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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Great Grandma is here.....

She is from Antigua (she goes there for the winter plus she is from there) She called Saturday morning telling us she is coming to town and asking (well telling) DH to pick her up at the airport at 1am Sunday morning because that is when she is coming ...... Talk about
So dh got her at 12:55am buy the time they got home I was in bed, I guess she wanted to peek in at Orion so dh let her then she told dh to turn on the light so she could see the boy, dh said oh no" Y" will kill me if we wake the

Sunday she spent the day with Orion and moi, I have a hard time understanding her sometimes (well most of the time) She held Orion right away and he was good in her lap. She told me that when we sent her the pictures of Orion she cried because she was so happy he was finally here.

DH sister and her dh and son came over for a BBQ Sunday night and Great Grandma said to SIL & I that she has now seen her grand kids have her great grand kids so she can die now....WHAT! Sil (sister in law)& I just looked at each other we were like um okay then......(what do you say)

Great grandma told DH &I again that she cried when we sent her Orion's photos she is so happy he is finally here but we should of called him Noah (after Noah's ark) so jokingly DH said Noah it is, as of this moment it shall be

How many kids have two Great grandma's still alive and well? The other is still over in Antugia, we will try and see her before Orion is 2. Well just having grandparents is an amazing thing since I pretty much grew up without them, I was too young to really remember my grandpa (mum side, never met her mum) and only met my "dad's" mom once (never met his dad nor was there ever any mention of him)

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