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Saturday, December 09, 2006

What is Orion up to .......

1yr3m (15m) Old

Well what is Orion up to these days.....

He has figure out that he can stand on thing to get higher up and reach for things on the counter, so anything that looks good to stand on he will try it.

He also has figured out how to move around in his little car, by pushing it with his feet. He LOVES to put things together then take it apart, he even like to put things that will fit in to jars, cupboards what ever container he can get his hands on then the hunt is on to find something that will fit into it. He is turning into a little dare devil, he gets into a position then can not get out of it, so mommy comes to the rescue when I hear the call....

I went to Wal-mart the other day and bought Orion and x-mas gift, Mega Bloks wagon with some mega bloks for $9.96, then I went to ToysRus the next day saw the same toy for $29.99 holy crap, I think that is just crazy.

We went to a Craft sale at a women's group thing "Day Break" my friend W is involved with and Orion would not say a word to anyone but as soon as the guess speaker started to talk and the room quieted down guess who else decided to speak. Yup the

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