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Friday, October 14, 2005

Went to Fertility Clinic today..

So Dr Scott and Orion could meet.

I walked in to the office and asked the receptionist if Dr Scott was free so she could meet the little man she helped create to be here. The receptionist went to the back and told the nurse to let Dr Scott now I was here with the baby. I waited a few moments the I saw Dr Scott come out with a nurse and student Dr. She said he looked great and that everyone in the office was keeping tabs on me thru the pregnancy. She said that all my u/s came thru this office 1st before they went on to Dr O's office ( he works out of the clinic as well) Dr S said that every now and then the nurses would ask if she (me) had the baby yet or asked how I was doing. I then asked her if I would still be on file in 6 months to TTC again, she said oh yes you will be. The other nurse (whom I have not met) said your going to try so soon? Dr yes said considering her history Multiple losses abdominal ectopic and a 19week loss & a unicornuate Uterus on top of it all, not a good history to wait to try for to long.
As Dr S. went back in a couple of other nurses came out to see Orion too one said she took over from Chelsea and that she was to keep tabs on me for never new we'd be so popular with the clinic.

They called Orion the Miracle Baby.

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