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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Orion's Party (Baby Shower)

What a party and it was all for him! To celebrate the newest Miracle to the family and friends.

Orion was a Star he was so good, he stayed awake for pretty much the whole thing from 4:30pm to about 10pm. His eyes were big and bright checking everyone one out as they checked him out (maybe he was sizing them Orion only started to cry once when it got real loud so I took him into a quiet room for a few moments then he was happy again. I am impressed with my house it held all these people, no one fell through the

Overall it was a great night, my sisters H & J did an awesome job setting it all up. I will say that
I was and am dissapointed in a couple of friends of mine, out of 4 (close) only one showed up, and one was having a dinner that was pre-planned already could not come (which is fine) but the other 2 said they were comming did not. This bothers me because I went to thier baby showers in a dificult time in my life ( when we lost William) I still showed up happy and supportive for them when I was having a really hard time being there and still greivng my son. I guess that is where people differ in the way they see and feel things, it's just another reality in life.

Here is a funny: For the baby shower my sisters put up signs to follow to my house for guest to find well this lady walks in to the house takes here shoes off my sis and I look at each other then I look at the lady and ask her if I can help her, she said where the baby stuff for sell... HUH my sis pips up saying no this is a baby shower, as I was still looking at the lady. She then says oh sorry & put her shoes on and left.... lol When she left I said to my sister I thought she was someone you knew sis said nope I thought you knew

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