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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Orion's Special Quilt

Here is Orion on the Quilt Jules (a very dear Sista) made just for him.

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We love it Jules, you did a wonderful job.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Orion's Dr update

All is going good,

Weight~ 6lbs 4oz
Hieght ~ 18.5 inches long

he eats about 65ml a feeding (which is every 3hrs)

Dr said he will be caught up in no time.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Orion's Party (Baby Shower)

What a party and it was all for him! To celebrate the newest Miracle to the family and friends.

Orion was a Star he was so good, he stayed awake for pretty much the whole thing from 4:30pm to about 10pm. His eyes were big and bright checking everyone one out as they checked him out (maybe he was sizing them Orion only started to cry once when it got real loud so I took him into a quiet room for a few moments then he was happy again. I am impressed with my house it held all these people, no one fell through the

Overall it was a great night, my sisters H & J did an awesome job setting it all up. I will say that
I was and am dissapointed in a couple of friends of mine, out of 4 (close) only one showed up, and one was having a dinner that was pre-planned already could not come (which is fine) but the other 2 said they were comming did not. This bothers me because I went to thier baby showers in a dificult time in my life ( when we lost William) I still showed up happy and supportive for them when I was having a really hard time being there and still greivng my son. I guess that is where people differ in the way they see and feel things, it's just another reality in life.

Here is a funny: For the baby shower my sisters put up signs to follow to my house for guest to find well this lady walks in to the house takes here shoes off my sis and I look at each other then I look at the lady and ask her if I can help her, she said where the baby stuff for sell... HUH my sis pips up saying no this is a baby shower, as I was still looking at the lady. She then says oh sorry & put her shoes on and left.... lol When she left I said to my sister I thought she was someone you knew sis said nope I thought you knew

Friday, October 14, 2005

Picture of my boy

Here is my attempt to taking a photo of Orion, he kept sliding down(guess the material was slippery) and he looks so

Went to Fertility Clinic today..

So Dr Scott and Orion could meet.

I walked in to the office and asked the receptionist if Dr Scott was free so she could meet the little man she helped create to be here. The receptionist went to the back and told the nurse to let Dr Scott now I was here with the baby. I waited a few moments the I saw Dr Scott come out with a nurse and student Dr. She said he looked great and that everyone in the office was keeping tabs on me thru the pregnancy. She said that all my u/s came thru this office 1st before they went on to Dr O's office ( he works out of the clinic as well) Dr S said that every now and then the nurses would ask if she (me) had the baby yet or asked how I was doing. I then asked her if I would still be on file in 6 months to TTC again, she said oh yes you will be. The other nurse (whom I have not met) said your going to try so soon? Dr yes said considering her history Multiple losses abdominal ectopic and a 19week loss & a unicornuate Uterus on top of it all, not a good history to wait to try for to long.
As Dr S. went back in a couple of other nurses came out to see Orion too one said she took over from Chelsea and that she was to keep tabs on me for never new we'd be so popular with the clinic.

They called Orion the Miracle Baby.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Orion Dr update

The days are already flying by... Orion is 1month already

Orion had a Dr appt today he now ways 5lbs 6oz she said he has gained 25grams per day for the last week. My little boy is getting chubby cheeks. Why is it that people ask if he is a boy even when I have him dressed ALL in BLUE... One elderly lady even said "Oh she is so cute." I am like SHE??? he is dressed in blue and he looks like I BOY,(does he not??)

Orion is quiet alert in the mornings after his morning feed he stays awake for like 2hrs just looking around hanging out in either mommy's arms or the cradle.

Had Turkey dinner last night for Thanksgiving and the family were fighting in who gets to hold Orion next. When DH and I walked up to the door my mum came out and hugged us saying that seeing us walking up the sidewalk with Orion gave her chills of happiness.

Oh and guess what I fit into today...... yup my regular pants... woooo whoooo

Funny thing about my appt, I thought the Dr appt was for yesterday so I drove the 35min drive to her office to only find when I get there that her office is close locked tight, it did not even cross my mind that she took Thanksgiving Day off. So did the drive again today guess I want to waste the gas.

DH came home and told me sad news today, one of his clients grandson passed away on Wednesday of meningitis this baby was born the day before Orion was. I can not imagine what that mother is going thru, I look at Orion and I know my world would fall apart if anything (god forbid) should happen to him.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

DH is wonderful...

He came home from work and said, "go get some sleep, I will watch our boy. Ah some sleep has found

I only slept for 3 hrs but it was great, DH stayed up till 2am even tho he had to work in the morning he let me sleep.

Even the other night I went for a nap and slept for 6HRS I cam running down the stairs said I am sorry but how come you did not wake me (this is at 4:00am) you have to work in the morning? he said well you need your sleep I said yeah but you do to, he said that is ok.

I new I loved this man for a reason...

Monday, October 03, 2005

Orion meet new Dr

I arrived a bit late, guess I have to time it better now that it is now not just me that has to get ready Orion needs a FEW things to go with us too.... babies can pack a bunch of When I walk into the Dr office the nurse behind the desk was not the one I normaly see, but she did know about Orion because she said when she saw him "so this is the little miracle, he is beautiful"

Dr N was so happy to see him, she said he is perfect (and he is) she sang to him.... she even said what a little miracle.

He weighed 4lbs 14oz almost 5lbs.


Today was Orion's & my first outing together other then driving home from the Hospital. So I strolled up & down the mall to show him off...... Yes I am PROUD!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Bye bye sleep??

OMG.... I new this was coming but man my body is in and it is only going on the 3rd night....yikes!
I wanted to cry in the wee hours this morning. Every little grunt he made I had to look in on him to make sure he was fine.

Sleep will find me again someday soon..............