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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Hmmm well no sign of spot or af

so does this mean I am either pg (which I do not think so) or my FSH levels are still high...... Spot always arrives 2days before AF and AF is due Monday.


I am for some reason finding it really hard to leave the house, it just seems like so much work to pack everything up....maybe I pack to Diaper bag, juice, snacks, ect... my camera and not to mention I have to get dressed, I want to at least look presentable when I leave the house. I just keep finding excuses to not go out and yet I would like to get out and I really want to get the boys out and yet I find myself staying in and feeling guilty.

On another note this little guy flew into our window, I am amazed he was not hurt just more stunned then anything or scared the crap out of him (as you can see). He stayed there for quiet awhile the flew to the ledge hung out for a bit the flew off. He was still pretty tiny and must be learning to fly and had his 1st lesson in windows.....

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