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Monday, May 29, 2006

AF is

Here yet again, so not pg this month.

She came to me easy again this month, she is being nice to me it is just my O'ing that kills me

Guess I chold go buy the Clomid for Cycle day 3....... which reminds me I should call the Dr and ask if she can right a letter to Blue Cross so I can get some sort of discount off the clomid it si $60.00 and change for 5 little pills, and Blue Cross says the will not cover that unless my Dr sends a letter directly to them..... I will say Blue Cross drive me nuts, I won't get into that here.

It has hit me hard now,
I so want to be PG so bad again..... For the last 3months I was ok just going with the flow of things but now so many people pg and 2 friends (IRL)of mine just had a babies 2day ago (Welcome little Callista Ocean) that I just want that feeling of a baby growing in me again, it has just thit me the last few days that I am so ready to be pg but I have this stupid feeling that it is not going to happen fast or easy

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Great Grandma is here.....

She is from Antigua (she goes there for the winter plus she is from there) She called Saturday morning telling us she is coming to town and asking (well telling) DH to pick her up at the airport at 1am Sunday morning because that is when she is coming ...... Talk about
So dh got her at 12:55am buy the time they got home I was in bed, I guess she wanted to peek in at Orion so dh let her then she told dh to turn on the light so she could see the boy, dh said oh no" Y" will kill me if we wake the

Sunday she spent the day with Orion and moi, I have a hard time understanding her sometimes (well most of the time) She held Orion right away and he was good in her lap. She told me that when we sent her the pictures of Orion she cried because she was so happy he was finally here.

DH sister and her dh and son came over for a BBQ Sunday night and Great Grandma said to SIL & I that she has now seen her grand kids have her great grand kids so she can die now....WHAT! Sil (sister in law)& I just looked at each other we were like um okay then......(what do you say)

Great grandma told DH &I again that she cried when we sent her Orion's photos she is so happy he is finally here but we should of called him Noah (after Noah's ark) so jokingly DH said Noah it is, as of this moment it shall be

How many kids have two Great grandma's still alive and well? The other is still over in Antugia, we will try and see her before Orion is 2. Well just having grandparents is an amazing thing since I pretty much grew up without them, I was too young to really remember my grandpa (mum side, never met her mum) and only met my "dad's" mom once (never met his dad nor was there ever any mention of him)

Thursday, May 25, 2006

A second tooth, oh

sooooo soon...
Image Hosted by

He is still taking it all in stride..... (for sure our next baby will get the best of

Friday, May 19, 2006

At 7:20pm

Orion ROLLED OVER! Yeah!
From back to tummy, he did it twice.....Yeah! Once he was on his tummy he was not I am trying to catch it on video so DH will believe

My baby is growing.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Orion Dr update

He is doing well:

Lenght ~ 69cm (27.17inches) puts him in the 25% range
Weight ~ 16.7 lb, lbs (7 574) gram puts him in the 5% range
Head ~ 45.6 cm (17.95inc) puts him in the just below the 75% range

My boy has a big head, does not look it tho.

He is growing at his own speed, the funny thing is he was born at 33weeks my neice who is 13yrs old now but Orion is bigger then she was at 1year of

Monday, May 15, 2006

Hmmmm Mothers Day.....

Has come and gone.

Went to my sisters for a bbq, my mum was there too was nice. My sister bought me a card from Orion with a little magnetice monkey attached, very cute.

It was a nice quiet day but with one disapointment that I will not get into......

I will get over it.

Friday, May 12, 2006

8 months

Can you beleive it, I can not.

Lets see what is Orion up to.......
He has cut his 1st tooth, Sitting up much better still topples over in front, says da da da da ba ba ba and I swear he has said ma ma (I can hope right), he grabs for things. While on his tummy I notice him pushing up with his knees, he is not quiet there yet but he is trying.
He is still such a happy little boy.

He has a Dr appt on May 16 so we will see how much little man weights.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Is that a tooth I see.........

it is, it is a tooth I see.

Orion is cutting his 1st tooth and his is still happy. It has come thru because it is sharp and I think he has hurt him self a couple of time because his hands will be in his mouth then he's start crying, so I think he has bitten

He also has a we bit of a diaper rash I am assuming it has to do with the tooth.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Oh what a laugh....

Orion my little Every time I would say da da da da he'd laugh.
Click here
Orion Laughing

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I'm a Clomid chick...

Started clomid fertility meds today. We will see how soon the hot falshes begin. I take it on cycle days 3 to 7.

I really can not beleive we are trying again. I am so amazed at how things have stopped hurting after Orion was born he brought so much happiness into our lives that we never could of imagined.

I do find myself wondering how can I love two sweet babies but I know I can my heart has so much more room, somedays I feel like I will burts then other I want more........ and I will have more.