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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

19 weeks

I made it to 19weeks, I dreaded this week it scares me like you would not know. I have been emotional and quiet these past few days..... December is a hard month it marks another year.


I took a belly photo today for 19weeks also took a lopsided belly shot, this little boy is very active, almost like he is telling me all is well mommy.
(you can click on pic to see bigger)

My lefty UU

Went shopping today Orion was so good the boy LOVES to be out, and loves the lights every time we pass one he points up and says dzee (I believe hes saying light, it is the same sound every time) Guess shopping tuckered him out, must be hard being pushed around and carried all

He got a few tops and a winter coat out of the deal.


Lynanne said...

I wish I knew the right words. I shed a tear every time I read William's story (and the stories of your other little ones).

All the best to you as you reach each milestone! I love your photos. You are beautiful! The lefty UU doesn't show at all on the standing photo. I tried to take some photos of myself and they turned out awful. I think I'm better off on the other side of the photos taking the pictures (and my skill at that is marginal at best) :)

Btw: if you feel up to some silliness, I tagged you with a meme. There seem to be a lot of those going around these days.

Stephanie said...

You're coming right along! Both your boys are getting so big.