dr appointment is Jan 9th at 1:50pm

I think that is all if not I will edited this

Saturday, December 09, 2006

What is Orion up to .......

1yr3m (15m) Old

Well what is Orion up to these days.....

He has figure out that he can stand on thing to get higher up and reach for things on the counter, so anything that looks good to stand on he will try it.

He also has figured out how to move around in his little car, by pushing it with his feet. He LOVES to put things together then take it apart, he even like to put things that will fit in to jars, cupboards what ever container he can get his hands on then the hunt is on to find something that will fit into it. He is turning into a little dare devil, he gets into a position then can not get out of it, so mommy comes to the rescue when I hear the call....

I went to Wal-mart the other day and bought Orion and x-mas gift, Mega Bloks wagon with some mega bloks for $9.96, then I went to ToysRus the next day saw the same toy for $29.99 holy crap, I think that is just crazy.

We went to a Craft sale at a women's group thing "Day Break" my friend W is involved with and Orion would not say a word to anyone but as soon as the guess speaker started to talk and the room quieted down guess who else decided to speak. Yup the

Friday, December 08, 2006

By golly I've been tagged.....

Lynanne Tagged me check out her blog: Taking the road less traveled

- Available or Single? Nope, I am married

B - Best Friend? Cyrena and Wendy (they are the ones that stuck by me thru thick and thin)

C - Cake or Pie? Pie, Strawbeery Rubbarb YUM YUM

D - Drink of Choice? Water or Hot Tea

E - Essential Item you use every day? Toilet

F - Favorite Color(s)? I'd say Blue

G - Gummy Bears or Worms? Neither

H - Hometown? in Alberta

I - Indulgence? Nice long hot shower

J - January or February? Hmm they are both so clod here, lets say Feb b/c it is getting closer to spring.

K - Kids and Names? Orion and Rilon is on the way

L - Life is Incomplete Without? My Family

M - Marriage Date? August

N - Number of Siblings? 3 older

O - Oranges or Apples? Apples

P - Phobias or Fears? Something happen to my son or Husband

Q - Fave Quote? "In order to achive what you need, you can never give up" Hope, by Shaggy"

R - Reason to Smile? My son's (His playful ways about him)

S - Season? Fall, every thing changes color

T - Tag Three people: Planet Jules , You Just Never Know, Expressions of Love
(sorry ladies :) )

U - Unknown fact about me? I don't swear

V - Vegetable you don't like? Broccoli

W - Worst Habit? Cracking my fingers (well pretty much alot of my body cracks)

X - Xtremely BIG Husker Fan? What??

Y - Your fave food? Pasta

Z - Zodiac Sign? Aries

And 1, 2, 3 Cool Sites You Should Check Out: Randem picks

Scrap Girls

On Line Conversions

Shes Organized

have fun!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

19 weeks

I made it to 19weeks, I dreaded this week it scares me like you would not know. I have been emotional and quiet these past few days..... December is a hard month it marks another year.


I took a belly photo today for 19weeks also took a lopsided belly shot, this little boy is very active, almost like he is telling me all is well mommy.
(you can click on pic to see bigger)

My lefty UU

Went shopping today Orion was so good the boy LOVES to be out, and loves the lights every time we pass one he points up and says dzee (I believe hes saying light, it is the same sound every time) Guess shopping tuckered him out, must be hard being pushed around and carried all

He got a few tops and a winter coat out of the deal.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Got to LOVE E-bay

I got a remote for my Canon XT1 (400D) SLR digital camera and it works like a charm.

Could not find one here it the city yet.

I am excited, now I can take family photos..... now only if I can get dh to saty home long enough, that man is always on the go...geesh.