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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

6lb 6oz

That is what Si weights now, little man has gained 9oz in 5days.

Dr appointment went well, Dr is quiet pleased with the way he is growing.


thought it as strange that Lil O slept with his eyes half open but Si beats him to it and actually sleeps with his eyes wide open in the REM..eyes are moving all over. at 1st I thought he was awake but that was not the is kind of freaky watching his eyes go all over and roll on back.

Your not listening

I find myself chuckling a lot lately because when I take something away from Lil O for not listening he will go around and try to return the favor in trying to find something of mine to take away..... he just took my slippers and said I'm taking your slippers mom ...your not listing... He is still wondering around looking for more stuff as he just announced Mom I am still looking for things to take from you.....

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Leave my baby...are you crazy!

I went to the post office yesterday to pick up a package that my friend Missy sent and when I got there I did not expect the box to be that big and heavy. (definitely need a 3rd even a 4th

I went in there with my double stroller Si in his carseat in the stroller Ri was sitting in the front seat Lil O was walking beside me.... so how do I get all including the box out to the van? hmmm.

I fist tried to put the box on the front seat and maybe strap in in but that did not work plus then I would not have much control over Ri while walking in the parking lot to the that option was out. Then the post lady suggested that I leave Si with her while I take the box and the other two boys with me to the van then came back for Si....Did she really think I would just leave my 2wk old baby with a stranger....I THINK NOT! I just said ah no how about I just take the stuff out of the box and put it below in the stroller basket. That option worked.

Sad thing is that somebody probably would of left the baby with the stranger and not think about it...... I worked to hard to have these boys to just leave them with a stranger.

Anyways what was in the box was some books I lent her and costumes from many years ago and the stuff frog for Si.

Here is a shot of Si with his Froggy

2wks Old

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

13 days

So I finally got some photos of the boy today that I am happy with...I do plan on taking more of him.

He is such a good baby so far

13 days

13 days

13 days

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My little man

Si at 1wk 1day

Si  1wk 1d

Friday, September 11, 2009

My newest little man is here

At 7:30am I woke to a jump then felt some fluid flow. I got up to go to the washroom and I new it was different so to make sure I went a laid back down again to see what would happen. Then Lil O woke up and came into my room (he was telling about the firemen in his dream and they were putting the fire in our house, he keeps getting this confused and thinks they start the fires not put them out. but it sounded like a good dream) He then laid down and watched some TV with me and that is when more fluid came I got up and rushed to the bathroom, sure enough it was my water that broke it was clear fluid. I sent Lil O down to get dh and to say that momma said to get you and her water broke...but what he said to dh was daddy momma wants you her water book.

DH figured out what Lil O was saying and came upstairs and that is when Ri woke. I started to get my bag ready find clothes to wear and get things organized. Dh phoned my mum and B since they were out at the campsite then he called my sis H she was suppose to come watch the boys but she was already at work so dh called my other sis J she then called my niece at her school to have her pulled out of class and to come watch the boys. ( she thought she was in trouble when the Principal came to get her)

We arrived at the Hospital around 10:30am and I was having contractions at this time. They got me into a room Dr's came in to make sure it was my waters sure enough it was. Then they said so I guess were going to keep you here, they then went on about having a 35weeker and they also sent in the NICU Dr to go over it all with my. I smiled and said to the Dr I have been here twice before since my other two were born at 33wks, they said so you know the ropes. Dh then went to get something to eat and my mum stayed in the room with me.

Contraction were coming a bit harder and the nurse introduced me to the happy gas no morphine since it drove me nuts last time itchy like mad... happy gas it was for a short while till it was no more. Dh came back and I mentioned to him that when you hear me breathing hard to come rub my back (I did not want to be waving my arms all the time to get his He did good every time he heard me breathe hard and came running to rub or put pressure on my back. when they started to come closer and harder the nurse mention the epidural and I said sure yes yes. The guy came in pretty quick this time but I tell ya it seemed like forever for him to give it to me....I think that was the worst part of the whole laboring thing was getting the epidural because I had to sit and not move thru my contractions and hang on to dh (well squeeze him while the nurse stood behind him with her hand on his back so he would not fall
After that all was well I was able to get some rest....... not long after I felt pressure down below but thought nothing of it since it took my other to boys a while before I felt I needed to push. They were all making bets on when he would be born, I was so wrong Orson was pretty close. 

Felt the urge to push again and the nurse had to run and find a Dr 3 came in and 4 pushes later Silar was born. Healthy and screaming. Silar weighed in at 5lbs 12oz 18inches Sept 10 at 4:25pm he was perfect. 

Once again whisked away to SCN to make sure all is well with him. 

I had to wait awhile before seeing him again the Epidural this time was a real good dose my legs were al rubbery, when the nurse asked me to scoot up in the bed so she could change the pads when I tried I just about fell off the bed my legs did not do what I wanted them too...we had a good laugh. So she helped me scoot up. She later came to fell my legs and I still could not feel much and when I tried to put pressure the got all rubbery again and I jokingly said must of added something else to the I had some toast while we waited for the feeling to come back to my was almost an hr before I could stand up with assistance. 
I was wheeled in to see Si then she took me to my new room and helped me into bed (still could not stand on my own) the other nurse were giggling at me and commenting on the dose of the epi too. Finally a few hrs later I was able to stand on my own. 

Si only had to stay in the SCN for 3 days then he came home.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hello Si

I had my baby boy on Sept 10 at 4:25pm he was 35wks 3d

I will post the birth story later.

Si hours old

Si 1day old

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Hello plug


I have been cramping all day today some I have to stop and breathe thru it....this started last night.

Went to the Dr today and there was some change with my cervix but not enough to admit me. Since I have been home from the Dr I beleive I lost my plug and my cramping is a bit stronger too.
So looks like it could happen soon, I just hope not on lil O's birthday I don't want them to share a birthday.

If I do not have him tonight I really need to take some photos tomorrow.