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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Leave my baby...are you crazy!

I went to the post office yesterday to pick up a package that my friend Missy sent and when I got there I did not expect the box to be that big and heavy. (definitely need a 3rd even a 4th

I went in there with my double stroller Si in his carseat in the stroller Ri was sitting in the front seat Lil O was walking beside me.... so how do I get all including the box out to the van? hmmm.

I fist tried to put the box on the front seat and maybe strap in in but that did not work plus then I would not have much control over Ri while walking in the parking lot to the that option was out. Then the post lady suggested that I leave Si with her while I take the box and the other two boys with me to the van then came back for Si....Did she really think I would just leave my 2wk old baby with a stranger....I THINK NOT! I just said ah no how about I just take the stuff out of the box and put it below in the stroller basket. That option worked.

Sad thing is that somebody probably would of left the baby with the stranger and not think about it...... I worked to hard to have these boys to just leave them with a stranger.

Anyways what was in the box was some books I lent her and costumes from many years ago and the stuff frog for Si.

Here is a shot of Si with his Froggy

2wks Old

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K77 said...

Some people have some really weird ideas!