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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

I almost forgot..

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He is in mid-air
(jumping out the door is a new found "fun" thing to do)

Potty night it was

(1yr 11months 2weeks 3days old)

Orion went pee pee in the potty!

Every time we go up to his bathroom to brush his teeth he wants to sit on the potty. SO last night we brushed his teeth then he pointed to the potty yanked on his pants, I thought hmmm so I took his diaper off sat him on it. We sat there reading a couple of books then he kept standing up, Id reach for him he say Nooooo and sit back down so after about 10min I stood to leave thinking he'd follow me out well he did stand up looked like he was going to follow then he said seeeeee and sat down then I heard his little trickle of pee. I turned to look at him and he was sitting with his left leg in the air saying oh o. He was angeled a bit to the left so some went in the potty and some went down his
He was mighty proud of himself as I was for him too. My little boy is growing up!

Now we will see if we get this lucky again today.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ok photos updated....

just for you aunt L and my cousin

Mum said you mentioned I have not done pics in a while, thanks for getting my butt in I just keep putting it off and then well it just builds up..

I promise to be a better photo that I am caught up.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ri update (Torticollis, Flathead)

We went for his 4month needle today even tho he is 5months as of yesterday.

Weight ~ 13.2 pound = 5.9 Kilogram
Length ~ 69 centimeter = 27.1 inch
Head ~ 43 centimeter = 16.9 inch

He took his needles well all three of them, cried while getting the shots but stopped shortly afterwards. The nurse also noticed that his head leans to the right and the more she looked him over she said that it looks like he may have Torticollis (wry neck). She took my Dr name done and said she'd sent her a fax letting my Dr know. The nurse gave me a number for physiotherapy I am to call for the Torticollis.

Dr N office called to let me know that the head specialist called them back about the refferal for Ri's
Plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome) and that they like to see him between 6 and 7months of age, I guess that means his appointment will be in about 2months.

What is Ri up to these days:

- He handles tummy time well able to hold his head up high and for a good length of time.
- He babels none
- Laughs and smile tons especially at his big bro.
- Sleeps 8hrs a night (been doing this for a little over 2months now)
- Rolls from tummy to back
- grasp things when held in front of him

Monday, August 20, 2007

Went shopping at

Wally world (Wall-mart)

They boys in the cart, Ri over the basket part in the carseat and Lil O in the front seat. I strolling along and I see this little girl a bit older the Lil O,well she saw the boys and said baby and pointed to Ri and then she started to try to climb my cart to get to him. I told her No but she kept trying so I moved the cart to the side away from her she came at the cart again grabing a hold of it this time I said No NO louder, then I saw her dad peak around the corner lead her away and gave ME the dirty look... UM hello your kid was trying to climb my cart!

A few minutes later I hear this screaming child and when I look behind me it was that little girl yelling at the top of her lungs at her parents.... Just glad mine were not screaming that day.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Oh why does it have to HURT (m)

I am on my 3rd O(ovulation) since having Ri and they still are very painful! OWIE...

I have only had 2 af so far and they have been nice to me (knock on wood).

The difference between O and AF is:
O - hurts on the side I O on and goes up into my ribs down to my thigh around my lower back traveling to my front. It is more painful when I O on the right side then when I O on the left, they say that is because my egg is released from the right side it has no place to go so this egg travels around in my body no tube to go to bumping into my insides(the left tube can pick up the egg sometimes not very often..ha ha, this is how I got pg with my boys, maybe happens more often then they think)

AF - it only hurts in the lower front and back.

They are both usually painful for me... I am one of the lucky ones.
As my dh would say, all part of being a woman. my response yeah I am the lucky on that get to feel everything.

Still debating on when to try for #3 baby #eight pg, now that Ri is much much better I find myself thinking of #3 more often. Maybe start at the end of the yr or around March. I can not wait to long because who knows how long IVIG stays a trail here.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Have you notice that Gambling can make your mood go south...

