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Friday, August 29, 2008

Oh what a sight....

If only I had the guts to pull my camera out of the bag.....

I took the boys to a little park yesterday (one we do not go to often) Just as we were getting ready to leave and saw this young girl or pre-teen walking with a stroller towards us, when I got a closer look she had her dog in the stroller (this is a baby stroller not the dog kind...) I was like oh okay interesting never thought to do that as a kid. She then gets the dog out for the stroller, I thought she was going to go over to the grassy field part of the park but no she took it to the slide and they went down it walked along the jungle gym part and then she put it in the baby swing (this is where I wish I could just pull out my camera and shot) Here I am worried about someone looking at me funny with a camera and yet here is this girl just doing her thing and pushing the dog in the baby swing.......

Look at my boy.....

My baby is turning into a toddler.....whaaaaaaaa. For the last couple of week or so he was taking a few steps between DH and I and the on the 26th he started to do it all on his own:

And a photo of the little man himself.


That is what this costs me:

15 little pills (150mg of clomid) that I have to take for 5days not to mention the major hot flashes that have been coming my way oh and the mood swings.

As you can guess af found me she left as fast as she came, I had lite spotting for a day and then gone....poof. No cramps this time, One day shy of 3wks late.

Last Friday (22nd) I went to Wally world to fill the clomid prescription and I dropped it off walked around the store for a few minutes. When I came back to the pharmacy the pharmacist said that it was not done yet because they were not sure if my Dr made an error on the slip and wrote 150mg down instead of 100mg, apparently they are advises not to give 150mg to anyone..... So she tried calling the clinic and got voice mail so they sent a fax and were waiting for a response, this is a 3pm the clinic closes at 4pm....... So I left without my clomid and they said they'd call when it was ready. I guess the clinic called them Saturday because the called to say I can come get it, the pharmacist said that my Dr did not seem to concerned and said that she has giving that out to a few of her patients

So I am home taking the hot flashing moody filled drug.....

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Well I was attemping to shooting Lighting but then this happened.....

As far as I know everyone got out, the teenagers were only home not sure where mom was or is and dad was at work....from what the other neighbor told me the kids were smoking in the garage and the cig landed in a gas/oil pan.

My son saw it 1st he was eating his supper when I heard him say "oh mama look fire" ...I though what so I looked out the window and sure enough
(It was small at this point only in the garage), so I scrambled for the phone to call 911 ...... So scary when it is so close to home. It all happened so fast and then it was this ball of fire I could feel the heat when looking out the window.....Neighbors were scrambling. The houses on both side of this were damage aswell I'd say from what I could see 2 of the 3 are lost.

A family needs prayers tonight..

I am still shaking

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

And it begins

Ri is starting to walk....YEAH... (I think) I am wondering if I need to become the "Incredible" mom with the arms that stretch to no end.

That's my boy/s as you see Lil O had to get in on it.

Ok who is holding AF hostage....hmmmm

somebody PLEASE send her my way... 1w 2days late... nope not pg.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

On this day 8yrs ago

I married my friend
the one I laugh with,

Dream with

live for


My marriage is great we have had no major battles other then trying for a baby.... I love you

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Ask if I am surprised..........

now if it was positive I would of been surprised. So where is AF oh where can she be, I want her to find me please please please..........

Monday, August 04, 2008

Well still no

sign of AF...... I have no pg tests here and I will not be able to get out tomorrow since mum and J are coming over and I do not need to get their hopes up yet.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Hmmm well no sign of spot or af

so does this mean I am either pg (which I do not think so) or my FSH levels are still high...... Spot always arrives 2days before AF and AF is due Monday.


I am for some reason finding it really hard to leave the house, it just seems like so much work to pack everything up....maybe I pack to Diaper bag, juice, snacks, ect... my camera and not to mention I have to get dressed, I want to at least look presentable when I leave the house. I just keep finding excuses to not go out and yet I would like to get out and I really want to get the boys out and yet I find myself staying in and feeling guilty.

On another note this little guy flew into our window, I am amazed he was not hurt just more stunned then anything or scared the crap out of him (as you can see). He stayed there for quiet awhile the flew to the ledge hung out for a bit the flew off. He was still pretty tiny and must be learning to fly and had his 1st lesson in windows.....