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Friday, October 23, 2009

Oh the things they think

and say.

Went to the Dr the other day for mine and Si's 6wk check up and then went into Zellers to grab a few things and as I was in the line up Si started to cry (feeding time) and one of the cashiers came and checked him out and the she asked Lil O is your baby hungry?...lil O responded he is my moms baby and yup and he eats my momma's nipple. Everyone around started to laugh.

The check up went well Si weights 8lbs 8oz.

Friday, October 16, 2009

so sleepy

Si was up most of the night with gas pains.

I would hold him and burp or help him toot then he'd fall asleep in my arms so I put him down and I would then lay down......that would only last 10 minutes this went on from 2am till 7am when I finally just went down stairs to sit and hold him and watch TV. Lil O came down at 8am.

So far this morning Si is doing better but he now has gunk coming out of his right eye.

here is a recent photo of him. I made the little hat.