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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dr Update

20 weeks

Dr appointment went great, other then waiting 1hr to see the Dr. Good thing I put more then enough money in the parking meter.

As Orion and I were in the waiting area I notice this one women looked very familiar to me but all I could see was her profile, then she look at her DH to say something and saw me looking at her then her eyes went big and I said I thought that was When she stood up and saw the big wonderful belly of hers I said you guys did it I am so happy for you (they have being trying for 5.5yrs thru IVF to get pg with one loss) She said baby was due Friday so they are now going to induce her this Friday, her DH was so excited that they get to meet there baby girl very soon.

Well my appointment went well, the blood pressure machine would not work on me so the had to do it the old

Weight: 124lbs / 54.6kg
Urine: Normal
B/P: 100/66
my belly measurement was 21weeks (one week ahead but 4 day behind in the u/s's)
Rilon's heart rate was 140bpm (as he kicked the Doppler)

Next u/s is Jan 4th at 11am, next Dr appointment is Jan 9th at 1:50pm

I think that is all if not I will edited this

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