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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Why is it

that my almost 4yr old will nap but not the 2yr old...hmmm?

Ri was in his bed babbling then he started to call out for his brother then continued on to sing some wiggles songs stopped for a moment (I thought I was so lucky) then he started to call Momma come, come Momma. Thought I'd better go up before he started to scream for me and then wake Lil O. As I got to his room I see that he threw his puppy, firetruck pillow and blanket on to the floor and when I walked in he said "Momma I can't get them" as his arms are hanging over the railings.

So where is he now, yup down on the main floor with me playing while his big bro sleeps.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Well looky here

I am still pregnant, 33wks 4days is the furthest I have ever been in a pregnancy.

Mind you I feel about ready to explode. I have been having lots of Braxton hicks and some weird feeling in the lower

Apparently this is what the boys think I look like

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Geesh...I have been a Baaaad blogger

What can I say Facebook has sucked me in.

anyways I am still pregnant I was 32wks as of Monday
Took this photo at 30wks
I have had major heartburn indigestion (gaviscon is my new best friend) This boy moves alot and I mean a lot. Sleep is getting tough it is so uncomfortable to try to sleep on my right side partly due to my UU and all the sleeping on my left is killing my hip. Had my Steroid shots 2wks ago so we are all set for that, also had my 32wk check up today Dr said cervix is ok nothing to drastic but since I have been home I have had lots of Braxton Hicks and even some brown spot.

I almost feel like Si is going to stay in longer then his brothers did but I thought that with Ri and he still came at 33wk 3d so I will just take it day by day for now.

I really need to take some prenatal portraits but I have just have had no energy whatsoever.

The boys are being boys and brothers, lets just say the fights have started and boy oh boy can Lil O go at it and they both have a temper but yet diffenernt kind of temper it is werid. They love music all of a sudden they always want the radio on now, which is fine with me a little break for "tree House" other then the wiggles. It is so funny to watch them dance and sing the words to some songs.... that Boom Boom Pow...oye.

We have begun contruction on the upper and lower deck in our backyard, the contract guys are so much better then the guy we had do the basement....soooo much better. Looking forward to when it is all done.

off to bed with me