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Friday, June 09, 2006

Swimming up date

We started swimming lessons on Mondaythe 5th and we go Monday & Wed. 1st lesson was good he did not freak out. I will say he did not like the shower part before you enter the pool area, he is the type of baby that does not scream when scared he flails his arms about and then his whole body shakes then he grabs on to me for dear, then he will start say ah ah ah ah a a a a.

By the end of the lessons he was splashing with his arms and gee gee geee gggggg (that is his laugh

Second lesson he was good, he floated on his tummy and back (I do have a hand on him altimes) and we splashed He still does not like the shower part so we skipped it.

There is 3 boys and 3 girls ranging from the ages of 3.5m to 9m, personally I think the 3.5m is to young the baby is always shivering and her lips turn blue so her mommy has to take her out of the water to warm her up every few minutes thru out the last lesson.

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