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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Hello plug


I have been cramping all day today some I have to stop and breathe thru it....this started last night.

Went to the Dr today and there was some change with my cervix but not enough to admit me. Since I have been home from the Dr I beleive I lost my plug and my cramping is a bit stronger too.
So looks like it could happen soon, I just hope not on lil O's birthday I don't want them to share a birthday.

If I do not have him tonight I really need to take some photos tomorrow.


Tammy said...

Wow Yvette... maybe tonight huh? Hoping you and Silar are well. This just popped up in my reader and wanted you to know right away we are thinking of you.

Lynanne said...

Just read that your water broke, maybe he's in your arms by now? If not, soon. Happy Birthday, Baby!!! Here's hoping you have as little (preferably none!)time in the NICU as possible. :)