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Friday, June 30, 2006

Orion's Angel Care monitor went OFF this morning

I have NEVER jumped out of bed so fast.... 7:30am

All was fine little man just was tucked nicely at the bottom of his crib breathing and all, WHEW! Guess he was just out of range a bit.

When I went back to my room DH said he just about had a heartattack.

It has only gone off twice before and by the time I got to his room he was breathing fine, some times he goes into a deep sleep with shallow breathing....
I think he is testing me.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Next is a Duck......

Orion passed his swimming lesson, he is a starfish.

He did really well, At 1st he was like what is going on here, to splashing the next class. There were a couple of times where the pool was cold and he hated it, because we have to sit on the side of the pool 1st before entering and I have to put the water on his legs, back, arms and head.... Well let me tell you he was NOT impressed with the cold he would give I little Grrrrrrrr (I kid you not) then he'd start his little hiccup cry.
All is forgotten when we are finally in the pool, he starts to splash and kick and But
I could not get him to blow bubbles in the water, when I would try to show him or even the instructor at times he would be looking everywhere but us.... He is learning to ignore the mommy

here are a couple of swimming pic granma took:

Just before we enter the Pool

Floating on back and kicking legs

Getting use to the tummy and arm movement

Floating on his back

In every class we'd sing songs like Row Row Row you boat and It was funny because every class the intructor would ask us to sing this song but she would always ask "are you all familiar with Row Row Row your boat?" We would all be like yeah we sang it about 5times

It was fun, he gets to become a Duck when he is 18months old. SO for the time being we will play in the water parks and pools.

Friday, June 23, 2006

My Heart breaks, I am in tears

A very dear friend, thou we have never met we found each other while TTC after losses.

I pray hard that she and her DH find the strength to move forward thru this difficult time, you see she is now 19w pg and just had an u/s that gave her tragic news, this miracle baby boy she is carrying this baby she so desired, may not live long enough for her to meet...... and as parents of their unborn son they may have to make the hardest decision yet.......

Please if you can send her a prayer or two.

Life can be so cruel....

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

2 week wait ....

ah the lovely 2ww, I O'ed (oveulated) on CD16 two days later then normal but hey I O'ed that is the main thing and we bd the day before so good timing. Now we just wait and wait........... the joys of TTC.

It is funny that when you've be TTC for so long that become comfortable with other knowing your cycle and you will talk about it, yes women have spoken of there cycles before but not in they way of TTC. My TTC life is an open book for those to see if they want to.

I was at my sisters the other day and there was another baby there and she is 2w younger then Orion and she is way bigger then him, it is funny to see how differently babies do She has no teeth while Orion is working on #'s 3&4.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Is there a way to SLOW him down from

growing....... Orion is 9months old, whoa Nelly this is going to fast!

also add a few other photos to his photo site (link it to the right, Orion Clement's Flipbook -------> )

Swimming canceled today do to an incident.....

this is after my friend I spoke with told me about her swimming class when her DD was 7m. She was in the water and they were going in circles with the babies bouncing them up and down when my friend noticed that ladies baby infront lips were blue (baby 4m) so she said to the mom I think your baby is cold and at that Moment the teacher came over and said to the mom may I see your baby for a moment, thinking nothing of it she handed her baby over that is when the teacher took the baby raised her up and yelled LIFEGUARD!!!
She said they came running out of every direction took the baby and started CPR the poor mom could not stand they had to take her out of the poor and support her she was in shock. While all the other moms we told to stay in the water and not to move, they were all crying and holding there babies close.

While my friend was telling me this I had and still do have tears in my eyes this just send chills up and down my spine. It ended up the baby came thru alright but they never went back to the swimming lessons.

There is a mom in Orion's class with a baby 4m old and last class the baby's lip were turning blue plus she was shivering and the teacher told her to get out of the water NOW and warm her up because hypothermia is starting.

It can all happen so fast. I truly believe that a 4m old should not be in swimming, Orion handles it well but in the beginning he shivers too.

So whatever the incident was I hope and pray all is fine.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Swimming up date

We started swimming lessons on Mondaythe 5th and we go Monday & Wed. 1st lesson was good he did not freak out. I will say he did not like the shower part before you enter the pool area, he is the type of baby that does not scream when scared he flails his arms about and then his whole body shakes then he grabs on to me for dear, then he will start say ah ah ah ah a a a a.

By the end of the lessons he was splashing with his arms and gee gee geee gggggg (that is his laugh

Second lesson he was good, he floated on his tummy and back (I do have a hand on him altimes) and we splashed He still does not like the shower part so we skipped it.

There is 3 boys and 3 girls ranging from the ages of 3.5m to 9m, personally I think the 3.5m is to young the baby is always shivering and her lips turn blue so her mommy has to take her out of the water to warm her up every few minutes thru out the last lesson.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Brushing Teeth......

Finally today Orion let me brush his two teeth and gums.

I use a finger brush for infants it is rubber with little bristles, when I finally got my finger in his mouth and he heard the squeak of it on his teeth he giggle some then I moved it around his lower gums he sat there with a silly little grin and then when I moved to the top of his mouth he started out with a full belly giggle...... geeeee geeeeee gegegegegeg geeeeee.

Orion starts swimming lessons today @3:30-4pm, I am excited and he has no
Will post more about it later let you know how it all went.