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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ri update (Torticollis, Flathead)

We went for his 4month needle today even tho he is 5months as of yesterday.

Weight ~ 13.2 pound = 5.9 Kilogram
Length ~ 69 centimeter = 27.1 inch
Head ~ 43 centimeter = 16.9 inch

He took his needles well all three of them, cried while getting the shots but stopped shortly afterwards. The nurse also noticed that his head leans to the right and the more she looked him over she said that it looks like he may have Torticollis (wry neck). She took my Dr name done and said she'd sent her a fax letting my Dr know. The nurse gave me a number for physiotherapy I am to call for the Torticollis.

Dr N office called to let me know that the head specialist called them back about the refferal for Ri's
Plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome) and that they like to see him between 6 and 7months of age, I guess that means his appointment will be in about 2months.

What is Ri up to these days:

- He handles tummy time well able to hold his head up high and for a good length of time.
- He babels none
- Laughs and smile tons especially at his big bro.
- Sleeps 8hrs a night (been doing this for a little over 2months now)
- Rolls from tummy to back
- grasp things when held in front of him

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