My 2 sis H, J and I took our mum out to the casino for her 65th birthday and would you not believe it not 10min goes by before my mum won over $300.00 I don even think she spent $20.00 yet they actually come to you to pay it to you . I was playing one game and was trying to put 5 more dollars in but the thing would not take my money so I tried a different $5 still would not take it so I took that as a sign and I stepped away from the game and watched mum play. Then this lady came sat at the game I was at it took her money and she won $90.00 was I not happy...*%#$*%!
we went to have a bite to eat before we all went off to gambling more. H 1st sat at a Wheel of Fortune game and right away she was doing great, the rest of us went to another game and well lost.. One game yet again did not want me to play, it took my money and jammed the machine wait for the guy to come a fix it and I was off to another.... I lost $20.00.
Mum called me over to play Wheel of Fortune, I sit and I play H & J were playing to and mum's friend J. H was doing good she kept getting the bonus game and then mums friend was too, my sis J was not doing so good so she moved onto another one and well as for me not notta thing but I kept playing. Mum came and sat at the game my sis J was on and on her 1st spin won. (good thin J was not then once again those around me are getting the bonus rounds bells and I have nothing.... well all was not lost buy the end of the night just before we left I decided to play one more game and won my money back, $90.00 worht. Man gambeling can be draing and very depressing.

My mum had fun. Happy 65th mum.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Photo Hunters ~ something in a Row

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Man feels like I have not do Photo hunters for a long time, well he is something in a row I took this for something else but works for here too. thanks

For you all asking what this is it is a pillow my mum made for my son, this pattern is on the side of it.

thanks for the comments

Dr update on Ri

Dr N look at his head and said yes it is a bit off, his right ear is forward a bit and his flat spot is noticeable. Said she'd put in a referral for the head specialist but it could take a few months before we get in. She also said that she has seen many babies with flat heads and most of them resolved on there own but just in case the referral will be in.

Lil O was freaked when I opened the Dr office door to enter he did not want to go in at all. He look at the nurse R she tried to greet him but he turned his head into my leg and cried, she rushed us into the other room to wait for Dr N. Lil O was quiet till Dr N walked in, he wanted nothing to do with her either. Every time she look his way he'd turn his head away from her saying noooooo.

Anybody else's Dr Kiss there kids head? I noticed she did this to Ri. I know she is so happy my boys are here she calls them little miracles her self, babies are so kissable I have probably kissed mine a million times +++. but a Dr kissing your kid??

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Ding dong goes the door bell

I open then door with Lil O in tow, What do I see 1st is a little girl holding a orange container with 4 wilting daisy heads. I then look up and see four more kids standing at the door (age ranging between (6-8yrs) one asks would you buy a flower for two dollars... I look back down at the almost soon to be dead flower heads and politely say no sorry not today. As they turn and walk away I hear one say we are tring to raise money for us...... hmmm for what I wonder.

What ever happened to the good Ole lemonade stand?

Wednesday Ri has a Dr appointment

for his head. He has developed a flat head, he favors the right side so now it is somewhat flat and it has pushed his right ear forward a bit. He does do tummy time in his bassinet or on the floor when big bro is not close by otherwise he tries to jump over Ri...can not have that. I have started to put Ri in his exercise saucer and this is when I noticed he even leans to the right all the time. I stuff little blankets around him so he does not lean over so much and yet he still does. I called the Dr made the appointment because I would like to try to correct this sooner then later. I will post a photo in a bit.

When we go to the Dr I am going to have her check Lol O out too because the other day while changing his bottom I notice a lump/raise part of skin on his right hip area, it is on the skin because when I move the skin the lump moves too... hopefully that is nothing.

You want this? Or how about this..

What about his one....

This is the scene I saw when I went to see what lil O was up to (he was a little to quiet)
I guess Lil O was giving Ri some "things" in his bassinet the other day. I caught him just in time before he threw in one of daddy's shoes (which was aiming right for Ri's head.) but O did not miss his head he had black marks from the shoes on his forehead. When I took the shoes away he started to point at Ri saying see see, I don't think Ri wants to see daddy's shoes at this moment baby Ri is sleeping.