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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Orion Dr update

The days are already flying by... Orion is 1month already

Orion had a Dr appt today he now ways 5lbs 6oz she said he has gained 25grams per day for the last week. My little boy is getting chubby cheeks. Why is it that people ask if he is a boy even when I have him dressed ALL in BLUE... One elderly lady even said "Oh she is so cute." I am like SHE??? he is dressed in blue and he looks like I BOY,(does he not??)

Orion is quiet alert in the mornings after his morning feed he stays awake for like 2hrs just looking around hanging out in either mommy's arms or the cradle.

Had Turkey dinner last night for Thanksgiving and the family were fighting in who gets to hold Orion next. When DH and I walked up to the door my mum came out and hugged us saying that seeing us walking up the sidewalk with Orion gave her chills of happiness.

Oh and guess what I fit into today...... yup my regular pants... woooo whoooo

Funny thing about my appt, I thought the Dr appt was for yesterday so I drove the 35min drive to her office to only find when I get there that her office is close locked tight, it did not even cross my mind that she took Thanksgiving Day off. So did the drive again today guess I want to waste the gas.

DH came home and told me sad news today, one of his clients grandson passed away on Wednesday of meningitis this baby was born the day before Orion was. I can not imagine what that mother is going thru, I look at Orion and I know my world would fall apart if anything (god forbid) should happen to him.

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