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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Dr update on Ri

Dr N look at his head and said yes it is a bit off, his right ear is forward a bit and his flat spot is noticeable. Said she'd put in a referral for the head specialist but it could take a few months before we get in. She also said that she has seen many babies with flat heads and most of them resolved on there own but just in case the referral will be in.

Lil O was freaked when I opened the Dr office door to enter he did not want to go in at all. He look at the nurse R she tried to greet him but he turned his head into my leg and cried, she rushed us into the other room to wait for Dr N. Lil O was quiet till Dr N walked in, he wanted nothing to do with her either. Every time she look his way he'd turn his head away from her saying noooooo.

Anybody else's Dr Kiss there kids head? I noticed she did this to Ri. I know she is so happy my boys are here she calls them little miracles her self, babies are so kissable I have probably kissed mine a million times +++. but a Dr kissing your kid??

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