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Monday, June 12, 2006

Swimming canceled today do to an incident.....

this is after my friend I spoke with told me about her swimming class when her DD was 7m. She was in the water and they were going in circles with the babies bouncing them up and down when my friend noticed that ladies baby infront lips were blue (baby 4m) so she said to the mom I think your baby is cold and at that Moment the teacher came over and said to the mom may I see your baby for a moment, thinking nothing of it she handed her baby over that is when the teacher took the baby raised her up and yelled LIFEGUARD!!!
She said they came running out of every direction took the baby and started CPR the poor mom could not stand they had to take her out of the poor and support her she was in shock. While all the other moms we told to stay in the water and not to move, they were all crying and holding there babies close.

While my friend was telling me this I had and still do have tears in my eyes this just send chills up and down my spine. It ended up the baby came thru alright but they never went back to the swimming lessons.

There is a mom in Orion's class with a baby 4m old and last class the baby's lip were turning blue plus she was shivering and the teacher told her to get out of the water NOW and warm her up because hypothermia is starting.

It can all happen so fast. I truly believe that a 4m old should not be in swimming, Orion handles it well but in the beginning he shivers too.

So whatever the incident was I hope and pray all is fine.

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